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New features for FM 2012?

Started on 21 October 2010 by Stam
Latest Reply on 23 August 2011 by Grumsi
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# Evo : You can stop clubs from bidding for your players (not giving the chairman a chance to interfere) by setting your players asking price really high.

If you have a player whose value is 500K and you really don't want to sell him, set his asking price at 10 million for example and that will scare most clubs off, and if a club does make a bid it will be at least half of his asking price so in this case 5 million.

Oh yeah, I did hear that ages ago, I guess I'd have to start that, thanks for reminding me. But I'd rather my chairman leaves my team alone, than to have to scare other teams off, and also I think it is slightly more realistic, and fairer, to be able to at least give some sort of ultimate. Especially, as a Coventry city fan, when there was uproar when Conor Thomas was allowed to go to Liverpool on a loan-to-buy deal, although our manager didn't leave because of it, a hand full of board members did.
A good idea is that if you want to sign alot of players like 3-10 you give the chairman the list and he takes care and get most of the players.
MOVE HEADING BACK TO DEFENSIVETRAINING ASAP!!!! most retarded thing SI has ever done!
Or have it as its own category.
I don't want my tall strikers to be the world's best tacklers or dribblers. I want them to head the ball at goal or to a team mate.
thats true!

Firstly FM's the best managerial game ever made. Would be great if the ideas of the hard-core players get taken on-board! Ok, as a seasoned and well-practised player there's a couple of suggestions I would love to put forward - take them under advisement, or not, but I feel I would like to contribute!

-Press conferences
The press conference is a massively repetitive bore. They could be far more varied. Surely through STEAM updates or something similar they could write newer more modern questions that we could integrate every month etc by way of a seamless regular short downloads to enhance the gaming experience! i.e. whatever current career you're playing on - after the update, the new questions get fed in to keep the game modernised by not too much effort.

-In game tactics
Sometimes I cannot get my head around the fact that the games are somewhat scripted. The in-game tactics don't really seem to change things. The amount of times you type things like "full back overlap" and they just don't! this talking even if I have got a couple of Brazilian re-gen worldies! would be so good if in games the things you did you could actually see it. Meaning then the opposition would have to close down your full backs and you could see their CFs actively coming out to shut them down, then you could get your GK kicking short and playing simple passing out to your CBs and starting moves from there.. Just a more interactive slant on things. also, these tactico's (as they say in Spain) could blow up in your face by CF's shutting down your RB/LB and them nicking the ball and exposing holes. all depends on their tacking stat against your defenders dribbling/passing stats etc. Thus training your CFs to 'Dive into tackles' will actually make a difference!

Youth development
I won't divulge too much as people have already said some fantastic ideas. But what I will say on it is that you could develop in game feuds with other managers for stealing your young wonderkids, which in time would develop into fierce rivalries i.e. in the press conferences "is it true you and everyone associated at the club still feels bad blood towards David O'Leary (sorry my most hated manager!) for the acquisition of Sergio Sergales from your youth academy in 2008? how does seeing him on the team sheet against you make you feel? blah blah blah! Could develop into real time feuds where all the managers hate each other and never let sleeping dogs lie – even so far as that the other club appears on the clubs rivals page on the teams information page… loving the ideas of academies in foreign countries to funnel their youth. you could allocate slices of budget for advertising and open days that could be proportioned much the same as your competition bonuses High, Medium and Low. Or you could hire a Press agent to handle with your input, or not at all as on the options screen you could tweak... thus adding a spin to hiring the best most sought after name for press agents etc...

Directors of Football/Chairmen:
Seriously think this needs consideration, when signing up for a managerial role you get your brief, i.e. you don't get cart blanche in regards to signings at certain clubs - step forward Mr Abramovch. You get hired at Chelsea, great role. Then you get the Ruski handing you £30 million quid cart horses and saying play him or it's your job. without him being in your vision of signing every under 20 wonder kid on the game and forging the youngest and brightest team you find yourself having to work Yedgor Titov into the starting line up or standing by a misfiring striker (AHEM, no names mentioned) in your press conferences with people asking you "why oh why!?" when you know it's to appease your highly strung Chairman/Director of Football.... could add an interesting spin, especially when giving mixed messages in press conferences to deflect the attacks you could put your relationship in jeopardy with the men upstairs! I know it's ridiculously fickle in football but bring on some of the highly hard to keep jobs and challenges to stop making every team you take over the same in essence: weed out the crap, get in young talent and leading stars and start progressing. Why not have to keep some of the shite players involved and train them to do jobs in the side, or work hard with them on the training field to pull their stats up and get this misfiring donkey firing again! all kinds of repercussions though, your stance could impact on them so much that they go AWOL, causing more tension between you and the hard to please chairman... long winded but I’m sure you can see the possibilities!

Club Ethos (my concept!) –
You hear all the time in the modern game that teams don't respond to a certain managers ethos and training methods. Think Hodgeson at Liverpool.
Why can't there be a whole selection of Ethos's to take on as a manager, think how Pep "ultra football" Guardiola goes about things – has his own ethos that can’t be bettered.
Imagine, you have a massive list of ethos’s to select from that would best suit your style – i.e. your chosen Ethos selected as you start creating your manager is something like "total football" (the extreme), then you could look for and recruit a whole coaching team of guys that adopt the said method. Your team won't be able to play ‘fluidly’ until you've got everything in place meaning full deck of coaches recruited to coach the method so that the chosen Ethos has time to gel on the training field too – naturally still doesn’t mean you’ll be successful as you may not have the players to pull this off – i.e. donkeys at full back etc! Also could mean in some cases that you may have to play 'direct' aka Big Sam style in the interim whilst you still have a target man and whippets to pick up the pieces whilst it takes time to get your coaching staff on board and get the team playing a different style altogether meaning that bringing in them all important playmakers takes on a whole new dimension, rather than stuffing them in and expecting 7+ seasonal ratings with assists coming out of their ears (come on - you all know we've done it!) - just adds more effect to the managerial experience. You then won't be able to square peg round holes and it would make the game even more realistic. For example in reality would Peter Crouch ever do amazingly well at Arsenal? - can be argued either way but I'd say not overly - not to down play his talent but the Gunners don't exactly lob crosses in every week, even if not can’t see him keeping up with their one touch play! Where-as if you started a season on FM and stuck him up front in your first year he'd probably do more than 15 goals and do pretty well.... See where I'm going. Defo food for thought on the whole ethos thing. Think real life, think Bolton. Under Sam Allardyce they were notorious for playing very directly, very successfully too. Since Owen Coyle has come in you can see he's got an entirely different ethos, again, successful, just watching them get the ball down and play it is great (Owens a quality manager) - look at him bringing in Wilshere on loan, the boy Lee as a wide midfielder, Petrov, you can actively see he's changed the ethos and got them playing good football or at least trying to play good footy. Two very different styles both successful in their own right. Imagine, taking over a Championship side who's ethos was "long ball" or "channels" and thinking right - "not on my watch!" - binning the old regime and bringing in your passing football ethos and getting this stamped on the club (on the team information sheet where you read squad personality “determined” or “professional” etc you could have Club ethos). Back to taking over the championship club - you sell the war horses at the first opportunity (and thank them for their time naturally!) then pick up a few ball players and taking your team to promotion playing your own ethos. How fulfilling. Then getting to the prem and not abandoning your stance and then getting press conferenced stating "your team played some wonderful football today but find yourself on the losing team, are you considering changes to your style in order to survive etc...." then you have judgement calls to make, do you do the Holloway and stick to your guns, or do you bring in a couple of stalwarts at the back, a general in the middle of the park and a bruiser up front and start going direct in a desperate attempt to stay up – do you abandon your ethos and try getting in guys whom specialise in direct football, you can see where I am going… Maybe the press start targeting you because you’re too stubborn putting pressure on you, do you change your stance….. ultimately you could play really well and record some brilliant performances but if you got relegated on the last day the harsh reality of football management strikes home and comes the sack! Or a directive stating that if you don’t get promoted on first attempt you’re out on your ear! You could interact with the board for you to go away and study different ethos, or when out of work you could start expanding your knowledge by doing this therefore not a total waste of time being out of work!

I do appreciate that younger guys and girls want to play the game and would prefer plug and play super teams but there could be a amateur/semi pro/pro, option originally when loading up the game to activate or deactivate these settings so everyone’s still happy as could be a little bit deep for the younger players if all brought about!

Definitely need some work. Could be as people have said and make it a bit deeper hand in hand with the match prep by adding more options. I personally would love to be able to personalise set pieces, you see some creative ones in real life, people spinning off and receiving the ball behind the wall and cutting back for tap ins.. Or the old Reading “everyone charge up the pitch and catch them offside” – naturally could lead to epic fails etc dependant on how good your defenders are, or how long they’ve been playing together just think your regular back four all do the Reading charge, you pop someone in though injury cover and he’s left standing there when you forget to change your set pieces which costs you a vital goal… just different dimensions.. I would like to be able to focus on stats and put people on regimes for improving certain areas a bit more dramatically, you see in real life how Frank Lampard developed Ronaldo’s free kick, he wasn’t born with that, he trained and practised to get to a point where he was swinging them into the net! You see all the time on scout reports that people have weaknesses, would be nice as a manager to be given a little more leeway to eradicate these so that you’re more open to signing them – again all would depend on the level of coach you have at the club etc too.

The dreaded word! Just think a bit more dedication needs to be added to relegation. Basically if you’re not sacked and kept in your role they should bring about automatic conditions from your board that you’d need to adhere to. I.e. your chairman/board could enforce transfer out on you, selling your top stars, or you be issued a directive that your wage budget is to be slashed by 40% meaning you’d have to bring about whole sale changes almost straight away to ensure your clubs survival. Basically tighter implications on your job because you didn’t hit your target of survival meaning you know you’re still safe in the job for another year at least but you don’t any longer have a free reign!

I have more that I will contribute when I get a free minute!
I only have 2 things i would love to see in the new FM12.

1. You should be able to complaine to the National Manager and so forth if they do not pick your top player for the National Team especially if he actually deserves it.

I have a game where my best player is also this country best offensive middlefield player yet he is ignored by the Manager for the national team and my player gets upset and I have no way of complaining and telling the damn Manager he should get his damn head out of his ass. Nor a way to give my player support to make him happy.

2. Since they in FM11 startet to allow women trainers and so on where is the Women teams?

I mean I wouldn't mind for a challenge to be able to chose the women team instead of the guy team or even be allowed to work on both as they do that some places.

I Would love to see the Women soccer teams in the game as well.
# Nimras : I only have 2 things i would love to see in the new FM12.

1. You should be able to complaine to the National Manager and so forth if they do not pick your top player for the National Team especially if he actually deserves it.

I have a game where my best player is also this country best offensive middlefield player yet he is ignored by the Manager for the national team and my player gets upset and I have no way of complaining and telling the damn Manager he should get his damn head out of his ass. Nor a way to give my player support to make him happy.

2. Since they in FM11 startet to allow women trainers and so on where is the Women teams?

I mean I wouldn't mind for a challenge to be able to chose the women team instead of the guy team or even be allowed to work on both as they do that some places.

I Would love to see the Women soccer teams in the game as well.

Womens teams!!!??? no way man... why would you ever suggest such a thing!
well the thing about womens teams is that it'll just be like playing amature-team... and no, this isn't a diss against womens football... but I'm from Umeå, we have the most successfull womens team in the world along with Frankfurt (outside of the US leauge), still only Marta (who's even more superior then Messi and Ronaldo) made enough money not to have a second job... and they had an avrage attendece around 1k if i remember correctly, and to put this in contrast there's approxomatly 110k inhabitants in this town and our hockey-team who have played in the second division here in sweden for most of the last decade have an avg attendence around 3k... that says alot about female football...
I think there should be a director of football mode where you can hire/fire managers, set up a good youth academy and set a budget, buy players/ sell players and make big deals happen. You could also start a galactico era to make money and make big decisions like the manager says that he needs more money you can do that. sign contracts with sponsors. Basically make the club rich and popular. this can be fun because you colud start witha team like crystal palace and mak them the next big real madrid.
I would Love to be able to comment on my players like for EG: Jordan Spence has been playing well I think he deserves an England call up. or something alone those lines.
The game is AWESOME AS it is.. so please don't change to much.
Maybe the choice of 3 new kit designs for each home, away and third at the end of each season would be nice.. you pick your favourite one for each and maybe you get worse or better shirt sales depending on your decision.
the young players (under 18s) have a tenancy to not accept your requests to get forward when ever possible or place shots ect.. I think they should be more willing considering if they don't improve how we would like they wont secure a pro contract.
I think i read someone saying open up academies in other countries, that would be good, maybe just choose 1 country, similar to the feeder club process.
I like the Idea of an under 16 side or maybe a decision on 5 out of 10 players that secure 2 year scholarships with your under 18s.
maybe also being able to choose more hands on things like.. your team is away to Carlisle and the trip is.. x amount of miles would you like to travel the day before an stay in a hotel or travel up in the morning. and choosing times for Team meetings and Team meals. I play for A confrence Premier club an we get set times to Eat as a team, meet as a team for review over the oppositions tactics watch a video ect.
thanks for listening
Now you don't expect anything from this game. Every year the same. I cut up hope entirely.
If you will want it to be like fifa manager. If it did, it would be great. Fifa manager has many more features and these features make the game enjoyable. If the game does not make major changes if the makers of Football Manager will lose a large audience.
I would like to be able to instead of just making up you your own person. I think you should be able to use another mangers profile. Like if i want to be Manchester United manager I shouldn't have to re- start a new legacy I should be able to take over as Sir Alex himself. Also I think that you should be albe to bring back icons and legands of the club easier like Eric Cantona. Changing other managers opinion on the game is so hard and often impossible if this became easier it would promt me and many others to interact more with othe managers and clubs.
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To all of FM players and FM creators :

In order to make a real diffrence from FM2011 to FM2012 here are my wishes :
1) better training :
- daily schedule, daily detailed report by the different coaches in order to be able to follow the best players for the incoming matchs
- more options and realistics exercices ( in reality there are 100 different types of exercices in modern football )
- why not to be able to see the player training ( but it should be not for fun but you should be able to evaluate yourself by seing them )
2 ) Scouting
- to hide some attributes like in reality ( in function of your scout skills, in function of the number of time you spent by seing the player )
- the scout is having like the players skills, so he can make big mistake by giving a report, we should have the same in FM 2012 ( an execllent scout will give you a right report but a medium scout will give you a report far from the reality ! )
3) More media
- we should have more presence of medias ( polls, statistiques, rumours and all presnted as a web page ) for realism and fun
- we have rumours, but media should tell more about he player, this can help managers to be awre of the market.
- more pressure in rumours for managers who are not performing ( future name of managers to replce him, what ids not good in him, what player think about him, what media think about him etc... )
- more wrong rumours with impact on the players and board
- media should have good or bad opinion of managers ( relations ) , in order sometimes to protect them with articles or interviews when the situation is bad for them with the club
4) more talks before and between a match with the players
5) signing a player
- like in real manager life, a player should be received by the manager to talk together before accepting the job and for the manager validate the contract ( ambition of club, expectations, discipline, etc.. ) - the manager and player should be able to decide to work together after a meeting.

But at the time I'm sending these ideas, Si has already finished FM 2012...
i would like to see more info about coaches for example;when i try to sign a coach with 20 in tactics category,if i get him and set him to tactics,when i have a backroom meeting he tells me hes a ballcontrol coach.also i want to know if a gk coach does handling or shot stopping before i sign him,any1 else agree or know where to find this info?

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