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Started on 9 November 2010 by Anubis206
Latest Reply on 10 November 2010 by Casey Chaos
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Yet again, i swear every football manager i play my players are littered with injuries

Ive played 2 competitive matches and ive lost

Lucio - 3 months
Pandev - 4 months
Wijnaldum - 6 weeks
Dos Santos - 3 months

ridiculous! Everytime i start a new game on any FM i get at least 3 key players getting long term injuries

I dread what is going to happen next match all i need to do now is lose Sneijder and i will have no AMs left!!!

I open the season away to Lazio GREAT!

AHHH what do you know, Walter Samuel out for 5 weeks


NEW GAME, theres no way i can accept 6 injuries in 3 games, if they were knocks and things yeah ok but 6 fairly long term injuries is plain ridiculous
To be honest I think that's just really unlucky, who were the two matches against? Inter have a big enough squad anyway, you should have just had a go!
Yeah I agree that this is just unluck.
What type of injuries are they??

Occured in games or training??

Reason im asking is because it could be something to do with training too hard, therefore getting injuries.

Could be wrong.
well i remember since fm 09 they had a thing for downloaded games that they would suffer more injuries. but i think that was proven wrong.

it's all about luck, in real life same thing happens to certain managers. it's just about luck at times you get a few too many injuries. obviously if it is happening consistently then you might have to look at your training and schedule. you might be pushing the players through too much work. they are human beings after all.
Yea thats what i thought, But also as its been stated it could just be luck.

Anyway time for me to start my first propper season on the game now.

did your players pick up the injuries in training or in matches? as if it was in training you may be training your players too hard
There was an early issue with injuries in a previous FM (forget which) but 2011 seems to be fine, I've been quite fortunate to have very little problems with them but as you show it can easily go the other way. Very unlucky and hope your new game works out better.

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