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The Least Balanced Rivalry in the World

The Clásico Platense is known in South America as the least balanced rivalry in the world for a reason: as Estudiantes has 1 World, 4 Continental and 6 National titles, Gimnasia has nix. In this saga, Gimnasia makes one last attempt for some dignity.
Started on 27 May 2020 by Tango
Latest Reply on 18 July 2020 by J_ames
Fantastic start! Long live Bruno Vides! Win that game in hand and the other games and you're topping that table in a most bizarre scenario. VIVA EL LOBO!
Was definitely not expecting such a start with wins over River, Boca and derby too. Good job.
Wow, what an excellent start to the season. The title could be yours, just need to keep focused on each game from here on out. Lovely!
Well... that is a massive transformation, great stuff, keep going!

07: The first one is the hardest one... least is what they say. And I believe that. When you spend almost a hundred years (92, to be precise) in search of something, it is natural to think that something is gonna go wrong and you will fail miserably at the dying moments. So we gotta need strength.

And for a stronger team, a stronger squad is necessary. We went for the market and brought some new players to help us out with the new goals:

- Alan Aguirre: phenomenal wonderkid. The 18 year old goalkeeper was brought for a fee of €1,3 million from Instituto de Córdoba and is already attracting scouts from everywhere in Europe. I love this wonderkid, but I hate his agent: during negotiations, he pushed me against the wall and forced a release fee of €5,75 million.

- Lucas Biglia: the 35 year old midfielder was brought in for free after his contract with Milan expired. As his physique has gone down abruptly, he is still a good player for us, and I believe his mental attributes will help this team to keep the eyes on the prize.

- Catriel Sánchez and Maximiliano Cuadra: they both are strikers. In the dying moments of the transfer window, both of them were pretty good deals and I was in doubt about who to grab. In the heat of the moment, I decided to bring them both in. Cuadra, 26 yo, will be part of the squad; Sánchez, 23 yo, will be sent out on loan.

Superliga Argentina 20/21 - the final stretch

And we kept it up! With 5 wins and 1 defeat in six games, we secured the title of champions of Argentina, putting Gimnasia on the top of the league for the first time ever in professional football. We didn't have a rough end of season this time around, but I confess that I could already feel it slipping away when we were destroyed by Vélez, a title contender. At that time, not only Vélez, but also River were menacing us with a winning streak. The team, however, displayed great personality to turn it around and secure the title in the last round, beating Huracán 2-0 at home. At the final whistle, one could not help but hear the roar coming from the Estadio del Bosque. That roar has been trapped in the Hinchada's throats for far too long, so no one was able to keep their voices that evening. Long story short: THE DEADLOCK HAS BEEN BROKEN!

Superliga Argentina 20/21 - Final Standings

There we have it. In the end, as both River and Vélez failed to win their last game, the standings make it look way more comfortable than it actually was. Huracán, the leader at the end of the year, collapsed and fell to 5th, almost losing their Copa Libertadores berth. And Boca, with a terrible season, will have to win the Copa Argentina for a place in the highest level of South American football.

Superliga Argentina 20/21 - The final review

The season review shows us a year of ups and downs. Up for All Boys, recently promoted from Primera B and already securing a Copa Sudamericana berth. Down for Boca and Racing, who won't be playing in Copa Libertadores unless they win one of the two cups.

Bruno Vides, scoring only once in 2021, lost his place as top scorer to Argentino's winger Tomás Andrade, who scored 2. San Esteban obviously secured the Manager of the Year award, being miles above Gabriel Heinze, Vélez' manager. In the Promedio table, it won't be this time that we will see our rivals going down, as Godoy Cruz, Colón, and Patronato managed to be worse. Patronato, who secured a comfortable spot in the Promedio table last year, was relegated after grabbing the unapologetic amount of 6 points in 22 games.

The rest of the season

With all the trophy lifting and partying going on, it is easy to forget that there is still football to be played. In the next episode I will bring you the Copa de Superliga, but please don't expect much from it, as I will use this competition to test the young players I want to launch next season.

The Copa Argentina brought us another interesting draw, following my tradition of not getting the easier rivals in the 5th round. This time, guess what...


But now I'm not scared nor intimidated, now I'm pumped. We managed to flip this table around and now we've got the upper hand, and I am personally eager to face our rivals, eliminate them, and get revenge from my first season.

Pincharratas, two words for you: Tik, Tok.


@ScottT very welcome indeed!

@Jack ¡VIVA EL LOBO CARAJO! That's what I love about Argentina, this shit happens eventually

@Oz96 winning over Boca and River may happen eventually, but beating the both of them in the same season is indeed quite an accomplishment

@TheLFCFan we kept focus in 5 out of 6, good enough

@Griffo thx! It is all result of hard work and a short season
How the tables have turned! What an incredible campaign this has been with you right at the top and Estudiantes right down where they spiritually belong ;) I look forward to seeing Biglia too :P
Astonishing stuff. I didn't quite expect you to clinch the league title so quickly into your career, but here we are! You have absolutely no reason to be intimidated by Estudiantes. You can beat them like you have before.
Woow, that's was pretty quick and easy uh? Congratulations!

I forgot to say this earlier on this topic but: Bruno Vides is awesome! Great job on hiring him!
Brilliant, simply brilliant! Congratulations on the remarkable turnaround that has come so quickly. I am almost glad that Estudiantes managed to saty up despite looking shaky at points this season. Means you have even more chances to overturn the deficit in the head to head record.
Damn. Way too soon than excepted, congratulations!

By the way, I think they say defending the title is harder. ;)
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2 yearsEdited

The hands of Alan

It was a peaceful day at the office. Nothing really relevant had happened that Monday afternoon. I was finishing the reading of some reports brought by our scouts. You know those days when all you want to do is to get off from work and be with your family? Well, it was 6pm, and I had promised my wife to be home at 6:30. I was looking forward to go home, but a little bit concerned that the weather was overcast and I had my car washed just the day before.

Then someone sneaked into my office. In a weird way, like not knocking but at the same time not opening the door abruptly. He just got into my office.

- Yes? - I said, putting some paper back into a drawer in my desk.
- Hey, gaffer. I need to talk to you.

I look up. It was Alan.

Alan Aguirre, the goalkeeper I had just signed. Normally it takes me some time to get to remember names, but I remember his for two reasons. First, his agent is a dick. He was the one who forced me into a very low release fee for Alan. He just came with the goddamn paper and said that the clause was not negotiable. The second reason is the reason why his agent could make me his bitch like this. Alan is an outstanding goalkeeper. His agent could make me do whatever he wanted because many scouts were already taking a look on him. Juventus. Atlético de Madrid. This level. I had to move fast, so I accepted his agent's terms. That doesn't make him less of a dickhead.

Back to Alan. Alan is a huge fella. Tall, as a goalkeeper should be, and yet a very athletic type. Seeing a kid that big and strong trying so hard to hide his fear was a weird scene to my eye.

He was trying hard to hide how fearful he was. But hands don't lie, you know. And his hands were shaking. These hands with a gift given by God, a gift to provide stability and security: they were shaking.

- Who died? - I asked.
- No one, it is nothing like this - answered the kid, with a shy, tender voice.
- So why all the shaking?
- Because of this - he gives me his phone as he says.

His Instagram was open on the phone. The Direct history, to be more precise.

- Read the message - he asked me.

The message said:

Hi, Alan. Remember me? Of course you do. Remember our pictures? You're famous now, I see. I saw you on the TV. Let's cut a deal: you pay me 100,000 US dollars until Sunday and they will remain our little secret. You know how to find me.

The message was sent by a person named sweetdesire69. No profile pictures, no pictures whatsoever, no description. Just an empty profile.

- Can't your agent deal with this? - I asked.
- I talked to him. He said to gather the 100,000 US dollars. But I don't have the money.
- Listen, Alan. Why on earth would he tell you to gather that much money? I don't know and I don't care what is it all about, but this is an empty profile claiming to have pictures of you. This person, whoever she is, doesn't identify herself anywhere in this profile. How can you know she has any pictures?
- I just do, sir. Believe, I just do. - The fear on his face seems to intensify.
- Ok... - I kept going, thinking that this issue was becoming even odder, and I felt that the more questions I'd raise, less I would understand - What kind of picture could this girl have that would make you so afraid and pale? Who the hell did you kill?
- Sir... - The guy was clearly struggling to find some courage inside of him, as his raised his head to look me in the eye for the first time during this conversation - you promise not to tell anyone?
- For fuck's sake kid, why on earth would I tell your secrets? - a good goalkeeper like him? Had he killed someone, I'd help hide the body.
- It is not a she. It's a he.
- What?

As my "what?" came out naturally from my mouth, I could see that my reaction made him even more uncomfortable.

- Sorry, Alan, tell me directly what you mean. Otherwise I will never know if we are speaking about the same thing. No dodging around. Enough. If you have anything to say, say it.
- The owner of this profile must be my ex-boyfriend. I'm gay, sir. And I know how homophobe people are in this sport, I know how provocative rival fans will be if they find out. And I'm sorry for bringing it up, but...
- Ok, kid, stop. First of all, stop apologizing. You did nothing wrong, for God's sake. I was already thinking of calling a friend who knows good spots to dump a body in La Plata, are you kidding me? You coming out is a relief!
- Well, sir, I'm glad that you are okay with this. But truth be told, it doesn't solve the bigger problem here.
- Listen, kid, do you really want to solve this thing? Tell your cunt of agent to stop thinking about money, you're gonna solve this like a man. So what? You sell your stuff, get a 100 grand and then you think this will be the end? This blackmailing son of a bitch will still have this picture. You'll never know if he's deleted it. If you want to come over this, you better man up and own the situation. Be yourself the one to tell your own story. I'll get you an interview with a friend of mine, and you tell your own story before anyone else does it for you. If any problems come out of this, you and me will deal with it like men.

Alan nodded with his head, and I proceeded to give his phone number to this friend of mine, Lucas, explaining him the situation. What I like about Lucas is his capacity to generate marketing out of controversy. I hate having to say this, but sometimes we need amoral people around ourselves, mostly in professions like ours, in which we often deal with public relations.

And well, Lucas did his job. Flawlessly. In a snap of fingers, the hashtag #FutbolSinHomofobia was trending on Twitter in Argentina. A couple of people involved with football, mostly journalists, came out as well. One of them made an emotional speech on public television, and his speech triggered the hashtag #BastaDeMiedo to trend as well.

Yes, of course the world is not perfect and neither is Argentina. Many people started hating on Alan. But a lot of people started to like him better. Many members from the LGBT community started to come to the games and to embrace the community around Gimnasia. That day, La Plata became a little bit more tolerant. And Gimnasia has never sold so many unities of a goalkeeper jersey before.

Many booers stopped booing Alan as the boy shut them up by denying them wins. Others stopped booing him when we became champions. The booing was almost entirely shut down when Alan made it to the national team, some months later. To whomever booer it may concern: you're gonna have to deal with it.


@Jack you've seen what's there to be from Biglia, I'm afraid. He only accepted to sign for 6 months and the rest of the season is pure dead weight

@ScottT yeah, now that tables have turn, I'm definitely not afraid of'em

@trolie I wouldn't say easy, but quick indeed. And yeah, Vides is excellent, low attributes but hungry for goals, like and Argentinean Philco

@TheLFCFan well, that's one way of looking at it. And it makes sense!
Superb writing and even better man management from San Esteban! Of course, Aguirre coming out is the most important thing here but in a financial and publicity point of view it works for everybody. I'm sure Aguirre appreciates everything about his manager now.
A well-written update. Very sensibly put. I really enjoyed this one.
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08: Revenge is a dish best served cold

Amidst the confusion of the transition in the Argentinean football, it took me three rounds into the Copa de Superliga to realize that this year's Copa de Superliga was not counting for the Promedio table. I learned from the press that not only these points wouldn't count, but the Promedio system was going to work for just one more year, being dropped in 2022/23 altogether, to be replaced by the traditional relegation system practiced elsewhere.

Long story short, the Clásico against Estudiantes for the cup was the only thing that mattered for the rest of the season.

The last ever Copa de Superliga

...that we know of.

As I used a lot of breakthrough prospects during these games, the bad results are expected. I was planning to use my best team against Estudiantes, but the Clásico in the Copa de Superliga was scheduled just three days before the Clásico for the cup, in which I wanted to have my strongest team.

The poor performance has seen us obviously out of the semifinals, and in the end Huracán grabbed the title after that collapse in the league.

San Esteban’s Clásico Platense count: 1-3-1

Copa de Argentina - CLÁSICO DAY

TO ALL FANS WHO LIVE AND LOVE THE INTENSITY OF FOOTBALL, A WARM WELCOME TO AVELLANEDA! Here at the Cilindro we can see Racing Club everywhere, except on the pitch. Today, it's neutral venue and we are glad to bring to you all excitement and emotions from the Clásico Platense! It's Gimnasia against Estudiantes!

My name is Valentín Hernandéz and I'm here with my friend Francisco Bermúdez to commentate and bring to you everything you need to know about this exciting game. Here we have the formations and the starting XI, Cisco!

Valentín: Biglia for the Lobos, Mascherano for the Pincharratas. The Clásico has two very experienced midfielders playing leading the two teams. What can we say about the veterans for today's game, Cisco?

Cisco: Javier Mascherano had a brilliant career. He won two Clausuras for River Plate, the Brazilian Série A for Corinthians, and, after some seasons without lifting silverware, he won a truckload of titles with Barcelona: La Liga (four times), Champions League (twice), Copa del Rey (twice), and the Club World Cup (twice).

Lucas Biglia's career was not that bright. Revealed by Argentinos, he went to Independiente before taking the European flight to Belgium. In Anderlecht, he had the most victorious period of his career, winning the Belgian league five times and the cup once. He had his moments with Lazio and Milan, but both these teams were far from winning anything.

Valentín: Together, they were the two defensive midfielders of the Argentinean squad that ended the 2014 World Cup as runners-up, losing the title to Germany, thanks to a volley from Götze in extra-time and the brilliance of Gonzalo Higuaín in regular time to keep everything tied. Gracias por nada, Higuaín.

May the best veteran win.

3' Estudiantes has the ball and they are working with it. Gil Romero with it. He gives it to Mauro Díaz, they are looking for a space. Gil Romero again. Sarmiento is rushing from the left, GIL ROMERO HAS SEEN HIM! TORRENT FAILED TO INTERCEPT, SARMIENTO, TO SCORE! WIIIIDE! He didn't connected with the ball the way he wanted and it went wide!

9' Gimnasia looks for a space, the Pincharratas close up. Paradela, he's boxed, has to give it back to Goltz and move. Goltz give it back to him. PARADELA WAS CAUGHT NAPPING AND ESTUDIANTES ARE ON THE BREAK! MAURO DÍAZ, HE FINDS DIEGO GARCÍA, FINISH IT! WIIIIIIDE! What a chance missed by the Pincharratas!

11' Biglia has a free kick, Gimnasia has five men in the box. Biglia drives it to the far post, COMBA!!! POURTAU SAVES IT AND PUTS IT WIDE! What a save from Pourtau!

28' This system from the Pincharratas makes it really hard to penetrate. Gimnasia are working the play, but spaces seldom appear. Chancalay is coming inside, that can be interesting! PARADELA FINDS CHANCALAY, HE HAS AN OPEN SPACE TO SHOOT! Pourtau saves it with no problems.

38' Comba is running free on the right wing, can Biglia see him? Of course he can, but Estudiantes are quick to mark him. He has to pass it back to Torrent, WHAT A ONE-TWO! COMBA HAS IT AGAIN, HE SEES VIDES, BLOCKED! Colombo blocks the shot, but IT FALLS BACK TO COMBA, HE TAKES IT! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ES DE GIMNASIA! Comba gets the rebound and buries it into the net, nothing that Pourtau could do! The Lobos are ahead!

45+1' Gimnasia tries to control the actions in this end of first half. They are passing it on the back, without greater pretensions other than the whistle for half-time. Goltz. Torrent. THEY LOST IT! GARCÍA INTERCEPTED IT AND NOW HE'S GOING FOR IT. IT'S HIMSELF AND


Goltz owes his goalkeeper his life after that blunder! Mauro Díaz puts the corner in, the defense clears it and first half is over. Gimnasia is up one-nil.

53' Estudiantes is not being able to react. Gimnasia has now started to work the ball, but they can't find space either. Biglia. FROM THERE? POURTAU SENDS IT OVER THE BAR! Biglia with a bold attempt, almost scores a brilliant piece of goal. If that one goes in, the fans would leave the stadium to pay for the ticket again!

58' Biglia finds Melluso coming from the left wing, BEAUTIFUL CROSS TO VIDES! GOOOOOOOOOOOOO- No-no-no-no-no-no-no, the flag is up and the goal doesn't count. Vides was definitely not offside, let's see the replay... Yep. Melluso was too eager, he was offside.

58' Mascherano. Diaz. Estudiantes look for a space now with Gil Romero. SARMIENTO IS THERE, FLAG IS DOWN! HE SMASHES IT! DENIED BY ALAN AGUIRRE! He tries to reach for the rebound, but the ball evades his feet and it's a goal kick.

77' José Paradela is coming out, Horacio Bauzá comes in. The crowd goes wild and applauds Paradela for his performance. He took over the midfield today.

82' Will García try to send this free kick directly towards goal? HE DID, but Alan Aguirre was paying attention and saved it without a problem.


87' Castro looks for García, if Estudiantes wants something from this game they have to do it now! García sends it ahead, but Torrent will - OH NO! TORRENT MISSED THE INTERCEPTION, LATTANZIO, AGUIRRE! IT'S NOT DEALT WITH! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ES DE ESTUDIANTES! WE HAVE A GAME! Estudiantes will have 3 minutes more the added time to find something out of this game! Lattanzio gets the rebound and breaks Aguirre's clean sheet!

88' Bauzá. More than ever, Gimnasia tries to cool the game down. On the right side with Torrent. HE FINDS CUADRA, CUADRA HAS SPACE! POURTAU SENDS IT WIDE!


90+5' The flag is up and Torrent is offside. The ref wants the ball. THAT'S ALL! GIMNASIA TAKES REVENGE AND SEND ESTUDIANTES HOME!

My name is Valentín Hernández and it was my pleasure to have you for today's game. Una buena noche a todos, and see you next time!

San Esteban’s Clásico Platense count: 2-3-1

Around the world

Plenty of surprises this season:

In Copa Libertadores, Grêmio beat São Paulo for the title of the Brazilian team that won the Copa the most times. Now, Grêmio has four, and São Paulo and Santos remain with three. The biggest surprise was Goiás, who no one thought would beat the achievement of coming runners-up of Copa Sudamericana in 2010, but now they become champions beating the Brazilian giants Palmeiras in the final. Another surprise was Audax Italiano becoming champions in Chile.

In Europe, Manchester United won't have too much too celebrate with the UEL title, as their rivals finally bought... I mean, got the so-dreamed eared trophy home. In the national competitions, nothing knew. They didn't need to use space of my HD to simulate this.

In Argentina, a shocking season in which nor Boca nor River have won any of the titles. Boca Juniors won't even be in the Copa Libertadores!


@Jack Aguirre has a brilliant career ahead of him, so it's important to take it away from his shoulders as soon as possible

@ScottT I really appreciate it, man!
Thank god for Vides, he really settled the nerves with that immediate goal! Super win!

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