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Match preparation

Started on 2 November 2010 by snookian
Latest Reply on 15 January 2011 by iiiioooque
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Hi i have a question about tactics and the match preparation, I have 3 tactics set in the preparation boxes, the first being my fav, but the team have awkward rating next to creative, passing and formation. i am only 3 games in the swedish league but Is it because they dontlike the formation and never will, or do i have to give it a lot more time.


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o and awkward next to mentality.
It depends on what tactics each player has gotten used to. If a player has previous experience and feeling comfortable with a particular tactic, it's likely he won't be awkward when you try to play the tactic he is familiar with.

It's not because they don't like the formation, it just means they need time to familiarize themselves with what you ask from them, in case it's the first time someone asks them to play likewise.
the team need to gel together. 3 matches are not much, you can see significant results after the first half of the championship, depending on the results and the amount of transfers. you you bought and sold lots of players, you need to wait some time until the new players get used to the new teammates and the new tactic(unlikely all of you're transfered players played in the same formation at their previous team)
It built up to a high level by the end of the season, but now at the start of the new, with only selling a few fringe players and getting 2-3 players in its back down to basically 0, I know a new team mates need to gel, but my 1st 11 is basically gonna be exactly the same so i shouldnt have gone back down that far.
I also noticed that if you change the team settings, the rating in your current tactic in match preparation changes. For example: if you change direct passing to short passing, the ratings WILL change. so the best thing to do is to plan a squad carefully well in advance of the coming match, your tactics, everything; taking into consideration the form of the players, the weather conditions, everything that you might think of that would affect your approach to the game. Basically everything you do when you go to Team selection screen before the match, needs to be done well in advance prior to the match.
the thing i figured out that worked quite well for my team (kilmarnock) is that if during the pre-season you focus all you attention for the specific area (team blending,, attacking moves, defensive positions etc) on team blending the team gels together much faster and is more of a "family" by the start of the season changing the formation you work with every few games. hope this helps
i've red the recommended tutorial and still have some minor doubts!

1st: are we able, both in fm or in genie, to scout a player based of his tactic familiarity? are we able to see what tactics is a player used to? that would definatelly reduce the chance of buying some misplaced player in the middle of the season!!

2nd: i'm at the beginnig of the season, played maybe 10 games (4 friendly matches included), and the only attribute that has not reached full status is tactic familiarity. i've bought some players and they are about 60% of my starting 11, but they've gotten used to my pace, passing style and such!
on FM 2010 i used to often change my pace and all that according to my opponent and during the match according to performance and so on, and i've tried this on 2011 to although not so often, is that the reason that is making my players hard to familiarize with my formations ?

3rd: instead of changing those features (passing, pace, lenght) before and during the game, should i create the exact same tactic on one of the 3 slots, but with the changes i usually make ?

cheers, hope someone can help me!
well based on my very limited knowlage in this paricular topic, i'll try to answer...

1) i'm not a fan of genie scout and other utilities so i can't say for them, but your scout tells you when he thinks that the player would fit well with the rest of the squad, but every player needs to gel with the squad, some need less some need more time...

2) tactic familiarity is always last to reach maximum, and it's logical because that is everything else combined. also bringing new players and even often rotating team can lead to reducing tactic familiarity.

3) well changing all those features often reduce things, so it might be better to make 3 different tactics and choose one of them which sutes your opponent the most...

but i think that match preparation function still has a lot of space to improve and i don't use it much. i have one tactic which i alter as i go along and i don't have many problems, when i see that my team has problem with not scoring or receaving too many goals i put them to focus on attack or defence and after few games everything gets sorted...
tks 4 the reply dusan!

i guess ill try to find a good and steady tactic that i can use troughout the whole year!
the instructions button on the in-game menu is a good alternative i've found to make those minor changes during the game!
on the tutorial i read about this subject they advice to after fully complete all tactical/technical fields, change the workload to normal and use attacking/att. Set P. /defending/defending S.P every game!

btw, why dont u like utilities??
it feels like cheating, and i don't feel comfortable having so much power over the game :)
I dont like cheating either so dont use any of the utilities.
Is match preparation only something you can do in the preseason? I wanted to work on a new tactic during the season but the match preparation is grayed out.

no, you can use it prior to every game mate, during the whole season!!

its quite a tool actually!

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