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FM20 Match Engine Broken Again?

Started on 18 January 2020 by RFC-Dan
Latest Reply on 26 January 2020 by Pitta911
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I'm enjoying most of FM20 so far, however i've came across a massive almost off-putting problem. Has anyone else noticed how bad the match engine is regarding finishing 1v1? I have tested this with a number of different teams across several leagues and it's making the match almost unbearable to watch! I find myself using the instant result button nowadays because I'm frustrated watching players like Salah, Firmino & Mane miss 5 1v1s a game wearas players like Allan Saint-Maximin (10 finishing, 13 composure) shoot past my keeper as if he was invisible. Hmmmm...Does anyone have any tips for making Attackers more potent when it comes to scoring chances?

The new match engine is not better than the previous one.
Only the long balls over the defense have been fixed (or at least, largely decreased)
Outside of it, they touched nothing.

1v1 are still awful. Impossible to score on them.
All goals come from set pieces. I have yet to see a goal coming from a play instead of a set piece.
Defenders are still dumb, they don't move, they have a terrible placement.
Players still shoot from very stupid angles instead of passing/crossing.
Most actions are a winger taking the ball in the midfield, running straight and shooting from a dumb angle (and missing, since it's not a set piece).

Really bad patch. We've waited 3 months to get a beta, and it's not doing anything. SI is really taking the piss.
SI said they re-wrote completely the defender's code. Then how do they explain that it's exactly the same?! How can you erase completely a code, re-do it, and make it exactly the same?!
I think everyone recognized these problems. Defenders positioning are idiotic. The fact that anc Attacker, in real life, in a 1v1 situation, scores from 10/7 , and in the game they have a 10/3 rate. It is not real.
The match engine in FM19 was a lot beather. The fm2020 is a step backwards.
Hopefully the next game will solve these problems because right now the game are anoying,

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