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Opposition instructions help

Started on 19 June 2020 by dm1071
Latest Reply on 19 June 2020 by Justice
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Hi everyone, this is my first ever post so thanks in advance and I hope this is the right place to do it...

I used to be a more regular FM player than I am now, and back then you could apply opposition instructions to individual positions and then in the pre-match just set it to apply to those positions rather than having to manually assign them to certain opposition players.

I can still see that there is a tab to assign opposition instructions per position in the tactics page, but the option to do so when choosing the team to play doesn't seem to show up. It takes my enthusiasm away a bit when I can't be bothered to spend so long editing it before every single game (I like to apply closing down and tight marking to almost all of the opposition).

I hope this is clear and that there's an easy tip to solve this - any help would be much appreciated!

You should be able to set ‘permanent’ opposition instructions for positions. I don’t have FM open and likely won’t have it open today so I’m going off vague memory here..... but if you go to Opposition Instructions page and click on the ‘Positions’ or ‘By Position’ button (not too sure as I only set it once per save file and last time was November for me).... the whole set of positions in FM, including those that your next opposition don’t use, should show up. If you set instructions there, they should remain there permanently. At least, it does remain there permanently for me!

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