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Conquering Poland

Making the History
Started on 4 November 2010 by macdab55
Latest Reply on 12 September 2011 by Raoulrq7
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macdab55's avatar Group macdab55
13 yearsEdited
November/December Update

November League Results:
Cracovia 2-1

Belchatow 3-2

Gornik Zabrze 1-0

Legia 1-2

December League Results:
Slask 4-2

Wow I think it is one of best months since I took over the Nieciecza and I really pleased with that. My team managed to get 12 points out of 15 which is just fantastic and I am really pleased with that.
I am really pleased with win over Gornik because they just 2 places behind me and my team is currently in 2nd place so they good team.
I kinda dissapointed with loss over Legia because if I would win or draw that game my team would remain 1st in the table but I lost and I had moved into 2nd place.

My team have scored 11 goals in 5 games so it's 2.2 goals per game so it's good and I am really pleased with that and I am hoping my team will continue to play like that untill the end of the season.
My team have conceded 7 goals in 5 games so 1.2 goal per match and in my opinion it's really fantastic.

League Table:

As you can see my team is in 2nd place and have the same amount of points as the 1st so there is still chance of my team winning the league.
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13 yearsEdited
Febuary/March Update

Febuary League Result:
Lechia 0-2

March League Results:
Piast 1-1

Arka 6-0

Wisla 2-3

Gornik Leczna 2-1

Polish Cup:
Zawisza(H) 0-0
Zawisza(A) 0-0

In league my team manage to get 7 points out of 15 games which is pretty OK because my team wasn't playing very well in those 2 months so I am think my team is pretty lucky to get any points but I am not that pleased with my teams performance in this past 2 months.
I was really pleased with big win over Arka because it dosen't happen every game that you can win by that many goals and my team managed to get that.
I was pretty anoid with losing to Lechia because my team played dreadfully in that game and it just sucked that my team played very well before winter break and after that 1st game and a lose.

I am really pleased with my team qualifing into semi-final of the cup and I think I am consiting my self going throught to the final because I am playing against Nielba which dosen't play in top 2 division so it should be easy going thorught to the final in which I will play against Korona Kielce or Jagiellonia which I think both teams are beatable.

League Table:

As you can see my team is at the top spot with 1 point ahead of 2nd team.
Due the crsh dump while saving my game now I can't load up the game so I will have to just start a new one which I think its a shame because I really enjoyed playing this save.
Bad luck man. Try keeping a 3 file rolling auto save set every week, this will mean if one save gets corrupted you can just go back to one of the others and you only lose 1-3 weeks of time played
Yeah I just find out that there is a back up file which takes me back to game against Gornik Leczna(last in march) so thats not bad because its only a week behind.
macdab55's avatar Group macdab55
13 yearsEdited

April Update

April League Result:
Ruch 1-0

Lech 1-2

Korona 1-1

Widzew 3-2

Polish Cup:
Nielba(H) 1-1
Nielba(A) 3-1

Well my team managed to get 7 points out of 12 which I think is OK because it still is higher than 50% so its quite good.I am really pleased with win over Ruch because my team played well in that game and win against Ruch is really good.
I am kinda upset with lose against Lech because Lech is beatable team but Lech is really good team and it was only Polish team to managed to get into group stage of any European competition.
My team managed to score 6 goals in 4 games which means that they scored 1.5 per game and most of it Nana Amoako.
My team conceded 5 goals which my team conceded 1.25 goal per game.

I really pleased that my team managed to get into final of Polish cup and I really need money from the cup and it will be my second titile in 2 years if I win it again but I will play against Korona which is good team.

League Table:

As you can see my team is in really good position and I could win the league if I team continue to play like this.
macdab55's avatar Group macdab55
13 yearsEdited

May Update

May League Results:

Sandecja 4-3

Cracovia 2-1

Belchatow 1-1

Gornik Zabrze 0-0

Polish Cup:
Jagiellonia 2-1

In last month of the season my team managed to get 8 points out of 12 which is really good because my team didn't lose a game and only lost 4 points so that's really good and I am pleased with that.
I am pleased with win over Cracovia because they quite good team and my team played really well against them.
I am kinda upset with drawing against Belchatow because they were one of the worst teams we played and we just didn't win.

League Table:

July Update.

Due that usually I had 2 games in July then I didn't write a story because there were only 2 games
because I think 2 games is not enought to write a story and in these July I had 3 games so that's why I have choosen to write a story.

Polish SuperCup:
Jagiellonia 1-0

Champions League:
Suduva(A) 5-0
Suduva(H) 2-1

My team won once again in SuperCup nad I am really pleased with that because it is yet another trophy for me and for my team so its really good because I wanna win the many trophies as I can.

So I got thorught to 3rd Qualification Round of the Champions League but I don't think I will go thorught to the next round because I will play Celtic so my team has really poor chances of winning because I think Celtic is a mile better than my team so I will be pleased if my team will score a goal or to play a good match.


I know it's still a month of the transfers but I will post transfers so far.
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13 yearsEdited

August Update

August League Results:

Pogon 4-2

Arka 2-1

Slask 0-1

Gornik Leczna 1-1

Uefa Champions League

Uefa Cup:

My team maanged to get 7 points out of 12 which I think is OK because well its still more than 50% of all points but I thoguht my team could get all 12 points but I think its just a bit of unluck that my team wasn't getting all points.
My teams avrage goals per game was 1.75 so it's OK because my team is managing to score more than 1 goal per game.
My team on avrage has conceded 1.25 which is kinda OK but it could be better.

My team was playing quite well in Champions League against Celtic but what can I say Celtic is just a miles better than my team and I pleased that my team managed to draw away and lose by 1 goal at home. I wished my team played someone little bit worse because I was hopping that my team will try go to the group stage of CL.

As you can see my team knock out Feyeroord in 4th qualification round of Uefa Cup and go throguht into Group Stage which I think is really good because my team get extra money from the Cup and I already can tick one of my aims because I wanted to go into Group Stage of any European Cup and I am in it but it is really toguht group because there is Olympiacos, Tottenham and FC Groningen. I believe that my team can fight about 3rd place with FC Groningen but that will be really hard.


I really am pleased with my transfers and I think they could win this years Ekstraklasa again or at least to be in top 3 which is kinda my other aim for this season.

Jose Machuca:

Is one of players that I am really looking forward to play for my team.

League Table:

As you can see my team is currently in 4th place.
looks good so far mate, but some of the screenshots are not working? I use fmscouts file system and it always works bu if u can find another way to put the photos up then go ahead.
Mate, take a moment right there. Some advise:
  • You keep adding posts, while your previous ones have broken pictures - fix them!
  • Stop using the h1 tag, is not supposed to be everywhere - the topic title should be the only h1 here.
  • According to my latest announcement in the news, blogs cease to be about manager stories - so we keep the stories here only. However, you can utilize your storyteller status to write hints and ideas that can derive from your stories, but as in actual articles instead.
It's my fault that heading tags like h1 exist as options on the textarea menu, and also the bug with them overlapping the post box.

I wish I had one more Stam to fix everything faster, but I don't :(
Spetmber League Results:
Wisla 2-1

Legia 1-0

Lechia Gdansk 5-0

Korona Kielce 3-1

Polish Cup:
Start Otwock 2-2(6-5)

Uefa Cup:
Olympiacos 1-3
Tottenham 0-2

My team managed to win all games in the league so 12 points out of 12 which I think is really good because in this month my team played really good and they have won all 4 games which were played in the league which I believe never happend in Ekstraklasa so that's just brilliant.
My team has scored 11 goals in 4 games which is 2.75 goal per game which is just superb and my players can really finish their chances.
My team conceded 2 goals in 4 games which is 0.5 per game and I believe its best result which I got and its just brilliant because on avrage my team conceded lest than 1 goal per match.

I am pleased with news that my team has get go into 3rd round of the cup but it will be hard because in 3rd round my team will play Legia. My team in this match could play better but as long as they go throught I am happy.

Well I didn't thought my team will be crushed like this by Olympiacos. I mean I expected that my team will lose and even I think losing by 2 goals is good but Olympiacos just played miles better than my team and when my team scored I was really suprised.
Well lose against Tottenham is just kinda bad but I understand that Tottenham is a lot better than my team but if not a red card for on of my players my team could go home with a point.

League Table:
October League Results:
Lech 3-2

Ruch Chorzow 2-1

Belchatow 3-0

Cracovia 1-1

Polish Cup:
Legia 2-1

Uefa Cup:
FC Groningen 1-2

I am very pleased that my team managed to get throught to the quater-final of the Polish Cup and it is one step closer to one of my aims which is to get into at least semi-final so I am hoping that this will happend. My quater-final rival is Slask which I think is beatable team and I think my team should get throught to the semi-finals.

Well as you can see my team lost to FC Groningen which I thought my team would get some points but they played a lot better than I expected so its a shame and I just hope that in next match against them my team manage to get at least a point so I wouldn't end up at the bottom of the group with no points.

League Table:
November League Results:
Polonia Warszawa 2-1

Piast 4-2

Gornik Zabrze 1-0

Pogon 1-0

Uefa Cup:
FC Gronigem 2-1

So 12 points out of 12 which is a 100% record of winning this month in the league which is just brilliant that my team is managing to win every single game since October which I am very pleased with that. My team just played superbly this month and I am really pleased with win over Piast because my team manage to score 4 goals which is really hard to do.

I am pleased that my team managed to win over FC Gronigem because at least my team won't be knock out without any points and my team performed really well and most managers would be pleased with that.

League Table:
December League Results:
Gornik Leczna 1-1

Uefa Cup:
Olympiacos 1-3
Tottenham 2-1

Finally my good run of 4 games winning streak is run out by well not great performance in this match. I guess my team is considure lucky that they get away with a point and I think its good that my team managed to get that point.

Well my team has been knock out from the Uefa Cup so I am not that upset because I got in with really good team and I just pleased that my team manged to get some points and I quess that my team will have more luck if next season I will play in the European Competition and better players.

Uefa Cup Table:

League Table:

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