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FM application development

Started on 6 November 2010 by hellsgate
Latest Reply on 6 November 2010 by hellsgate
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Hey folks,

I've had an idea for an application which you can use to view how well a player is suited to particular roles and duties for the positions they are able to play. To do this I need to be able to access the save game database. Does anyone here know how I'd be able to that or point me in the direction of any resources which could help me?

Cheers for reading.
doesnt genie scout already do that?
Hey RedArmy,

Genie Scout doesn't do it in the way I'm talking about. What I mean is this: If I look at one of my strikers in the tactics screen and view the basic player information, some of their attributes are highlighted in different shades of blue,indicating which are important for the role and duty which is currently selected (eg role = Complete Forward, duty = Attack).When you change the role or duty, different attributes are highlighted. So I'd like to create an app which will give a quick total for each role / duty combination for every position that the player can play in. Obviously, to do this I need to be able to read the save game so I'm currently trying to find out how I can do that.

ah ok, well i think that is challenging to do i think. but you need someone who is very good at programming.
someone has already done this in a spreadsheet, but it required that you enter all the information of the player once which was time consuming then someone else did it that worked with Genie Scout 2010, but obviously I dont think that works with FM11.
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RedArmy - The most challenging bit (for me anyway) will be reading the save game, other than that its just basic data manipulation and aggregation. Might be time consuming, but not especially complicated. And the guys behind Genie Scout and FMRTE have managed to access the save game, so it can be done.

CrazyRach - That sounds interesting. Any idea where I could get a hold of that?
I believe this is the Excel file you are referring to:

In fact FMRTE cannot access the save game without having FM running. Only Genie Scout and FMSX (for MAC) are save game compatible and standalone. They are using certain parts of memory bits, but I don't know which ones exactly. Maybe Amy (littleblue, author of FMSX) could possible shed some light on this, since she is releasing FMSX opensource.
The spreadsheet can be downloaded here and there is a discussion about it on another forum here

The program that worked with Genie was here

I tried the top one last night and it seems to work....told me wayne rooney would be best as a target man, not sure how accurate that is but it was designed for FM10. The only problem is that it's time consuming having to enter all the data manually.
Thanks for sharing the links mate, I was personally unaware of them. Will add them in proper download pages later, if I don't drop dead by being awake for too long :)
Thanks for the links CrazyRach. I'll check them out and they may save me a good bit of work.

Stam - You're right about FMRTE, but if it comes to it then either method would be acceptable (accessing the save game, or accessing the game while its running). The open sourcing of FMSX could be really interesting though.

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