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Arjen Robben - Emperor In Eindhoven

Started on 22 February 2020 by Aaron
Latest Reply on 31 March 2020 by Justice
A great result against Barcelona. Even with the latest set of results, I can't see Ajax surrendering that lead at the top, though. Plenty of things to learn for next season where I think the breakthrough could happen. You can't rule it out completely though, so PSV need to maintain this form to at least keep some level of pressure on the leaders.
A lot of great results in the last month, especially stopping Barca from scoring. Overthrowing Ajax will always be tough in Holland, but I believe it will happen sooner rather than later.

Also, congratulations on winning the 'Story of the Month' award. We ran a tight race, but I'm glad to see you get the recognition you deserve. I'm coming back for that crown soon brother! :))
Can we get a look at your tactic bud?

Great read btw
LittleLaney: We did indeed! Thank you very much mate, I'm sure we'll see you on there again sooner or later ;)

Big_Wully: Course you can mate, next time I load it up to update I'll screenshot them and post them here! Keep an eye out :)

March - Could We?

PSV 2-0 WIllem II | KNVB Beker Semi Final | Krauss, Pavlovic
Ajax 2-3 PSV | Eredivisie | Gakpo x3
Barcelona 4-0 PSV | Champions League Round of 16 | N/A
PSV 1-0 Vitesse | Eredivisie | Madueke
PSV 1-0 Fortuna Sittard | Eredivisie | Araujo

That's it!! We're through to the final of the cup, what a journey it's been so far! Willem were absolutely no match for us as expected. You can't ever take things for granted in this competition, we crashed out to damn Fortuna last season. That was gutting, but we're right where we should be once again!

All thanks to our new signing Krauss, and Pavlovic who's come into the team recently starting a lot at the back commanding our back 4 brilliantly. Developing into such a good defender this guy, but also cropping up with a helping hand at the other end! Ramos esque almost. He's going to be so important in the future.

Not as good in the next one though but ask any PSV fan and they'll tell you the same as me - I dont F***ing care!! We've beaten Ajax in the midst of what was thought to be a one horse race but it's looking like we might be right back into this at the depth.

Cody Gakpo present all season for us banging in a hattrick! It was seriously something special. 2 goals inj 2 minutes before half time and we were two goals to the good. We looked like we were going to bottle it though giving up our lead in the same amount of time very late on, also giving away a penalty which tied the game.

I remember sitting in the stands at the time, we were all so deflated but let me tell you in the 80th minute when he pumped home his third past Scherpen we went absolutely nuts! 3-2, 3 points, back in the race maybe??

And there we have it. As you'd all expect. This year won't be the year we make it past the mighty Barcelona but what an effort. I think we can be proud of the team in this tie, it was always going to be tough and we showed great resolve taking it all to play for in the second leg.

They were having absolutely none of it though. They even left Messi out of it and still fielded a front three of Dembele, Griezmann, and Suarez. All three of which scored in their 4 goal haul. Nothing to celebrate about, but I assure you. Under Arjen, we'll be back!

We ended off with another two wins for March, a perfect way to end by keeping up that pressure on Ajax at the top. It's going to be hard but if we keep this up things could be looking very good at the end of the season.

The cup final against Ajax is a spectacle I cannot wait for either. We know we can beat Ajax on our day and I'm sure we'll be well up for this one.

Let's get this bread Boeren!

A massive victory against Ajax that somewhat keeps your chances of winning the title alive. Hopefully you can celebrate at least one piece of silverware by the end of the season.
Scott: One more massive result to get against them next month! Let's make it happen.

April - The Final Push

FC Twente 0-3 PSV | Eredivisie | Gakpo x2, Silva
PSV 3-0 VVV Venlo | Eredivisie | Madueke, Silva, Vinhas
PSV 1-0 Feyenoord | Eredivisie | Madueke

We've given it our everything in the final months. You can see from the last 3 games the effort we've made to make this title challenge go right down to the wire. Winning this title is everything to us and the fans, Ajax retaining it is something none of us want to see but despite our best performances, we look powerless still.

One thing that's been important this year is getting back into the Champions League for a second season running and although we looked shaky at the beginning we've come into the second half of the season and wiped away any and all competition for second spot, so I'm glad we can safely say we'll have another chance in next years play offs to get group stage football.

I feel like we've made a lot of progression this season with some of our younger players putting in performances at the very top level to show their quality. This whole season you'll have all seen Madueke and Gakpo from either wing bagging goals game in game out. It's like a younger combination of Liverpool's Salah and Mane only with a top goalscoring striker in between them.

It's not just them though, We've had Vinhas making some impressive movements at the back. Proper has been instrumental in the centre of the park at times and a player coming in from our u18s this season Mylian Jimenez has made 16 apps for us now.

Jimenez is quickly becoming one of the first names on my team sheet with his brilliant input. He's a long way to go still being 18 but given time and match experience I see this guy becoming one that will really take us to a new level.

Onto the games for a second. We were ruthless in the goals department but also not conceding when you've got Feyenoord to play is impressive for our young back line. Twente and VVV were as usual no match for us.We're accustomed to giving these sides a good thrashing.

On their day, we're prone to slipping here and there but there's no doubt between the gulf in quality of us and them. We're by far the better side and it feels great to be able to say that.

Feyenoord as you all know are a strong team, stronger than the rest of this league. They're a different beast to Ajax, you never really know what to expect, how they'll play but a win at home against them no matter how we do it will always be welcomed with open arms. Thank you my man, Madueke.

If only there were 20 teams in this league we might just be able to consider ourselves potential winners, unfortunately with two games left to play I don't see Ajax losing both of their games.

Not only that but we'd need to win roughly 15-0 in our last two games...Congratulations Ajax. We're coming for that crown.

The cup final beckons, and we're more than ready to put our name in the history books.

It would take some incredible good fortune to win it now, which is a shame given the mounting pressure you've been putting on Ajax in the closing months. You've got quite a task ahead next year too, because your margin of error is literally those three games Ajax lost - and it's not easy to bridge a gap that could so easily swing on the basis of luck. Barring a real drop in quality in the Ajax squad over the summer, I reckon you might be in for another close shave next year.
Harleygator: If I speak my honest mind I think it will still take something special to win it outright next year. It'll be tough but we're capable, I think it's going to be a tight race. We're some way off Ajax dropping off in quality yet so I see us fighting eachother closely for the forseeable future.

Quick Note: Just wanted to say I hope everyone's keeping well in light of recent events going on around the world. In an unnerving time of uncertainty I hope everyone can band together and keep spirits high in our beloved FM community!

Stay safe, take no risks, take advice given by health services and try not to pay to much attention to things people say on social media. There's a lot of scare mongering going around and quite frankly a lot of things being thrown around are simply far fetched.

In the stories thread, we aim to provide a get away for people from the troubles in their daily lives and now we need that more so than ever. Even if my own story brings you just a little comfort I'd say it's been successful in what it sets out to achieve.

Have a good weekend, god bless, and here's to another good month of story writing.
Well said brother.
Not too surprised to see Ajax had enough about them to claim the title despite your best efforts. Hopefully Arjen's side can give us an insight into the future of Dutch football by beating them in the cup final and beginning the start of a change in the landscape of Dutch football.

KNVB Beker Cup Final - 2020/21

Hello and welcome every body to this wonderful yearly spectacle on FOX Sports Eredivisie. You've all been waiting very patiently for it but the wait is now nearly over. In just a few moments we'll be seeing PSV and Ajax kick off the 2020/21 KNVB Cup final.

A hotly contested rivalry this one and with the importance of silverware on the line here today, it really does not get much bigger between two football sides. Arjen Robben's men in red and white today have beaten Ajax all three times they've played them this season despite looking like missing out on the league title in just a few games time.

None of that will matter to him though. Those games are in the past and surely we must expect Ajax to seriously up their game here tonight? Well we're about to find out. Let me hand you over to our commentary team Jan Mast, and Markus Wilhelm.

Mast: Thank you Gerritt. Yes here we are, AJAX VS PSV! Eindhoven will be getting the game underway, who will be this years champions?

Wilhelm: Ajax, 2-0 for sure. Too many times have PSV one upped them this year. Their reign of terror on Amsterdam will end today I think.

Mast: We're about 10 mins in here now. PSV have got a throw in next to Ajax's byline here, what can they do? Pinheiro gets things rolling into play onto Ihattaren but that's great defending from Gosens to disposes the attacking midfielder, they've got it back under pressure though! Sadilek, to Ihattaren...Gosens boots it clear again great defending!

Wilhelm: You have to hand it to the defender there that's brilliant defending. Great determination and will to dispel any danger.

Mast: It's not over yet though Mark, that's only as far as Boscagli on the left. Jimenez, back to Boscagli. Ihattaren's in the middle in offer for the left back and gives it to Gakpo out wide. Jimenez receives it back - This is wonderful passing play - Madueke on the wing and into Pinheiro...

Wilhelm: What a pass that is they're well open surely get in there!!


Wilhelm: What a lovely passage of play that was and what a cross. For Gakpo to get onto the end of that and perch it into the far corner is brilliant as well. He's got it all to do there but makes no mistake. 1-0 PSV, brilliant football and what a player this guy is my word.

Mast: It's been a cagey affair since the goal, not much to shout about for either side. Ajax might be onto something here though with Tadic running down the left, Pavlovic looks like he's got him covered with Vinhas in behind in sup- Ooooof!! My word that's a crunching tackle.

Wilhelm: Clumsy. Silly boy he's going no where, right down to the corner flag he's got no support either.

Mast: Indeed, it'll be a booking too for the Serbian. No second chances now.

Mast:Second half is underway now with PSV still 1 goal to the good. As it stands they will be the cup winners unless Ajax can stop them. Boscagli has the ball out on the left side looks like he's trying to find an option at long range, under pressure by Linetty who tackles well great pressure! PSV suddenly on the kosh now, Boscagli's trying to recover and oooh another block buster of a tackle. PSV are really not in the mood to play are they Markus

Wilhelm: It seems not, no. Another booking. We know this is a rivalry filled with a lot of animosity and hatred. It was never going to be a friendly affair but PSV HAVE to be careful now.

Mast: 60 minutes into the game and Ajax have the ball on the right side of the field. PSV seemingly becoming increasingly aware of the quality their rivals posses. Ekkelenkamp receives it, quick touch onto Linetty who plays and unreal pass over the top to Promes, danger here for Eindhoven.

Promes has it in the box, he's through! Goes to whip it across goal OH NO! It's gone in off Jimenez, and suddenly things are all square now as Quincy Promes wheels away much to the adulation of the home fans!

Wilhelm: Looks like it's gunna be extra time then Jan, gutting for the away fans really they had a control over it for most of the game. Oh well, that part of the story is over I suppose.

Mast: Right you are, here we go then. Extra time, penalties maybe?

Can see Boscagli darting up the left wing here and Malen's thumped it all the way up to him in acres of space. Where on earth is the ajax right back, from kick off as well!

He's got time and space, whipped in! Oh MADUEKE'S THERE UNBELIEVABLE!! Straight from kick off...PSV may have just won the game! An unreal move, something they've been practising on the training ground maybe?

Wilhelm: I've no words for that really my friend. Great football from PSV it really was but the defending is shocking. You can see as well Ten haag going absolutely mental on the touchline he's fuming. Where was Kasanwirjo in all that? The inexperience of the 18 year old showing there I think.

Mast: Not over just yet for Ten Haag and his eleven. There's still plenty of time to grab an equaliser but the same can be said for their opponents who right now are amping up the pressure. Rodrigo's on the right and darts into the box, Gosens has gone in heavily...AND CLUMSILY TOO! PENALTY.

Absolutely no doubt for the referee, it's a penalty all day long and a card too. Things have gone from bad to worse here in the second half of extra time. Time is nearly upon us as well.

It'll be Malen! The main man for PSV, ever present these last few years. Plenty of goals to his name and he might just be about to score the most important of Robben's Reign.

Steps up...IT'S THERE, PSV HAVE SURELY WON IT AS MALEN JUMPS INTO THE CROWD! Limbs here at the Amsterdam ArenA. No way back surely for Ajax??

Mast: And that's it! THEY'VE DONE IT. PSV KNVB Champions once again. For the first time in 9 years, Robben's led his men to the first trophy during his tenure. The first of many Markus?

Wilhelm: I believe so, Jan. This team, it's strong. They're showing that week in week out. It'll only get stronger too. I see them taking great positives here and progressing much further next season. Title winners maybe? I strongly believe the potential is there...

I bet Jan's Mast was fully erect watching the game.

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