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Epic Games FM20 Update, FMSE now not working

Since the update an hour or two ago, it's not recognising the football manager version
Started on 23 September 2020 by PadraigPost
Latest Reply on 26 September 2020 by Stam
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As Above, FMSE no longer working due to, I believe, the update on Epic Games

Working fine yesterday but now getting the following error:

Failed to load Football Manager data: Could not find a compatible Football Manager version.
Author has been made aware of need for update - hopefully happens soon.
We should have an update by tonight. At least Thanos told me as much.
I just updated to the newest FMSE version and still have the same problem.

"Failed to load Football Manager data: Could not find a compatible Football Manager version."
@Cuenca: It should work with 20.4.3, unless SI rolled yet another public beta version and you've open to get public beta updates.
Make sure your FM20 is open and your save is loaded in it. Then try to read data with FMSE.
Yes, Epic have pushed out another update - it's now version 20.4.4 and FMSE and Genie both no longer work. I had upgraded both yesterday.
It's standard practice to need the game and the save open for it to read the files? I've been trying it with the game closed and open but not with the save open.

As to the new update from Epic, I'm still on 20.4.3 as best as I can tell (I can't tell how to see versions on Epic Games) as I turned off automatic updates. However, it seems that on Epic, you are forced to update if you want to play the game. I guess I need to wait for yet another update to FMSE to be able to use the editor. I'd have the game on Steam, but it was free on Epic Games at a time that coincided with my renewed interest in the game. I haven't played Football Manager since FM16.

Also, is there any pre-game editor besides the one that you get from Steam? I'd pay money for the pre-game editor, and I doubt I'm alone in that perspective. There may be an opportunity for a new editor as everyone who has the game through Microsoft and Epic apparently don't get access to the pre-game editor...not sure how tough it would be to build/adapt.

Edit: I'm really only interested in pre-game edits. I suppose editing that at the very start of the save would accomplish the same thing, but I don't really need a real-time editor.
do we have to wait until tomorrow?
Thanos was in the hospital yesterday for an operation. He's home today but recovering from anesthesia. He told me he'd try to update FMSE for 20.4.4 tonight if he was feeling better. If not, I suppose it will happen tomorrow.

@Cuenca Guy: There's no other pre-game editor besides the official one you can get from Steam as long as you own the game there. And there was no need for a third party one in the past because the game was only available on Steam up to FM19.

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