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From the Tunisian desert to Serie A via Venice and Sweden.

One man's quest to find his inner Gondola
Started on 10 July 2020 by dmcgrath82
Latest Reply on 9 November 2020 by dmcgrath82
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dmcgrath82's avatar Group dmcgrath82
2 yearsEdited
In the middle of a howling sandstorm, in the far reaches of the Tunisian desert, in the backstreets of Tatouine. The earpiercing cry of baby cuts through the stormy night. Werisima Gondola comes kicking and screaming into the world, 8th January 1982. Fleeing hard ships in Tunisia as a teenager, Werisma embarks on a voyage across the Mediterranean on washed up Gondola. Washed up on the beaches of southern Italy, he is taken in by a holidaying Italian family native to Venice. Though his adolescence he bounces around the lower Italian leagues, until landing his dream job as Venezia manager.
Things done go as planned, half a terrible season is spent trying, but failing to masters his tactical prowess, until eventually he id sacked. But rather than lose heart and sacrifice himself to the FM gods. He takes any job he can. Sollentuna a little backwater just outside Stockholm. He had half a season to save them from the drop, I'd like to say that he saved them, but he didn't. And again jobless, Werisima, went cap in hand to ever club. Linkoping City, the only team willing to take a chance in the 3rd tier of swedish football.
What a gamble, in 4 and a half seasons he took them to the Swedish prem. Abandoning them fir the heady height of IFK Gothenburg. Where in 5 year s he ein 3 titles and 3 cups, before leaving for Italy again, to prove himself at Lazio. So far 1 season, finished 3rd when predicted 10th. Second season had started rocky for the Tunisian Italian, what will the footie hold, A return to Venezia....possibly.... who knows

As a side note, Werisima took the controversial step of becoming the Ivory coast manager. There was discontent is his native Tunisia in him choosing to manage a rival. A successful campaign saw them qualify for the 2030 world cup. With Ecuador and Germany in group, Werisima thought qualification a slim chance. An astounding 3-0 win over Germany and victory over Ecuador saw them progress, meeting Egypt, then Canada in the Knock out stages. Victory in these two games saw them line up against the Netherlands in the Quarters. In all honesty Werisima thought the dream would come to a shuddering halt; after going 1-0 down to an early pen, the dream wad surely coming to an end? But somehow a 2-1 victory resulted after the team dug in and overturned the odds, a real underdog world cup story.
Onto Brazil in the semis, where we'r went behind early again. One of my CM had picked up a yellow, so poised at 1-1 at half time Sangaré enters the fray. He scores from a corner making it 2-1, IC in dream land. However then dial scorer gets 2 yellows in quick succession ( fmd toot Max). Brazil then show their class and put the Elephants to the sword, but a dejected in defeat Werisima took a nation to new territories, they win the 3rd place play off against Scotland!!!!! And Brazil went on to win the competition, Peoe once off Arsenal Winn payet of the tournament, and Camara(proves a regen) Winn the tournament's top scorer. Following this IC then won the 2031 African Nations, beating South Africa in the final. And so ended the golden generation. Who knitted who will conte through the ranks. But Werisima will be there to guide them
Best of luck!
Certainly an interesting career to this point!
dmcgrath82's avatar Group dmcgrath82
2 yearsEdited
A hard second season in-charge of Lazio has seen Werisima lead the team to a disappointing 7th. Rumours were rife for the last 10 games that The Tunisian would be handed his (italian equivalent) P45 and told do do one. However, he managed to steer The Eagles to the Coppa Italia final, brushing aside Juve in the semis to meet AC Milan in the final. A wonderous 3-0 victory saw Werisima turning cartwheels on the touchline, winning Lazios first silverware in 12 yrs.
Along with this saw a magnificent run in the CL, beating Monaco, Tottenham, and AC Milan in tHe knockout stages to meet Liverpool in the final. Werisima was sure Lazio would be put to the sword by the mighty red machine. However a spirited performance saw Lazio run out 2-1 winners.
The question remains, will the board stick with the Tunisian who has brought the club the first ever CL trophy. and listen to the fans requesting he stays. Or sack him for not achieving their completely unrealistic dream of Scudetto. His future hangs on a knife edge. TBC.......
ScottT's avatar Group ScottT
2 yearsEdited
A sacking would be incredibly harsh... Winning the Champions League is a fantastic achievement and must make up for the underperformance in the league.
With His 3rd season in charge looming on the Horizon Werisma readies himself for what could be an unpredictable season, a few departures over the summer (regens so won't bother with names) saw thr Tunisian maverick needing to bolster the squad. Annoyingly piped at the post on a few occasions by AC Milan, Werisima feels he had added a bit of depth on a shoe string with a loanee cm coming in from Barca and an AMR wonderkid signed for 650k from Sevilla. Plus an 11mill striker from Man U.
Pre-season average but included a 5-1 dressing down by Dortmund. Followed by draw against Spal and win over Lecce.
Another trophy added winning the Euro Super cup 2-1 against Atletico Bilbao.
Interesting developments over the summer included being approached bt Barca for an interview, which went to Xavi (understandably), and being approached by Brazil. With a heavy heart Werisima thought this chance was too good to turn down, so departed the Elephants of Ivory Coast, fir the beaches of Brazil. Rumours rife Werisima spends a lot of time laying on his front on the Copa Cabana in his down time.
Quite an upgrade if I say so myself!
So an update on the Career of Werisima (not had massive amounts of time to play, because of nagatron).
So I progressed to xmas with Lazio, hovering around 5/6th. Then Juve job came up so applied.
Now I personally think they have had a fall troon grace. Looks like they haven't Won league in in 12 years or so (2033 now), and are content with Euro conference qualification!
In the second half of season I lost 1 league game, drew 4/5 Winn the rest. From the start of season I may have challenged for title, who knows, Roma were on a roll.
We finished just outside CL places, due to a loss to AC (only league loss since taking charge) and drawing against Brecia, Pescara and Fiorentina away, al games we dominated, but never looked like scoring(any tips for games like this?)
We reached the Final of the Europa league only to lose narrowly to Man U. Indirect freekick goal, again any tips on defending these welcome.
Ciao. New season, new dreams, hopefully pt ourselves in the mix
Unlucky. Plenty of success ahead though I'm sure.
An interesting season (2034), Coppa Italia champions 2nd in league to Inter, happy with CL football next year. Werisima leads Juve to the Europa league final for the second season in a row, only to suffer the heart break of losing on pens. Sevilla the Europa league kings, clinch yet another cup. Werisima dejected, prepped for a world cup campaign with Brazil. We struggled in the group against, Japan and Switzerland, but progressed as winners.struggled against Canada in second rnd, winning 1-0. Then the Samba bus got in gear. Beatinf South korea 4-0, slovakia 2-0 and Columbia 3-0, setti g up a final with rivals Argentina. We went 1-0 and 2-1 up for them to pull it back to 2-2. Werisima was dreading another shoot out heartache, but players pulled up socks and won 4-2. Zico the stiker netting to to add to his brace in the Europa league final, what a season for the lad, and to think werisima nearly left him out of the squad cos he'd robbed Juve of Europa league glory.
The Old Lady had risen! What a f$^king season 38 games P38 W32 D5 L1(to blooming SPAL) 101 Pts. vai a farti fottere Inter, Ac, Napoli, Roma your boys took one hell of a beating. Werisima adds a Serie A title to his silverware collection, and was seen weeping on the podium. Its been a long journey from the depths of the Swedish 2nd division, rebuilding from disasterous start to his career at Venezia and Sollentuna. But now stands at the pinnacle of european football. There isnt much left for him to win, with a World cup(Brazil) and a Champs league to his name (Lazio) conquering Italy was his dream. But this is just the e beginning, Werisima wants to turn the Old Lady back into Italy's dominant force again. So the hard work starts now. Since laying the foundations at Gothenburg with his 3 b2b titles, they have trounced the league the last 5 years. Werisima wants that success for Juve.
We exited the Coppa Italiano at Semis and Champs league at quarters, which was disappointing, but we go again. Forza Juve, lets see what the 2035/36 season brings
dmcgrath82's avatar Group dmcgrath82
2 yearsEdited
So the 35/36 season brought the Quadruple for Juve. The Old Lady winning their first CL since '96. We dispatched Liverpool West Ham(I know!) and Real to reach the final v PSG, who we soundly beat 4-1. I was fully expecting second season syndrome after winning the league. And we did draw more games this season we finished on 91 pts drawing 5 more than last season and only losing 1 again(to SPAL again). The Coppa Italia saw us face AC Milan in final, winning 3-0. And we beat Inter in Super Coppa Italia. With the Olympics and Copa America still to play this could turn into a v trophy heavy season for Werisima.
Werisima had moved to 19th in all time managers now in hall of fame. Goal,to get into top 10.
[ ] Swedish D1S
[v] Runner up D1Elite
3x Swedish prem
3x swedish cup
4x coppa Italia
3x Super coppa Italia
2 x Champs league
2x Europa league runners up.
1 x African Nations
1 x African Nations U23
1 x World cup
2 x Serie A
1x European Super cup
So we bombed in the copa america, which led to Werisima resiging his post as Brazil manager.
Juve won euro super cup and in current season we are sitting 12 points clear with 9 games left. Into the Coppa Italia final again, and into last 16 of CL. CL not looking promising this season as lost first leg 3-2 home to Man U. But hopefully we'll turn it round. The question is should Werisima stay and build the bastian or success or change country to hunt down Peps record

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