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Your thoughts on FM11 Demo?

Started on 21 October 2010 by Stam
Latest Reply on 29 October 2010 by _Man_u_barmy_army_
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Demo is out. Steam users got it a day early as scheduled. So, what do you guys think about it?

Did you notice the Sports Interactive logo animation when opening the demo? Have you tried the Twitter and YouTube features yet?

Speak up! :)
From the first looks of it I think its quite good but I hoped its going to be better.
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love the new tv camera view
the agent in the players profile is something new, what impact it will have??
youth recruitment network at the board room request..?? i gave it a try but the board refused. probably i must wait a couple of seasons until they aprove. again, what impact it will bring to the game.
so far, that's it. i'll return with more updates after i discover them

UPDATE1: i love the extra contract clauses and the extra questions. that's a BIG plus for fm11

UPDATE2: good idea with the 3 tactics...but i'm still not used to do i change the player layout of tactic 3 for example. i don't want the wingers to be pushed forward, i want them to be in line with the other MF, also i want to pus forward the DM so he is a CM with defensive duty...never mind, found out. you just edit a new tactic, save it and go to match preparation and choose it from archived tactics
omg ive just started to download it on steam. can't wait to try it out!!!
i will come back with my thoughts....or maybe i will just play FM all evening lol :))

hahaha as i was writing this post its finished! time to play get in!!!!
As I playing for little bit longer I started to appreciate that you can talk to players and that they are agents.
Love the new contract negotiations.
Agents can be very agressive with their proposal, tryed to sign enyeama (still a very good signing for 250k! just like in 2010)
Agent started at 53000 or so a week, but he gets 5000 at his current club.
Also wanted first team en such.

Offerd him reserve 20000 a week and if he plays 20 games it will go up to 30000.
Signed him with no prob.

3d&animations looks good.

And to finish a few players a crossed in the 30min i played:

Ridgewell can be signed for 5mil
Andre Santos
Kadlec (cheap compared to 2010)
Affeley (contracs ends at end of the season can be picked up for 7mil)
Wekounam (transfer listed, real good backup)
Yaya, Sanogo and Muniain or very hot prospects for the future!
OMG i love this game....i think i'll get a week off from work when the game is launched.
I also love this game
# RedArmy20 : omg ive just started to download it on steam. can't wait to try it out!!!
i will come back with my thoughts....or maybe i will just play FM all evening lol :))

Just finished my steam download as well. Too bad I have to work today. :(
i love some of the changes, i havent tried playing a match yet. gonna do it later tonight.

I also like how you can offer less for a player now than what he is worth. even if he is not transfer listed and not really a top player in their team. before it was always a tough time when u were a smaller team and wanted to buy someone decent but had to always pay up a bit extra. now it seems more realistic.

but now its just the wait for the full game as i want to be able to load many players and leagues! COME ON FULL GAME!
Love it. But i found a bug...sometimes when i start a game it says i'm in the 90th minute :P Happened only once in my first career though.
Getting ready to fire up the game. :D
Graphically, the game is a lot more polished than 2010. The UI is slick and seems more response (although this may be because there is only one nation loaded). The match engine looks much better. The small details make it more immersive - especially the background improvements.

The Twitter and YouTube features are interesting, although I think it will take a few versions for SI to really get it right. One thing I would like to see is the ability to save videos to the hard drive without uploading to YouTube. That way, you can edit your videos and add some titles and transitions before uploading. Currently, the game allows you to save a local copy, but only if you upload.

I like the contract negotiation system, although I found that my inbox got flooded very quickly with messages about agents being fired and whatnot.

Overall, I think it's a solid step forward for the series.
great. can't wait 5th nov. there are few bugs, but they will be solved with the release date patch.
I don´t about you guys but I can´t find the motivation to play the demo. I just check out players and check out the new features. Now that I´ve done that I can´t bother starting it up. Don´t get me wrong, I think its going be a great game but I can´t get into the save if I can´t see how my changes will better (or destroy :P) the team.

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