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FM2011 Bugs

potential issue.
Started on 4 November 2010 by possiblyautisticfootballenthusiast
Latest Reply on 21 December 2010 by caspeer05
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By tomorrow will anyone be able to gauge what bugs there are? (there's always some) It's just so that I'll know what to avoid (such as a problem with a league that causes the game to crash so that I can let go of the dream of bringing a club from the Montenegrin Third League to inexplicable glory).
of course there are bugs, i already found one.
when we are at a game and we go to make tactical changes (substitutions), the list of players simply is not there. then we have to select the other option (if not mistaken, player instructions) and select again the list of players.

Hope they saw that also and repair it with a patch.

I dont know if its a bug or not, but in this FM the quantity of balls going to the posts are huge. I had games with 7 or 8 balls to the posts.
a patch is always released at release date of the game or a few days after. if it's one thing we can expect from SI it's that they will make patches as soon as possible to fix the bugs :).
There's usually a few patches, I've noticed. I'm not too concerned about bugs that don't exactly ruin the game or ones that have ways around them like "Left touchline assistant is invisible" or "I can't see my reserve squad unless I look at another club's reserve squad that is in the same reserve league as my reserve squad and then click on the arrow on the right of the club's badge until I get to my reserve squad" as I can happily wait for those sorts of things to be fixed. If there's something that makes the game turn off and say "An error occurred..." for some reason and I can never get any further on that savegame that would be the only thing that would really frustrate me.

But then, seeing as I only really had this problem when I had a savegame including the Montenegrin Third Division which I'd set up myself, maybe that's due to me, but I don't really know how I could have gone about finding out what exactly killed my game. If other people have ideas on what to "avoid" this time round, I'd like to know about it.

There's actually an official forum section where people can submit their bugs for SI to look at. I should make a sticky about it later.

I guess you are referring to the crash dump errors, when you couldn't go forward with your save game at all. Hopefully, this year we won't see as many bugs as last year, and especially the ones that meant the end of a save game. First patch should be out tomorrow (or technically tonight around midnight maybe).
Then good because in FM2010 i played Catania and I was really angry when after a season there was crash dump
Got the full game atm and one bug I have found is when in the tactics area of your squad clicking on a player and then going back to the tactic screen the positioning screen will disappear, you then have to bring it up yourself. Not a real bad bug but annoying if checking out your team etc :s
It would definitely help SI if we could come up with a list of bugs here. I'd personally contact them and have them pass the list to the developers, so they can fix it with a future patch. So, feel free to keep posting them.

Personally, I'd like to see another list with things that people didn't like about FM11 and how to improve. SI always listen to what their fans asking, and act accordingly if the request is sensible and can actually improve the game.
Seems like a promising idea, stam.

Though in FM10, could the game have crashed because of some of the leagues I set up from the editor? For all I know some of these "bugs" that crash my games could have been my fault.
Yes it's quite possible actually. People I know who didn't use any custom leagues with their game, never had any similar issues (including myself).
Not sure if this is a bug but its annoying me! I create a custom squad view and after a week it just seems to disappear and goes back to the standard view with no evidence that I even created a custom view.
Ok so i offered a player a contract and he told fm2011 to make my game crash the bugger after he had told me he was going to go away and think about the offer!! in my experience of crashes with fm i always seem to get the ones when I am in contract talks!
And now another crash grr... i was in the staff meeting and suddenly bang a crash dump! Two in one day aint good!
That's bad mate.
just had another crash on my new signings report page! now something is wrong ere so i think ill try restarting my computer.

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