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Trouble uploading videos to youtube

Started on 31 October 2010 by joannes3000
Latest Reply on 21 November 2010 by macdab55
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As the title says, I'm having an awful time trying to upload my videos using the in-game feature. Most of the time I get a confirmation message in FM11 that the video has successfully uploaded, but when I check my youtube account, the video has failed to convert. :(

I've only successfully uploaded two goal replays and I really want to be able to upload entire match highlights to help supplement my blogging. Anyone hav any suggestions? I'm hoping this is one huge feature that is ironed out before the full release.

Another thing I'm noticing is that if I'm able to get a video successfully uploaded and converted onto youtube, often times the video clip is cut short. At first I thought it had to do with the quality I selected in the preferences tab - when I stepped up the quality to 720p, the video time decreased. But I just uploaded a video and only got two seconds worth. That wasn't enough to even see the action that lead to the goal, let alone the goal itself. :/
about the video missing the start e.t.c I thnk this is a known bug on the sports interactive forums, but about the other bit not sure I'm afraid
I have got uploading goals into youtube. It's uploading and then when its finish it comes messages that it had been unable to upload a video and check connection with internet or try later.

Anyone can help?

P.S. My internet is connected and I tried to upload later.
I had the same message once but second time i tried it worked no probs. Perhaps some link-up to you tube is slow or something with the game or could it be a security thing on you tube?
I figured I had video quality was on 1080p and when I changed it back to 360p it worked fine.

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