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How to get better regens from a country?

Started on 9 November 2020 by Jabluvious
Latest Reply on 11 November 2020 by Jabluvious
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I'm doing a San Marino challenge and I'm starting to think it's just a waste of time. I never get decent regens from San Marino.
The club San Marino, which I'm of course managing, has top notch facilities, youth recruitment, staff. Yet the best I get is 2 stars potential, and even that is not common.

How can I have better Sammarinese regens?
Is it a reputation from San Marino thing? Maybe the national team? If so how do I increase the reputation?
Basically, I don't think there's a way you can do more in your game than you've already done, unless there's more than one Sammarinese club who's facilities you can upgrade. Pretty sure the only other way would have been to increase their Youth Rating using the pre-game editor.
That's a huge bummer. I loaded the Sammarinese league in but there's no way I can make them improve their football enough, unless I actually sign for one of those teams.

The San Marino challenge is a thing but I don't get why if it's impossible :(
I added an affiliation link with every single Sammarinese team, and I'll send them big money every year.
Also, I'll try to add some more money through transfers. I "rewarded" the champion with a 2.5M€ transfer, and the second with a 1.5M€ transfer.
My fear is that they won't do anything with it. And growing the entire league will take probably well over 10 years, considering a logical and intelligent improvement with all that money, which I highly doubt will happen.

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