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FM2020 Epic Games version 20.4.2 doesn't load in Genie

"your game data is not found"
Started on 17 September 2020 by TheNewHobbes
Latest Reply on 18 September 2020 by Stam
Genie gives the "your game data is not found" when trying to load the save game data.

Epic Games have got FM2020 for free at the moment.
The version of the game is 20.4.2, the FM Genie Scout download page has the latest compatible version as 20.4.1.

Any Idea if Genie will be updated for the newer version?
Same problem
Same problem, is there any information about there will be a update for epic games version of game ?
Same problem here, any solution?
Same problem here.
I have the same problem, too bad there is not a way to manually load a save game file.
The reason why it is not working is because FM itself was actually updated just before release. So both on Steam and Epic versions of FMScout were updated. This means that both Genie and FMSE need to be updated to match the corresponding FM version update.

Both teams are working on the updates for Genie and FMSE and an update for both those programs should be out within the next couple of days.
Same with me as well,
This is because FMSE and Genie need to be updated in order to match the latest FM edition. The update occurred this morning and will now work with the latest version of FM and EPIC Games.
Genie Scout has been updated to work with 20.4.2 on both Steam and Epic.
Locking this now.

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