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Vanarama national

good players
Started on 1 May 2020 by PAFCjohn
Latest Reply on 1 May 2020 by PAFCjohn
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does or is there any info on good to decent players to sign for vanarama national teams ?
We have a few videos on our YouTube channel with regards to lower league signings, including one on free transfers for Vanarama leagues (click here). Bare in mind that most of these videos may have been done for the 20.1 database and may not fully translate to the 20.4 database - but I’d imagine you’d get a few names out of that.

In terms of a way of finding them yourself, you could abuse the trial system. Find all unattached/amateur contract players in your search page on FM. Select 30 (or more), right click, offer trial. Once they’re in the door, look at what your ass man/coach rates them. If they’re below 4* CA, end trial and bring in a new set. Repeat process until you go through whole set of players on free transfer. It’s the quickest way of finding good free agents on lower league saves in my opinion.

Bare in mind that if you do this, your ass man/coach’s opinion shouldn’t be taken for the truth. It is just an opinion so it depends on his judgement capabilities. Also, the players are just in the door, so the coach’s judgement may change after training sessions.

Also, clubs have limits on how many players you can trial at one time (typically about 30 or so), so you can’t offer every free agent player a trial at the same time. This means you have to work your way through the free agents in blocks, but this should be quite easy and doable as it takes 15 minutes (in-game time) to cancel trials, and most free agents tend to accept trial offers quite quickly.

Edit: trialing players is also a good way of gauging whether they’d be interested in signing for you. Saves on whittling down a shortlist only to find your preferred targets won’t enter contract negotiations or want a lot of money.
awesome thanks.

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