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Started on 4 May 2020 by OneMoreGame
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A Swarm Of Bees - The Beginning (EP 1)

Just started my first FM20 journey and it's with Brentford FC.
This my first post here and I'm new to this so hope that you're gonna enjoy this.

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On every Football Manager I've played, I always like to start with a championship side and try to make it powerful contender for the Premiership title (Had pretty decent saves with Sheffield United & Watford through the years.)

Also a few words about my playing style - I really try to keep it realistic as much as I can. This mean - I don't try to sign the wonderkids that are in every youtube video, never have used some other person's tactics. Also at the beginning of the game I really don't make many transfers as you should deal with what you've got.

Why I chose them?

This year I chose Brentford because I really was amused of the strategy of the club in real life as they ditched their academy because of the big teams in PL which took the good young players. They decided to change their recruitment process by scrapping the academy and simply bringing in kids released from Prem teams aged between 17-20 years old and also scouring the world for bargains. Basically - their U23 team doesn't play in the league, they play only friendlies. Their affiliate clubs are Man City (which will fall through if we make it in the PL) and FC Midtjylland (as they have the same owner). In the team there is a big amount of danish/scandinavian players and staff. Also their owner is a professional gambler.

Also the club never won many trophies - 1 time Championship, 1 time League One and 3 times League Two. Also it has only 5 seasons in the top division of English football. So it will be fun becoming legendary manager for this club.


The expectations were pretty high as I should reach minimum play-offs this year and win promotion in the next one. (Hope I do it at first attempt) The cups are just a bonus for now. The club culture is interesting as we don't like signing players older than 31. One missing club culture from real life will be signing scandinavian players.


I didn't know anything about the players before starting the game, just heard about the transfer of Pontus Jannson wast summer, On the first view - there were a couple of names that I've heard, nothing more.

I took Brentford in the beginning of July. As I said I don't like bringing too many new people in the game as you start with the transfers from the summer, also you've got the winter transfers (as I'm started playing in May). Also this makes the game more challenging. The only player I got in the summer transfer was Andre Gray from Watford until the next transfer window.

I brought three really promising players from the U23 to the first team so I'm comfortable with the squad depth - Luka Racic (DC), Dominic Thompson (DL) & Jan Zamburek (MC, AML).

The Pre-Season went great, win all my matches, however never encountered teams on my level. After the 4 matches I pretty much know which players will go straight into my starting XI, however there were some doubts. Upfront I have a lot of talented guys and struggled to find which players to use. I'll try to play the most inform player available.

So these were the players I thought will be my key players for the rest of the season.

I was really unsure who to play up-front, that is way I brought Andre Gray however Emiliano Marcondes scored 6 goals (3 from pens) in these four matches so I was impressed.

Key Players

Pontus Jansson

As I said one of the few players I really knew. Captain and with great stats he looks like my big star for now. Came from one of our biggest rivals from promotion - Leeds. Really like him IRL too as he is complete shithousery - arguing with officials, making absurd tackles to opponents & etc.

Mathias Jensen

When I first looked at the roster of Brentford this was the guy that stood from the rest. Another new guy that came from Celta Vigo for just €3.8 mil. Hope that he contributes as much as I wish in these early stages.

Said Benrahma

I have a lot of talented player fighting for the attacking positions however Said looks like the guy who the Premier League sides will come after. I'll try to keep him as much as possible.


This was my tactic in the beginning, of course for different matches I changed some small things or positions. When I play weaker sides - I'm trying 4-3-2-1. Also sometimes I'm playing the 3 in the middle in one line. Also changing the roles for the wide attackers as I'm trying to find out which is best for the players I have. As I said I have really big variety of attacking players.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy it.

Soon - the first matches.
Great update. Good luck and welcome aboard!

A Swarm Of Bees - First Battles (EP 2)

August was a busy month.

The first match day was close, I made some board requirements about the training ground and the youth facilities (which both are below average) all rejected by the board. Also got a couple of better coaches and other staff so I can be competitive to the other teams fighting for promotion.

There are 5-6 teams in the Championship which can make our live harder in the first season. This core of five six teams will battle for the first two spots. Of course the biggest favorite to win the league is Leeds, also West Brom, Swansea, Derby, Fulham & Preston have strong teams with deep benches and I hope we can squeeze in the places for promotion. Also there are some fallen giants which can trouble us as Boro, Blackburn, Stoke.

Coming to the first game we had a couple of non-fit players as they came late in the pre-season or had minor injuries. However there were no long term absents.

Boro vs. Brentford

So our first match was away game at Riverside Stadium. They took the lead with a quick counter after one of my corners. Of course Emiliano Marcondes who scored 3 penalties in the pre-season, now in the 29' missed the penalty kick. (Murphy's law). However the dutch player made up to when he scored before the half time. The match was our to win and we had so many chances yet we didn't manage to score. With 2 shots on target the home side fought for the draw.

Brentford vs. Blackburn

The first game at our home stadium saw us demolishing Blackburn (which won their first match with 4-0). This time Marcondes scored the penalty and we close the game in the first half with two more goals. Said got his first goal for the season, Ethan Pinnock was impressive in our defense picking the MOTM. Also our youngester Dru Yearwood got one goal.

Next we had a trip in the Carabao Cup against Walsall.

Walsall vs. Brentford

I rotated the most of the squad and yet again we picked up big win, of course against weaker side. Andre Gray got his first goal for the club in the dominating win and Josh Dasilva continued to impress me by scoring one and picking the MOTM. The goal of Mokotjo was a 30 meter screamer and will be one of the contenders for the goal of the year for sure. In the next round we've got Aston Villa at home.

Next we went to the windy Britania stadium.

Stoke vs. Brentford

Another great performance as almost all of my players were flying through the field. Mathias Jensen was phenomenal picking the MOTM and was orchestrating my game. Our captain also got his first goal for the team, as did Tarique Fosu who also is a new player coming from Oxford.

Our next game is against Huddersfield which were at the bottom at that time.

Brentford vs. Huddersfield

Really impressive stuff. Complete disaster for the away team as we got 3 goals in the first half and 3 in the second. Our main forward Marcondes got 2 from pens and the MOTM. Jensen continued to impress with 1 goal & 1 assist. Our young wing back Mads Roerslev got 2 assist. (This guy looks promising).

Brentford vs. Millwall

Another home match against a weaker side as Millwall was at the bottom of the table. For the second time in a row we played in a 4-2-3-1 formation with Marcondes stepping back at AMC and Walkins taking the place upfront. This time the win came a lot harder but Ollie got us the lead. Rico Henry our LB got the MOTM by clean sheet & 1 assist.

Our heavy schedule continue with the home game against Villa in Carabao Cup.

Brentford vs. Aston Villa

Our third straight game at home. This time we rotated some of the key players as the cup is not my priority and switched back to a defensive formation, playing on counter attack. This is not our style, however we managed to get some chances. Then came the last minutes and Villa increased their dominance and got the winning goal. Our first lost. However I'm not disappointed, we fought well and this cup is not our target. Our next match is in 3 days against one of the top teams - Preston.

Preston vs. Brentford

Great win against a side which is fighting for promotion. The match was closer than it looks. The stats are even for most of the attributes. I've got 2 goals from corners just before half time which really helped me and was hard for Preston to come back. Ethan Pinnock and the whole defense were really good as he picked another MOTM. Our RB got 2 yellow cards & Mathias Jensen was injured in the same match. There is an international matches now, however he won't be available for the next couple of matches.

Key Player
this episode

With 5 goals in 6 matches this has to be the player of the month for me. Mainly playing as advanced forward or AMC. Didn't expect so good performance from him. Hope he continues. Andre Gray doesn't fit well and maybe won't use him. Great performance for the whole defense. Also from Jensen & Josh Dasilva in the centre of the field.


We are on top of the table with great start. 5 wins and 1 draw, however many other teams are just behind us and also are looking impressive. For now we're unbeaten in the league. Next month looks a lot better when it comes to the number of games - but we're playing Sheff Wed. & Derby.

Our team

This is our team. (forgot to put it last time). A lot of potential everywhere and for now is too good to believe it will continue thru the whole season but we will see.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy it.
Okay I need to breathe...


I will be your biggest follower, good luck!
A very impressive start. I was surprised to see Watkins miss out in the initial starting XI but it seems he's starting to be included. He's one of the best players in the entire division! Marcondes is off to a flyer which is a surprise given he's not exactly a fans favourite irl.

Will you be looking to incorporate the Moneyball method Brentford use, out of interest?
Thanks for all the support.

@ScottT - Watkins & Mbeumo were slightly injured in the first games or not in the best condition. Their time will come. However as I said didn't know many things about the players (who is fan favorite, who is playing IRL) so I'm using the play & learn method. :D

About the moneyball method - that is what inspired me to start with them. However I don't know how not to have U23 team especially in the PL. Also don't know how it will work in the game as the second team plays just friendlies. For now - I like it and will try to use it somehow.

On the other hand - for the transfers. Of course I'll look for the PL rejects in the youth teams. As the game is different from the real life I'm not sure if I will have the same success. Also buying from less inflated countries is a good strategy. I'll try to exploit the scandinavian countries as the real team does.
You bees must be buzzing with your early season form. Exceptional stuff!

A Swarm of Bees - Flying High (EP 3)

3 games and a surprise.

First I wanna thank all of you for the support and even reading my nerdish crap.

I got into my IRL club strategy and I'm ready to try it as much as I can in the game and this is a list of the things I'll try to include in my style.

  • We don't have an academy so I won't ask for better youth facilities. (I think ingame with Brentford you don't get any good regens, only 1-2 star).
  • I'll try to loan as much players as possible from my second team (U23). I'm not sure should I get Loan Manager for this (never used such thing).
  • I'll try to sign primarily players from lower reputation leagues, less inflated markets, Scandinavian players and not big stars (This will be tough if I make it to the PL).
  • Sing for free younger players released from bigger clubs.
  • Won't sign anyone over 31 years.
  • Of course if there is a really good deal I won't let it slip.

    Sheff Wed vs. Brentford

    The game after the international break saw us going away against the 4th team in the league, tough task without two of our main players (Jensen & Dalsgaard). The match started well for us when Rico Henry was brought down so we were awarded a penalty. Marcondes missed once more hitting the side bar. Ollie Watkins got us the lead after a tap in. In the beginning of the second half Sheff Wedd managed to score a header and after it they defended really well. Tried to push them to the limit playing with 2 strikers for 30 minutes, however they got the draw. Good thing was that all of our competitors dropped points so we're 1st with 2 point lead, Sheff Wed were second.

    Marcondes was dropped for the next two games with a score of 5.6 for the game.

    Brentford vs. Derby

    Coming to this match we were down to bare bones in the midfield as we had Jensen Mokotjo injured and Josh Dasilva suspended for his 5th booking this season. Exceptional stuff from Said Benrahma who got 2 goals, 1 assist and was phenomenal in the match (MOTM). Our yungster Yearwood got another long distance banger. Great month for Norgaard who stepped into the shoes of the main playmaker.

    Brentford vs. Birmingham

    I though this match will be a lot easier as we faced 20th in the table - Birmingham (they also had a midweek match in Carabao Cup). We dominated thru the whole of the match, however we sealed the win in the last five minutes of the game. Olie Watkins is finding his game as he banged one, Tarique Fosu got one & MOTM, Bryan Mbeumo got 2 assist and Nikos Karelis got his first goal for the club.

    End of September Table

    Verdict for the month:

    I'm really happy with how the things are going. Now we have a gap of 4 points ahead of the 2nd position (and the 4th). However we had pretty easy schedule for now and didn't face the big dogs in the league. Next month will be really important for me to see if we will be able to maintain in the top spots. I got really good players which are hungry for glory and I'm happy with that. Jensen is coming back next month which is also good. There are some players though that don't fit for now and I hope will be more useful in the futre - Sergi Canos, Joel Valencia, Dervisoglu & Andre Gray. The first one got a lot of chances but is yet to have a really good match, the second one has got himself injured for 2 months. Dervisoglu is getting playing time however he is not performing for now. The last one was took as a back up if I don't find goalscorers at my club and I don't really care about him, he is leaving in the winter.

    I must find some midfielders in the winter or at least for the next season as I think we're short of them. Used the young Zamburek twice this month because of the injuries & suspensions.

    Next month schedule:

    Next month starts with two really though away games with the promotion favorites West Brom & Leeds.
    Also away game against Fulham. Big month for us and for our hopes of Premier League football next year.

    National Team

    Forgot to mention it in the beginning of the game but I'm also the head coach of my country - Bulgaria. Our biggest accomplishment is the 4th place in the 1994 World Cup.
    However our last appearance at a big forum was at Euro 2004 which is 16 years ago. Our domestic football is in crisis, we don't have many talanted players and we are in a swamp from over a decade.
    I'll try to swim out of it but it will be really tough task (I try it every manager and almost never succeed) Our main target is to qualify for big forum. No matter how. We're going to play counter attacking style as we don't have the quality for possession game. Also removed all the brazilians used from the coaches before me as this is not right for me.

    We don't have any players in the big leagues in Europe.
    Kiril Despodov (AMLR) is owned by Cagliari, however he's loaned in the Austrian Bundesliga.
    We have 2 players in the Serie B, Kraev plays in Liga NOS and all other players are from the domestic championship, Russia/Turkey's leagues or balkan championships.In my save Anton Nedyalkov (LB) was bought by Brigthon in the first trasnfer windows.

    We're in a tough group alongside England, Czech Republic, Montenegro & Kosovo.
    We're starting with the only 1 point from 3 matches (0-0 vs. Kosovo) and not much chance at making it at Euro 2020 2021.

    Bulgaria vs. Montenegro

    We've got our FIRST WIN! Really scrappy match, almost no chances for both team.
    Lucky rebound got us the win, with our best player Despodov winning the MOTM.

    Bulgaria vs. Czech Republic

    We played really defensive, however got a few chances. Czechs got the lead just before halftime, but in the end they received second yellow card which I used by changing to really attacking scheme to equalize the score and almost get a win as in extra time our striker missed 1 on 1 versus the keeper. However I'm delighted with the score as we're far from the quality of our opponents.


    Thanks again for reading, hope you enjoy it.
    Looking good so far. Next month will be massive. Leeds, West Brom and Fulham are all sides that will be competing alongside you for promotion.
    Flying high!
    Doing well with both Brentford and Bulgaria. Great work mate! ;)

    A Swarm Of Bees - First Cracks (EP 4)

    Will we be able to maintain our top spot after 3 away games against the top 3 teams.

    We starting the month by winning the Head coach of the Month for September, but this month we be massive four our ambitions. Jensen was no ready to start against West Brom & Leeds. Because of the tough schedule I think that the minimum is 3 wins out of 5 matches (or 9 pts.) so we can maintain in the top spots. Josh Dasilva got new 4 year contract, also we will look to offload some of the player with big wages in the winter and probably should search for a striker.

    West Brom vs. Brentford

    Disaster start of the match for us, as Norgaard loses the possession of the ball in our own box and we're down in 6 minutes. When playing with tougher opponents I always like to have a ball winning midfielder and Mokotjo is perfect for that. He thanked my by equalizing with another long distance banger. The match was even but after the half time we scored 2 set piece goals. The leaders of the team each got one goal. Pontus Jansson (MOTM) and the whole defense were unbreakable when West Brom tried to attack us. Great win, but another test as we play Leeds in 3 days.

    Leeds vs. Brentford

    I started with the same eleven as the previous match. We split the halves as each controlled one of them. Nervous match and the first in which we didn't manage to score. Fosu & Watkins each had excellent chances in the end of the match but were unlucky. I'm happy with the result as Leeds got the best team in the league (with Fulham).Rico Henry got the MOTM. After these two matches we were first 2 points ahead of Fulham.

    Brentford vs. Charlton

    Pontus Jansson is MONSTER! Two goals from the centre back (both of them vollies from the edge of the box)! Absolute machine - MOTM! Jensen is back with another assist.Narrow win with Canos (finally) and Norgaard getting their first goals. Some of the players were rotated because of the upcoming fixure against Fulham.

    Fulham vs. Brentford

    The local derby between the first two teams in the league! Pure disappointment for the spectators, not many chances for both team. Tarique Fosu missed 2 sitters in the early stages of the match and nothing more. Another scoreless draw, which again indicates we need a striker. However it's good that we keep the gap between us and Fulham. We're still unbeaten in the league even though we played away against the top 3 contenders for the title. POTM was won by Fulham's goalkeeper.

    Brentford vs. Bristol City

    First time in over a month I gave Emiliano Marcondes a chance to prove himself and again he delivered. 3 missed pens in 8 matches, WTF? He is stripped from taking the pens for now. Honestly Bristol deserved the point, first cracks showing after the long month. First goal for Mbeumo and hopefully he will take the chance of taking Marcondes place. Good thing was that Fulham lost this day so we maintain in the first position.[/size]

    Player of the Month


    3 goals and 2 clean sheets in 5 impressive matches. No question who should win this for October. Our captain is playing very good on constantly. I was't wrong when though that he will be our key player this season. Wins almost every header, tackles with perfection and deserves the plaudits from the fans. He is playing good with both his partners and for now is with untouchable status.

    League Table & Verdict

    We maintain on the top of the table despite the 3 draws in the month. We took the minimum that I expected - 9 points, but I'm not entirely happy with that. Of course we are still unbeaten and I hope this continues for a long time. The gaps in the top of the table are small and you can be 1st one day and 5th in the next day so we should be careful. I haven't played only 3 teams in top 10 so the next matches should be easier but everything happens.

    National team

    Our best player - Despodov was injured, also our main goalkeeper (Iliev). We had nothing to lose against England and we're dreaming for 1 point. The second match is must win for us against Montenegro. We managed to win the first time we met.

    Enlgand vs. Bulgaria

    We went and parked the bus with 5 at the back against the mighty England. I'm not so devastated as the first goal was from penalty, the second from corner.Hit the bar just after half time but that was the only clear chance presented to us. Can't blame the players, the opponent is too classy for us. 6 of 6 for England.Anton Nedyalkov will be suspended for the next match.

    Montenegro vs. Bulgaria

    Once more we beat our neighbours with 1 goal! Nedelev got the goal and MOTM with brilliant play. This time we were clearly the better team and we could have scored 1-2 more. The match is over and what to see - Kosovo had beaten Czech Republic! This means we have equal points. Kosovo is 1 point behind.
    I'm really excited that we have A CHANCE. Of course Czechs have 1 match in hand but it's against England, and probably will qualify, but to get this scrappy team to actually having a chance is pleasing. Last match day will be really fun.
    Also we're playing the other team that have chance - Kosovo at home.


    Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy it.


    ScottT - Yep, we didn't lose but yet there is still room for improvement.

    Griffo - Not SO high though :D

    Eoin97 - Hope it last long.
    Another decent month that sees you retain your spot at the top of the league. Things are progressing well with Bulgaria and even if you don't qualify, you can be pleased with the fact there seems to be some form of progression.
    Undefeated month, you'd take that!
    Sitting pretty at the top. In real life I`d love to see a progressive club like Brentford get promoted and you are on course now!

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