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The dream has come true!!!

Started on 27 October 2010 by elymatty
Latest Reply on 2 November 2010 by elymatty
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13 yearsEdited

28th April 2010, h 22:34 (CET)


I was at home. with my father and my brother, my mum was in bed. i live in Ponsacco, in a small town near Pisa, in Tuscany. i was alone. but i become crazy. WE WERE IN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL, THE DREAM OF MY LIFE...many times we try to get this chance...i still remember in 2003 when Kallon's shoot was against Abbiati's knee...after 38 years, we came back in Final...i took my car, and i started to ring the horn of my incredible night...we have beat BARCELONA...Mourinho has just said that he wanted a lot of people in Malpensa...

to be continued...

(just to say few things. 1-the introduction is in italian because there is how Fabio Caressa, the commentator of that match, say that we were in final, in english is like "Inter fans, call the travel agency and go to Madrid" 2-i'm sorry if sometimes i'll write in a bad english, i'm italian.)

Very cool mate! Keep it up... :)
Vet nice mate.
thank you for follow me. i'll put something everyday until the release. stay tuned!!!
I like to follow other people's stories and see how I can improve my stories.
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13 yearsEdited

29th April, h 02:30 CET, Malpensa Airport

we were 6 thousand that night. Josè wanted us...we started to chants "ce ne andiamo a Madrid" and "la remuntada", and then the players get off from the Plane...the first was Sulley Muntari, then Quaresma, then the others...6.000 people waiting thei heroes, and their general, Josè...when Josè coming out, everybody become crazy, he was astonished about how many people were bow down to him. then, the players and the staff entered in the official travelling bus. i was down the bus...then the driver push his feet on the accellerator. i stumbled against a sack, and the last scene that i remembered was the big wheel of the bus in front of me...

to be continued...

note: ce ne andiamo a madrid is a chant that in english means "we are going to Madrid". and "la remuntada" was a chant against Barcelona, about their spot. for watch it:

Added 23 hours 54 minutes later:

29th April, Pavia's hospital

i opened my eyes. don't know where i was, i saw a woman who was speaking with two man. then the woman watched me, and she went out of the door. i only remembered a big wheel, and nothing more...another man come, he was in a white uniform. he said to me "good evening" i ask him where i was, and he said in Pavia.
ME: "In Pavia??? what i do in Pavia, i live in Ponsacco, nor in Pavia!"
DOCTOR: "Be quiet. I see that you feel better. you were lucky last night"
ME: "What's happened last night? i don't remember anything"
DOCTOR: "You were in Malpensa, at the airport..."
His phone rang.
DOCTOR: "Oh, yes, he wakes up now, mr. Mourinho"

When the doctor said JOSE' MOURINHO a flashback overwhelm me. i remembered everything. so i start to jump on the bed saying "WE ARE IN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL AFTER 38 YEARS!!!" The doctor said to me that Josè wanted to speak with me. i can't believe. my idol wanted to speak me. i took the phone:

ME: "Josè, are you Josè Mourinho? Really?"
JOSE': "No, i'm God. really, i'm Josè Mourinho. are you ok? last night our bus overwhelmed you. but i heard your chant, so i think that you feel better now."
ME: "I can't believe that i'm talking with you, Josè. THANK YOU. you bring us in a Champions League final again, after Helenio Herrera and "la Grande Inter". Now we are going to Madrid!!!"
JOSE': " you want some tickets for Madrid? i'll give you some for you and your mates!"
i was completely astonished. ME: "OH, THANK YOU JOSE'! but can i ask you a pleasure?"
JOSE': "Tell me"
ME: "Can i meet you and the players in Appiano Gentile, at Pinetina?"
JOSE' "I'll wait you tomorrow here. Came here in the fisrt hours of the morning, because we have to travel in Rome, sunday we will be against Lazio."
ME': "Don't worry. i'll be there very soon. Thank you Josè!"

i was in a hospital. a bus assailed me. but i was the happiest man in the world!

NOTES: Pavia is the city that have the hospital where Inter's players go if they have to control their injuries.
Helenio Herrera was the manager that won 2 champions league with Inter in 1963-64 and in 1964-65
La Grande Inter is the team that won everything (not the italian cup) in that years.
La Pinetina is where Inter train in Appiano Gentile, near Como.

Added 16 hours 24 minutes later:

30th April, Pinetina, Appiano Gentile, h 04:00

it was night, the dark around me. I was in front of the gate, it was incredible. now i can speak with the players, and with Josè. i sleep in a bench outside the Pinetina.

UNKNOWN VOICE: "What are you doing here?"

I woke up. I was speaking with Rui Faria.

ME: "Are you Rui Faria?"
FARIA: "Yes. what are you doing here?"
ME: "I was waiting Josè and the team. i'm the boy that was invested by the bus."
FARIA: "Oh...i see. Josè, there is something for you!"

My heart started to beat a lot. i was in front of him...

JOSE: "Ciao bello, so what's on? are you ok???"
ME: without words.
JOSE: "Are you ok?"
ME: "Josè, i can't believe that i'm talking with you!!!"
JOSE': "I'm true. So, everything is ok?"
ME: "Of course, yeah. my dream come true!"

And we start to talk before the players arrive, i was talking to him that one of my dream is become a football manager, like him. I've got always with me a copy of my favourite game, FOOTBALL MANAGER, and i ask to him to do an autograph on the manual. On the manual there is a white piece of paper, where i write some tactics. He took the paper, and he started to read. He took a phone and he started to call. He told me to wait some minutes.

I started to speak with all players, Balotelli and Arnautovic started to laugh as always. Zanetti, Cambiasso, Cordoba and Materazzi were listening me about how i'm excited about the chance to do the Triplete this year. Then, Marco Branca arrived. Josè asked me to come a couple of minutes.

BRANCA: "Are you the famous Matteo Boldrini, right?"
ME: "Famous? hahaha nice."
BRANCA: "no. you'll be famous very soon. Josè told me that you have a future on football."
BRANCA: "he told me that now are you in his staff. we organize now where do you will live and so on. Come here on next friday here. we'll waiting you."

I can't believe. a dream on a dream.

NOTES: Rui Faria is the goalkeepers' trainer of Josè.
Marco Branca is a former Inter, Sampdoria, Parma, Roma and Middlesbrough player, now his role is DoF in Inter.

i don't know exactly when the next update is, probably on tuesday morning.

Added 2 days later:

5th May, my house

THE FIRST TROPHY OF THE YEAR WAS OUR! 5th may...finally 5th may will be remember for the Italian Cup and not for the damned 2002...i was excited that night, i was with my parents and my brother. but what i cannot wait was the 7th may: i'll meet Branca again for sign my contract! i can't believe...

7th may, Milano

The most beatiful day of my life: my dad was with me, we went in our car to Milano. we were there at 10 o'clock, we enter in the head office of Inter. There was a lot of people, i saw some people of the board. we waited in front of the door of his office, and then, we entered.

MARCO BRANCA: "So, you've decided to sign the contract of FC INTERNAZIONALE MILANO 1908 as an assistant of Mourinho?"
ME: "i never got doubts. i can't wait to work. the GREATEST JOB ON EARTH"
BRANCA: "So put your autograph here, but before read it well"
ME: "(after reading contract) Ok, no problems!"


note: 5th may 2002, the day that we lost the Serie A in the last matchday against Lazio in Rome.

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