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managerial discipline

3 of my best player stated that they worried about the lack of managerial discipline...
Started on 1 October 2010 by arebong
Latest Reply on 10 January 2011 by paul1576
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3 of my best player stated that they worried about the lack of managerial discipline.... can anyone tell me how to settle that.....i really dont have any idea....
perhaps your too soft on your players, or you give praise out far too easily?
I think that you have to be more tough in your approach after the games or when a player of your is shown a red card. For example, when you win a lower team with 1-0, do not be so thankful to your team, tell them that although they won, their performance was not good or when a player is repeatedly shown a red card give him a fine. Regarding your comments, you can get the advice of your assistant manager.
Don't be afraid to criticize your players. Team talks are one thing, like bandura suggested. Another thing is to release press comments about your players once a month (or once every two months) based on the players' form for their last five games.

If a player's rating is mostly under 7 say his performance is below par, if it's under 6,5 and close to 6 say disappointed... in a similar fashion if a player's rating is mostly over 7 say you are pleased, if it's over 7,5 and close to 8 say delighted. Furthermore, whatever comes to surface in a press conference regarding your players, be strict and say you take the decisions and you demand respect.

In my opinion the fine should be avoided, as issuing a couple of warnings at most usually does the job. Use them when a player was absent from training or got a stupid red card.
Don't kick bum but don't be taken for a ride. praise the good players and criticise the bad but be aware that personality of players will make players react in different ways. i never criticize young players but the more experienced players i do.
thanx a lot guys.....
I am agree with all of the above suggestions but mostly with bandura. If you will give more support to your team and will realize them that they tried to do best but they have to do more struggle and if you will keep your hand at their shoulders they will automatically get support and will have more spirit to work hard. and then you and your team definitely get success. Good Luck.
kick arse at the right times - if a player is red carded for say a really bad tackle then fine them big - and if someone is sent off for two yellow cards after you told them to tackle easy after there first then warn them - works for me.

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