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Better Crowd Sounds for FM20

Original Patch for FM12 - FM14 by MBarbaric. Ported to FM15 by zzpiggy. Realistic Sound Patch by DazS8 and Bart. Modified by Lio.

By on Jul 23, 2020   43979 views   16 comments
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Downloads: 6588 / Size: 863.9 MB / Added: 2020-07-23
FM 2020 Other Files - Better Crowd Sounds for FM20
Modified from Original "FM16 Audio Commentary Patch". Removing the commentary and leaving the crowd sounds that are better than the original ones from the default game.

How to install Better Crowd Sounds for FM20

1. Exit FM20 Completely

2. Backup files: " match_events.xml " & " match_sounds.cfg " (located: Steam/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2020/data/simatch/events)

3. Backup the file: " simatchviewer-pc.fmf " (located: Steam/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2020/data)

4. Extract and Replace the "Better Crowd Sounds for FM20" download here: " Steam/steamapps/common "

5. Launch Game, "Clear Cache" and then "Reload Skin" and you are set to go :)

Just make sure that "Use sound in match" is ticked and "Volume" slide is high enough so you can hear it.


P.S.: Better late than ever... Enjoy!

Download Now
Downloads: 6588 / Size: 863.9 MB / Added: 2020-07-23
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" Lio's Tactics " and other stuff creator/modifier.

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Discussion: Better Crowd Sounds for FM20

16 comments have been posted so far.

  • Lio's avatar
    FM21 version available.
  • Lio's avatar
    FM21 version waiting to be approved by Admins.
  • StuartNG's avatar
    Hi there, I used this fan sound patch for FM20 and it added greatly to the 3D game. Are you hoping to put this out for FM21 too? I tried to follow the same format to see if it works with FM21 and it causes a crash at the game load up page. Many thanks, Stuart
  • Luke_Shaw's avatar
    are you working on Update the Patch? it would be cool..
  • bravetiger1998's avatar
    does it conflict with commentary mod?
  • manu007's avatar
    any idea how does it work for epic? I can´t found "common " folder
  • manu007's avatar
    any idea how does it work for epic? I can´t found "common " folder
  • team76's avatar
    Merci beaucoup ,
    thank you for your great work ;)
  • dirkhochheim's avatar
    Is there any point to add the commentary from the FM2019 file??? For me it has the most immersion! Thank you!!!
  • zarakicech's avatar
    I was very interested in the content, but with me it did not work , the interface was all messed up, the newges were white, and the matches had no sounds, has any update ? I am a creator of content in Brazil, and I would like to promote this content giving the credits to @Lio
  • Claudegeneva's avatar
    thank you.
  • dirkhochheim's avatar
    Thank you bro! There is a sound version with a english commentry aswell! Can you find this file and change it to a working version for FM 2020 too? Will be awesome, for me with the commentary is moft fun! Thx bro!
  • Lio's avatar
    @Buvver which FM did you installed this? FM20 or FM19?
  • redemptor's avatar
    I miss the commentary patch :(
  • Buvver's avatar
    This didn't work at all left me with a messed up interface I even switched back the old files and still get the blue face manager or white. and messed up colors at the boardroom when you sign.
  • wetfred's avatar
    Thank you, it adds a lot to the game.
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