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AMC working or not?

Started on 18 October 2020 by benn
Latest Reply on 18 October 2020 by YAMS
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Does anybody know how to get best from AMC?

Like attacking playmaker or attacking midfielder?

Best partners? Instrucions?
Depends what else you have around the role really. Formation, roles, tactical style, In Possession TI's... etc...

It's a hard position to get the most out of in FM20 ME no doubt but it can be done.
In tactic 4-2-3-1 for example,

Fb(att) CD( cover) BPD(stt) FB(att)

DLP(sup) BOX to box

IW(sup) AMC ( ap att or ap sup or am att or am sup....:D) IW(sup)

and AF

I tried to play bruno on amc but sometimes play really great but in most games he is really strugle.
What's your mentality/rest of your TI's.

Wide attacking width,
pass to space,
play out defense,
more direct passing,
higher tempo,
low crosses,
work ball into box
counter press
slow pace down,
distribute to centre backs,
roll it out,
much higher engagement,
standard defensive line,
prevent short gk distribution,
defensive width standard.
Oh god I don't know where to start first to be honest. So many counteracting instructions in here.

You're playing fast tempo direct football yet playing out of defence & distributing to CB's. Yet you have FBA's who need time to actually get up the pitch to be attacking. Totally contradictory instructions. All that will happen is your FBA's will take an attacking option of a long ball as you've asked them to do.

Work ball in to Box with high tempo & direct passing, very contradictory.

You have Pass in to Space yet you have no space to play due to your super high LOE, counter press & prevent distribution.

Too much room between your LOE & DL. Will only lead to your midfield & flanks being overrun.

Too much width, your formation provides natural width.

Roles wise your AMC & I'd argue your IFS's have little chance of making an impact. This system would be better with winger supports & two strikers. Even then you would have problems though.

A no.10 is a possession player, he needs the ball. Your tactic is high press high urgency, there's no time being taken. Everything is 100mph. I imagine you have A LOT of misplaced passes going on.

I can help you here if you like but you really need to clean slate & start again. You can get me in PM if you would like to discuss more.

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