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Unable to Expand / Build new staidum

Started on 26 January 2021 by GFarrell
Latest Reply on 29 January 2021 by GFarrell
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Im currently managing work in 2027. The board keep refusing to expand the stadium and Council have rejected plans to build a new one. I currently have over $200 mill in the bank, and capacity is always 100%. im in the champions league now after finishes 3rd last season. This is really starting to hold me back. Is there any way i can get them to expand or build a new stadium?
Save the game and go for broke by talking to the board.
Cant do. Not even an option to request.
I must admit that's really weird. I know the option will disappear for a time after you've had a rejection. It is possible the board may build a new stadium of their own at some point when they reach the conclusion you can't go any further without it.
That's my thinking. I'm in December 2027 now, so hopefully at the end of this season the option comes back again. That will mean 3 straight premier league seasons.
I think you get a new stadium every 20 years, so do you know the build date of the current stadium you have?
The current build date and expansion capacity of your current stadium could be holding you up. I spent 10+ years on two separate saves (Fiorentina & Manchester United) trying to get a new stadium and it never happened. Staying in the CL / EPL is probably more important, as you gain fans (I think you need more fans than capacity, so being 100% full doesn't mean as much) it will put pressure to build a new stadium.
Built date is 2019. I know about the 20 year built but Im below the minimum capacity allowed for the premier league. I had a stadium approved but then the Council rejected it. Now seems like i cant do any new requests on expansion or a new build.

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