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New features for FM 2012?

Started on 21 October 2010 by Stam
Latest Reply on 23 August 2011 by Grumsi
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This site has a coach ability calculator or something which can help you.
i think what would be a cool small feature is that if your losing really bad or beating the other team so when the commentator say that the fans are fed up and starting to leave the stadium could slowly deplete over time i know this isnt a significant feature but i think it would be cool
talents HAVE to get a bigger evolution than in FM 2011. The big wonderkids like Lukaku, De Gea, Ballotelli and Macheda (and many many more) didn't even reach their first teams. They end up in middle-class clubs. It's not realistic that every one of them should succeed and be stars, but it's not realistic that they end up as flops, either.
# razgaon : A good idea is that if you want to sign alot of players like 3-10 you give the chairman the list and he takes care and get most of the players.
or you can also ask your assistant to find a little list of players in one position (almost like the scouts) but players which are better than the best player you have in one/any position, and not just backup-players like the scouts often finds for you.
Hey, I have SO MANY IDEAS for FM2012 that my head can't contain them now, but I really think the most obvious thing for FM makers is to move with the times.

What do I mean by that? Well I will lay out my feelings:


Football these days is a far more fluid game, and there is no greater exponent of this truth than the great Barcelona side that we are witnessing today. FM Tactics need to grow more accustom to this. I feel as if when attempting to play a fluid 4-3-3 in the manner that Barcelona play, I am pretty much unable to do so. Pedro cannot be used in the way he is in real life, nor can David Villa and my biggest grievance is with Lionel Messi.

He is, as we have seen, able to get 40-50 goals a season in real life. But because he is rigidly formulated to be a player who is solely capable of performing as an inside forward on the right wing, getting the best out of him would be probably a minimum of 10-15 goals a season.

There needs to be more options in the area of dropping into spaces, pockets in midfield, sharper closing down (such as Barca's 6 second rule) and more room for roaming which doesnt disrupt a players performance. Messi, Pedro and Villa interchange position ALL THE TIME to great effect, each notching up 20+ goals a season, but this is in no way replicated in the game.

also an option for what you do, WITHOUT the ball must come into play next year, as Barca again have shown, this is vital!

I would also like to see things such as triangles, one touch-two touch play that is only suited to the more technical sides, and other tactical options.


I feel this can be improved greatly. For example, team talks can be improved such as adding in things like telling a player to wake up or be subbed, asking a player if he can carry on with the knock he has, remonstrating to officials, and speaking to referees.

More over, I would like options to be able to talk 2 my players during a period of low team morale and general bad form, during the pressuring period of a title race or of a relegation battle.


I think that this could use much improvement also. I would LOVE to see a headline summer transfer saga, with other underlying ones e.g Rumours of Barcelona wanting Cesc Fabregas... Fabregas saying he is focused on Arsenal...eventually saying he would like to leave if his current club don't show greater ambition...holding meetings with both manager and chairmen...players from clubs commenting on potential transfer to the press...players going on strike to get their move...agents saying they feel a deal will be done in the next 48 hours...I think it would be a fabulous addition and would add far more drama to the game.

IMO the development of young players in FM is a major problem. Its often quoted that its hard to tell how good a player will really be until 18-19, and even later for keepers and defence.
It would be good to see some kind of system whereby all players under 18 have a potential of 200 and simply progress according to work rate, ambition, professionalism and external factors such as the facilities and calibre of players at the club and any injuries.
When they reach a 'critical' age (18, 19 or 20) their progress since they began is assessed and their potential ability reset according to this.

John Smith may join arsenal at 15 and make rapid progress - no injuries, good work rate etc and so his stats increase quickly. His potential is then recalculated at 19 according to how fast he progressed in the previous years. In this case he would remain with a high potential.
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I spend too much time sending my reserve-team/youth-team players on loan...
that's why I'd just love if I could ask my assistant manager or scout if he could find a FIRST DIVISION CLUB where my player/s would be used as a IMPORTANT FIRST TEAM PLAYER/S, you know, like a guaranteed 1st team spot.
In stead of spending hours filtering out the trash offers, I/We could do it all in 5 minutes... which would make my summer-transfer window more interesting, especially when you've got 20-25 players to be sent on loan ;)


another thing that should be changed is that that FC Bayern do not have so many rivals... Every year I see the FM creators doing the same mistake, and now it has to be brought to the table :D Bayern has only 2 real rivalries: 1860 München & Schalke 04.
1. BvB dortmund is only a rival if they are playing a good season, but in normal situations no one cares about them
2. Nürnberg a rival? LOL it's a Bayern-friendly club! FCB sends them every year at least 1-2 players on load, who play in their 1st team, nah mean... can't talk about no rivalry!
3. Werder Bremen a rival? Sh*t it's almost the same situation as with BVB, there's no real rivalry!
4. Stuttgart, Lyon, ManU, ... bullsh*t?!


and please FM creators, ther impossibility of signing a rival youngster or icon is just stupid. Manueal Neuer, a schalke jewel, the blue pride, etc. joined Bayern a month ago.. nuff said ;)
I think we should be able to offer short-term contracts. Maybe we could set the date it will start and end. Also, we could be able to offer non-contracts to players to try them out in competitive games. This would be a lot more realistic.
It would be good if we could try and approach a manager as assistant manager. Currently, it limits us to tiny club managers which we can approach.
i agree you cant do much with the tactics and it need some improvements, but despite all that, all my time of playing FM never have i seen messi get over 15 goals( with the computer in charge of barca). but i recently played a season with barca and i got him to get me 45 goals
I would like to be able to look for a feeder club that I can use as the home-ground for my reserves, Like tottenham have with stevenage and arsenal have with barnet.

I know this would be a big difference but I think its about time that the Womens FA also got into the game and at each club you could hire a manager for the womens team as well as assigning them budgets etc. The game could give you the option of joining the womens league along just like you do with the reserve and youths. I just think this would make the game more reallistic as well as improving revenue from matches they play and prize-money for competitions etc.
Coaches should have different categories! Attacking coaches i.e. finishing movement, composure, postioning. Defensive coaches, heading, postioning, teamwork, communication, tackling etc
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Long time reader and an even longer FM player, first time poster here. Forgive me if some of these ideas have been said before.

My ideas for FM 2012:

- Use a limited portion of our salaries to gamble on games other than than the ones that include your team. The way I see it, the odds that we are given have zero use at the moment. This may be a tool for us to generate more money to put into the transfer budget, especially when managing small clubs.

- For the love of God, let us get slightly more involved with the board. Eg: The board selects 3 possible sponsor deals, they ask for our input on which we would like the most, they don't need to take our decision but at least let us get a bit more involved.

- Let us use agents to our benefit. Let us build up a rapport with an agent tot he point where we can talk to him and have him work the media to help the purchase of one of his players.

- It would be fantastic if we could be involved in a mini-game simulation for when we try and appeal a ban or a work permit (GRRRR!!) or whatever, actually be involved in putting our case forward in order to convince the governing board.

- Better training simulation (possibly said before). Let us assign training drills for the squad such as 5 v 5, set play training, possession training etc.

- Allow us to actually build a network. As managers, we should be able to connect with many other people. If we can develop a network of contacts (be it media, agents, other club members, billionaires, corporations, sponsors, government officials etc) we could then use them to our advantage. Eg: Spend 2 or 3 years building up a relationship with a billionaire by attending functions and events, talking to them and other people as well as the media and then when we reach a certain point, call in a favour with the billionaire and have him financially back the training facilities upgrade or something. Or even use a contact with a government official who we've developed a good friendship with to speed up a work permit process. The possibilities are endless!!

- Better transfer system: When ever I manage my beloved Chelsea, I always seem to pay a premium for players, but when I sell players I always receive either their market value or less. there's gotta be a way to start a bidding war between clubs to milk some extra money.

That's all for now, but I do have more steps though.
In FM12 i think there should be a system where it says what role the player plays best at. For eg. sergio aguero plays best as a poacher or target man or advanced fwrd etc...

And so on in every position of the park. I think this should be put in place as playing the game this year i found it frustrating to get it right and found that my strikers werent scoring as much goals as they should.
# Kristianmackenzie5 : In FM12 i think there should be a system where it says what role the player plays best at. For eg. sergio aguero plays best as a poacher or target man or advanced fwrd etc...

And so on in every position of the park. I think this should be put in place as playing the game this year i found it frustrating to get it right and found that my strikers werent scoring as much goals as they should.

essentially though would that make the game incredibly easy, and almost pointless to play, as then you have no fun in finding the perfect formula for your team as you already know it

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