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Current Ability

Feel free to discuss here how attributes affect the ability of players
Started on 3 December 2020 by CAE
Latest Reply on 13 March 2021 by Prejudice182
2021-01-05 17:05#280474 coolestrock :
2020-12-30 13:46#280305 CAE : @stanielwhale

Thanks for your comments!

The tool simply accepts an HTML document so if it's in the same format then I don't see why it won't work. I'll send you a FM21 HTML file so you can see the order.

However, there is no saying the weights are the same as FM21 (but I imagine they are similar).

For calibration purposes, would you mind sending a screenshot of the CA199 defender?

would it work for fm20 ?

Have updated the article with the additional squad views.

Please bear in mind the weightings may be different in different versions.
Hello, when I try to use the "Current Ability Calculator" I get the error message:

string(0) ""
Warning: Division by zero in /home/fmscout/public_html/datas/inc/current-ability-calculator.php on line 371

I use the Firefox web browser and I tried it on Edge and Chrome.

Thanks for letting us know.

This is usually caused by using a language other than English or a strange position combination for a player.

Do you play in English?

On the pitch view, is there a player listed in the top-left corner? If so, please post a screenshot and we can try and account for their position combination.

this tool is amazing, thank you for that great work.

The CA-calculator just works for positions, the player has already learned. Is there a possibility to calculate the CA for all positions (learned and unlerarned)? I would like to use it to plan the developement for young players an want to see, for which position the attributes are the best independent from the position, the plaer has learned.

Sorry for my bad englisch, but I hope you will undertsnd me.
Thanks for the writeup, I learned a lot about how the game rates players.

When I load the layout file for Genie, I get an out of index error. Any chance of a screenshot of the layout so I can build it myself?

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