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Project_Stadium Athmosphere

better Sounds in the Game: real fan chants, goal Sound...
Started on 13 October 2020 by Luke_Shaw
Latest Reply on 9 December 2020 by Rob1878
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Hey Folks,

we are interesting in a new big Project.
My buddies are the Team, who worked so hard for the other Project "Match Engine Mod / Gameplay Mod"
i can tell you, so amazing changes works right now, so the next update Versions of the Mod, show you, amazing situation, to watch 3d Match with your Team...

we want, now, to open the second Project, for Sounds - "Stadien Atmosphere" ( Fan Chants, Goalsounds...)

We are looking for some People, who are interesting to work togehter, so we all are a Part of Big Things...
we are very enjoy, if someone with maybe Experiences with Audio and Programming answer and maybe have fun to work together?


Sorry for my English - i am German - but in the Discord Channel, a Translator is enabled, so no Problem, if you talk English, German or what ever..
Feel free to use any old sound patch I was involved with many years ago as a base for your own.

I can't any other help though I am afraid as I said it was years ago I was involved in anything sound patch related.

Keep up ther good work though guys
Luke_Shaw's avatar Group Luke_Shaw
3 yearsEdited
thanks very much for your answer.
Thanks for your approval.
We hoped, you have enjox and Motivation, for working togehter, to change the sound level in FM to new level...
Maybe, you think about that, and say: okay, lets see, what we can do together.
i am sure, if we find a way, to include more atmosphere ( like to change generic chants to fan chants to most of the teams ( combination with team id) - it wolud be help for FM20 - and for future FM.
i am sure, the motivation for many users gets higher, if thry know, they can play the FM with better Match Engine (Mod) and with amazing new Atmosphere, because - example: play with Liverpool and can hear in Match some Liverpool chants...
we hope, you think about that and want to help.
i am looking at some files, for changing the sound atmosphere in the FM Game..

in my game i had include this Mod at first:
i wrote with the Original Creator (DAZS8) and with the modified Creator (Lio):
both said, we can use them like basic...they wish us all the best

now, i look at that the "new" File: "simatchviewer-pc" - ( to find in: ...Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2020\data )
(what i have done?: i extract this with the tool "Resource Archiver") - side of the extracted Folder - 2,26 GB
inside, i find some folders - one for sounds...

my Part: sounds
in this mod, there is a sound folder - and inside many sounds (517 Files)
example: FM_tm_676_2.wav
is a fan chant from FC Liverpool
now i want to try, why is that inside the folder, but in the game not to hear?
maybe this works only with the combination with other files.
....:\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2020\data\simatch\events
inside that, two folders: match_events.xml and match_sounds.cfg
maybe it works, with set new lines in hear FM_tm_676_2.wav in the Game
maybe 676 is the Team ID from Liverpool...

Anyone who can help us to figure out, to make them working?
This would be amazing, the sounds in fm are generic and a bit rubbish, they need a massive overhaul
Hi, has any progress been made on this?

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