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Club logo style idea

What kind of logo style you'd enjoy using the most
Started on 12 November 2010 by Stam
Latest Reply on 12 November 2010 by paul1576
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Every year there are various styles for logos introduced to the scene. For example we have metallic style, inc style, perspective style, etc.

I want to try a style of my own, so I prepared something in Photoshop, I'd love to see your comments and suggestions about it. If we agree to the style, I'll go ahead and produce the first pack for you.

To the left you see the original logo, and to the right my idea for the style. So here it is, version 1.0

Love it Stam, but it is me or is the badge on the lower right too bright? Apart from that I do like the finish.
It's not a bright light really, just faded. But yeah, on white background it seems like it. I will reduce the fading percent and try some minor improvements as well. Will post a revised version in a bit.
Stam's avatar Administrators Stam
13 yearsEdited
Second version, increased the opacity for the faded parts and played a bit with luminosity.

Comments please :)
dont know if its me but am seeing very little difference other than a touch of blurryness or shading or something lol perhaps a bit more of a drastic change to the new look for it to make it worth while. Be cool if it could have a wave effect so it looked more like a flag say or a 3d logo style?
I explained the changes was decreasing the fading and play with luminosity; not a drastic change at all. I'm not sure as to what kind of change I should apply to make it worthwhile, but certainly I wouldn't want to add any odd extra layers to the design. Could try a perspective though...
Cool! Do you know any free packages i could get my hands on so i could have a play myself mate?
I think now its better .
Free packages of what? Original club logos? Or image editing programs?
I think it would be nice for imagine editing programs.
You can try GIMP or Paint.NET. They are both free and decent.
OK mate.
Stam's avatar Administrators Stam
13 yearsEdited
Here's a slightly tilted version...

But apparently, I decided to go with this simple soft touch version...

I will try produce the first pack for German Bundesliga and depending on people's reaction to that, I will continue with more packs.
I like the soft touch version, its not too "in your face" if you know what I mean, nice and subtle.
Tilted version looks cool. Got paint but ill have to try gimp thanks.

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