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Started on 6 August 2020 by adnous
Latest Reply on 7 February 2021 by azulvalium
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Someone have a solution for GS when I try to load the save game, error message "Out of memory"

I have lot of memory in my computer with very good CPU so I don't understand why GS can not be loaded.

Thank you in advance
Yeahh I'd like to know how to solve that problem too.

My rig:
i7-8700K @4.7 GHz all cores
32 GB RAM 3200MHz
Pagefile 64GB to test if it solves the problem but no

The program should be able to load games with über extended databases since it's when it's the most useful to find wonderkids.

The lack of answer is a bit worring
I have the same problem.
My PC should be fine.
azulvalium's avatar Group azulvalium
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Same problem here, my hardware shouldn't be the problem.

I started having this issue after adding more leagues to my save. Currently I have 418k players with Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Croatia, Ecuator, Spain, England, Italy, Paraguay, Serbia and Uruguay. I think the amount of players/employees is related however I still have plenty memory in my pc.

Are there any logs or dump files that I can provide to help fixing this?
I would definitely donate if this was fixed, it's frustrating
I was able to solve this issue by purchasing the gold version.

You are reading "OUT OF MEMORY".

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