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Echo of Glory -- Tottenham Hotspur

Started on 2 February 2021 by Spurs1882
Latest Reply on 3 March 2021 by TheLFCFan
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Breaking News:

Jose Mourinho has been sacked by Tottenham Hotspur. The full report is attached. Jose Mourinho had been in the job since November 20, 2020, but has not done enough to convince Daniel Levy to keep him.

Daniel Levy:
We were extremely reluctant to make this change and it is not a decision the Board has taken lightly, nor in haste. It falls to the Board to make the difficult decisions - this one made more so given the many memorable moments we have had with Jose and his coaching staff - but we do so in the Club's best interests.

Daniel gives us some insight into the decision in a heartfelt message that was copied verbatim from his statement about the firing of a certain Mauricio Pochettino. If nothing else, the man is consistent.

Who will the club hire? Read the report and stay tuned.


Opening Presser

*And so Bill Nicholson returns through the gates, sits down, and with a cheeky grin, kicks off with Ellis Bryant of The Coaches' Voice*

What does it feel like to return as Tottenham manager?

I have always said that it is an honour to serve Tottenham Hotspur and I feel the same every time I walk back into the stadium.

Nathan Buthelezi -- SPORTbible: You stand here today unveiled as the new Tottenham manager. As a big fan of the club, and as a former manager and player of the club, surely this must be a dream come true?

It's been my life, Tottenham Hotspur and I love the club. I can't stop smiling.

Ryan Jones -- The Blizzard: Would you like to say anything to the Tottenham fans?

We must always consider our supporters, for without them there would be no professional football. It would be better to have more fans watching football the way they like it played, rather than have a few fans watching football the way we would like it played.

Dmitry Gavrilov -- Goal: What are you aiming for this season?

It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory.

Mark Patterson -- Sky Sport News: What will be your approach on the training ground?

We'll work hard. I believe if you don’t have to drag yourself off the field exhausted after 90 minutes, you can’t claim to have done your best. Some managers talk about intelligence. Intelligence doesn’t make you a good footballer. Oxford and Cambridge would have the best sides if that were true. It’s a football brain that matters and that doesn’t usually go with an academic brain. In fact I prefer it when it doesn’t. I prefer players not to be too good or clever at other things. It means they concentrate on football.

P. Partridge -- It is often said that different managers favour different competitions. Will you be concentrating primarily on getting good results in the Premier League?

I'm focused on all competitions. I want to win everything. If you don’t win anything, you have had a bad season.

Press Officer Dan: Thanks everyone, that'll be all today.

Bill Nicholson has returned.
Not just returned to Spurs but from the dead it seems! :D Good luck!

North London Clear-Out: Part I

Barely a day into the job, and Bill Nicholson has reportedly put between 6-10 Spurs players up for sale! Not to mention, he is also considering the futures of certain loaned in players. Our correspondent Alasdair Gold provides us some of Bill's insight from Hotspur Way, starting with his view on our Goalkeeper situation

Hugo Lloris

One of the more shocking things that has happened upon Nicholson's arrival is that he stripped Hugo Lloris of the captain's armband, opting in favor of Harry Kane. While he retained Lloris as his Vice-Captain, perhaps this is signaling the end of the French Captain's time at Tottenham. With his contract expiring in 2022, and being 33 years old, do not be surprised if Spurs try to sign a goalkeeper for the future before offloading the 8 year Tottenham veteran.

Verdict: I do not foresee Lloris to be sold this summer, but I also do not think his contract will be extended. This may be a farewell season for the Frenchman, Hugo!

Joe Hart

Joe Hart has just arrived on a Free to North London, but Nicholson already thinks that his talent is diminished. The former England number one had come in to presumably offer a Homegrown talent to the squad, whilst taking over for Paulo Gazzaniga as Spurs' number two. This would have both offered a Homegrown talent and taken away a foreign player use, but Nicholson seems to only care about talent. Apparently, either Hart or Gazzaniga (maybe both), will be gone before the end of the window.

Verdict: If Spurs find a replacement for Lloris, there is a real possibility that both Hart and Gazzaniga are offloaded. Additionally, Spurs are interested in promoting their youth talent, Alfie Whiteman, to be their number 3 this season. If Spurs do not find a replacement for Lloris, Nicholson has a choice to make: Hart or Gazzaniga? One will surely go.

Paulo Gazzaniga

Paulo Gazzaniga has been a terrific servant to the club. Multiple times he has had to fill in for an injured Hugo Lloris, and the fans have admired his professionalism. He is viewed as a competent backup keeper by many, except crucially, by Bill Nicholson. The 28 year old Argentinian has not convinced the man from Yorkshire, and is most likely being sold this summer. With Nicholson looking to enter the market for a Starting Keeper, and with youngster Alfie Whiteman likely being promoted, Gazzaniga will surely be on the chopping block.

Verdict: While this is harsh, this is the reality of the squad. Foreign player spots are limited, and should not be wasted on a backup keeper. Gazzaniga is not needed at Spurs, and Nicholson does not rate him. I expect him to be gone early in the summer.

Alfie Whiteman

As part of the club's vision, Bill is trying to promote academy prospects to the first team. At goalkeeper, this appears to be Alfie Whiteman. With a contract extension to 2023 imminent, Whiteman will be spending time in the first team this year, likely as a number 3. Hopefully, he will get opportunities to impress in Europa League games.

Verdict: Fans always love to see an academy player make his journey into the first team. They'll be delighted with this decision from Nicholson. Although he is only going to be the third-choice keeper, if Spurs cruise through the Europa League, expect him to get some time to impress.

That's it for Part I, stay tuned for Part II of North London Clear-Out, featuring the defense. I'm Alasdair Gold, signing off.
Interesting team choice! I'll be disappointed if Hart is let go........if anything, Lloris should be gone and Hart be the number 1
Best of luck mate. Looking forward to seeing some of the potential plans for the squad in the coming updates.
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North London Clear-Out: Part II

Continuing on from yesterday's briefing about the Goalkeeper situation, our correspondent Alasdair Gold is here to bring news from Hotspur Way about the gaffer's views on the Defensive situation.

Matt Doherty

The Doherty signing certainly raised a few eyebrows from the press when he joined Spurs from Wolves this summer. Was this a shrewd acquisition or another backup caliber player that Spurs have added to their squad? A former Arsenal fan turned Spurs? Spurs faithful also had a few questions.

The new gaffer, however, sees no reason to send Doherty away so soon. It is believed that he prefers Doherty to fellow right-back Serge Aurier, and with Kyle Walker-Peters being sold to Southampton, the gaffer needs options on that side of the defense.

Verdict: Spurs may still be in the market for a right-back, but that will likely not hold any bearing on Doherty's position in the squad. If no new right-backs come in, expect Doherty to be the starter at that position.

Serge Aurier

Serge Aurier has failed to win over Spurs fans during his 3 years at the club. A deadline day signing in 2017, Aurier was hoped to be a suitable replacement for the outgoing Kyle Walker. 3 years later, he had failed to win a spot over Kieran Trippier, and now looks set to lose the job to the incoming Matt Doherty. Perhaps this is a sign of a farewell.

Verdict: Fans have generally been incensed by Aurier's defensive gaffes, and the boss is certainly aware of his lapses. If a new right-back is brought in, I would not be surprised if the Ivorian went outwards through the revolving door.

Eric Dier

Spurs' Faithful:
I love Eric Dier, Eric Dier loves me. I LOVE ERIC DIER! ERIC DIER LOVES ME!!

Also Spurs' Faithful:
Dier is a f***in' tw*t
Eric Dier's Spurs tenure has had its share of highs and lows. When initially purchased from Sporting Lisbon, Spurs fans loved him (a young, English center-back who learned technically in Portugal and cost only 4 million? Steal). His debut saw him snag the winner as a 10 man Tottenham team beat West Ham in Mauricio Pochettino's first game in charge. The fans loved him immediately.

In Pochettino's second season, Dier shifted to central midfield, and fans were loving his versatility. Spurs were able to shift between a 3-4-3 and a 4-2-3-1 with Dier on the field. He was a Swiss-Army Knife positionally, and it made a significant impact on the pitch.

With the arrival of Victor Wanyama, however, Dier's career started to go downhill. His lack of what should have been a "Portuguese honed technical ability" was conspicuous. His erratic behavior on the pitch was incomprehensible. His connection with the fans subsequently diminished.

That has been the story. Mourinho tried to instill him back as a starting center-back, but his defensive displays have been inconsistent. Time is running out, will Nicholson trust him?

Verdict: Nicholson will probably keep hold of Dier. The Yorkshiremen loves a classic English center-half that puts in a nasty tackle now and again. Expect Dier to stay on board, even if a new center-back comes in.

Toby Alderweireld

Spurs' Faithful:
Toby, Toby Toby, Toby Toby, Toby ALDERWEIRELD! Jan Jan, Jan Jan Jan Jan, Jan Jan Jan Jan, Jan Jan Jan VERTONGHEN!

Toby. What a class player. It will be his first season without his Belgian counterpart, Jan Vertonghen, but he is considered by many to be Spurs' best center-back. The trouble is, with Toby being 31, should Spurs be backing Alderweireld to be their main man? Or should they wear in some new talent?

Verdict: Either which way, Toby will have a major part to play in Spurs' defense this year. With Vertonghen gone, Foyth and Carter-Vickers out on loan, and only Eric Dier and Davinson Sanchez as "experienced" center-backs in the squad, Spurs cannot afford to not play the Belgian. New partnerships and signings may be made, but Alderweireld will be integral to Spurs' success this season.

Davinson Sanchez

Expensive. An expensive mistake, no doubt. 42 million pounds, 3 seasons, and unfulfilled potential. Davinson was supposed to be the young talent from Ajax who made it big for Spurs for years to come. His athleticism was noted in the Europa League run to the final against Manchester United.

We probably should have waited or tried to sign De Ligt at that stage. Sanchez has been underwhelming and has failed to convince. With 2 years remaining on his contract, his time is running out to prove himself to the club.

Verdict: I see Sanchez staying for one more year as cover, but if two central defenders come in (which is somewhat possible), he could be leaving. Nicholson sees him as the least important of his center-backs, and with Sanchez occupying a foreign player spot, his departure is anticipated within 12 months.

Japhet Tanganga

This, of all things, was Mourinho's bright spot during his dark tenure. Tanganga, a physical specimen, a Spurs man through and through. Fans love it when an academy prospect makes his debut. Tanganga played in some important games, and certainly made an impression. His signing of a new deal until 2025 was heartwarming.

Verdict: Nicholson will be giving Japhet his chances. Having played in some big games (against Liverpool for one), he is ready for more than just a Europa League runout. Expect to see Tanganga more often.

Joe Rodon

A new signing (tipped by a certain Gareth Bale to succeed) from Swansea City. Spurs fans are intrigued by the arrival, and hope Rodon can make an impact. He's a young Welsh lad who has a lot to prove after a promising start to his career in the Championship.

Verdict: We will see Rodon used and given a chance by the new man. Do not expect a ton of time, but he should get a decent amount of game time for his first full season.

Sergio Reguilon

Sergio Reguilon was linked to Manchester United this summer. In classic Jose style, Spurs swooped in and stole the signing. With Bill Nicholson in charge, what will happen to the Spaniard?

Verdict: Expect him to be the starter at left-back. Training reports have indicated that Nicholson is infatuated with Reguilon's high paced play, and that he will be an integral part of an attacking Spurs side.

Ben Davies

Ben Davies has been a long serving Spurs servant, and is still only 27! While many fans are aware that Davies has a ceiling, he is a good squad player, someone who can rotate in reasonably well and give the starters a rest. Jose had started using him as a third center-back in a back three (similar to what he does for Wales), so it will be interesting to see what Nicholson will do with the Welshman.

Verdict: Davies will provide cover for Reguilon this year. An experienced hand in the locker room, I imagine Davies will be ever the servant at Spurs for some time. He may never be the starter, but he is a solid backup to have.

Danny Rose

What a mess. It all started with the bombshell interview with The Sun in 2017. After 9 months out with a nasty injury, a player that was once considered amongst the best left-backs in the Prem had started a revolt at Tottenham. It left a nasty feeling at the club, and his return was never the same. Since then, it has been every fans' dream to get rid of the player. A nuisance to the club after an interview like that.

Danny Rose:
Anything on Milan?

No, nothing on Milan you tw*t.

Verdict: Nicholson wants him out, simple as that. He does not have any place in the team, and his attitude is only a negative for the club.

Dennis Cirkin

Cirkin is a young academy prospect that Nicholson is looking to promote. The 18 year old English/Irishman will be training with the first team squad. It's an exciting time for the young man, and Spurs fans will be eager to see him in action.

Verdict: This is the second academy man that Nicholson himself will promote (along with Alfie Whiteman). Similar to Whiteman, expect Cirkin to get time in the Europa League group stage (assuming we make it that far). Training with the first team is a solid step for him.

That's it for Part II, stay tuned for Part III of North London Clear-Out, featuring the midfield. I'm Alasdair Gold, signing off.
nice idea clean all the team
We could potentially see a few moves here. I'm looking forward to seeing players like Joe Rodon be given minutes over the course of the campaign.

North London Clear-Out: Part III

Continuing on from yesterday's briefing about the Defensive situation, our correspondent Alasdair Gold is here to bring news from Hotspur Way about the gaffer's views on the Midfield situation.

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg

15 million for a Bayern product who excels as a defensive midfielder. A perfect signing this summer, Hojbjerg will surely be given the opportunity to impress in a starting position

Verdict: Spurs may be in the market for another midfielder, but do not expect that to take away Hojbjerg's place in the team. He is here for the long run.

Harry Winks

Spurs Fans:
He's one of our own, he's one of our own! Harry Winks, he's one of our own!

While the song is more frequently used with Harry Kane, when Winksy gets his rare goal, he gets his turn at the song. However, this appreciation from the stands is as rare as Winks' goal tally. The new boss and the Tottenham supporters are on the same page, Winks just does not have the quality for this level.

Verdict: Spurs will be shopping Winks during this window. The question is, will Levy play hardball on the sell-on fee? If that's the case, it may be difficult selling the midfielder.

Harvey White

Take note: This is the third youngster being called up to the first team squad by Nicholson. It is believed that the new boss wants to see Harvey in action with the first team, considering him to be Hojbjerg's understudy this season. What's shocking is that Harvey's addition to the first team is spelling the end of Harry Winks' Spurs career!

Verdict: Youth, youth, youth. This seems to be Nicholson's M.O. Reportedly, Nicholson wants to recreate Tottenham into an "English Ajax". Trying to top the Southampton model ay?

Tanguy Ndombele

Tanguy is quality. After a first season in which he lacked fitness, Mourinho (to his credit), brought Ndombele up to speed. Now, it is time for him to be the driving force of this Spurs' midfield, and Nicholson is more than eager to get to work with him

Verdict: Tanguy Ndombele was brought in by Pochettino to be the replacement to Mousa Dembele. He has the skillset, it remains to be seen if he has the physicality that Dembele possessed. Either way, if Ndombele shows the skill on the ball that Mousa had, that can only be a positive.

Giovani Lo Celso

With Mourinho's tactics rarely involving a proper number 10, Ndombele and Lo Celso rarely saw the field at the same time. That will change under Nicholson. While Bill understands the need to win, he also sees the need to win well. Expect Lo Celso and Ndombele to be working together this year.

Verdict: If Lo Celso can fill the creative void left by Christian Eriksen, this Spurs team can start rolling again. A rebuild was needed, and if Ndombele and Lo Celso fill the gaps that Dembele and Eriksen left, that will be a tremendous start.

Moussa Sissoko

Park Lane Tottenham:
Oooh Moussa Sissoko, Ooooh Moussa Sissoko!

If Mousa Dembele were "silk and steel", Moussa Sissoko is "clumsy steel". He is a physical force on the field, but his technical ability leaves a lot to be desired. Originally purchased from Newcastle after a successful Euro 2016, Sissoko was seen by fans as a right midfielder/winger who should produce offensively. That was definitely not the case. What occurred though under Pochettino was a transition to central midfield, which beefed up the Tottenham team. While Sissoko has not produced much, he has helped filled gaps defensively and has made himself a useful servant for the club.

Verdict: Nicholson respects the work that Sissoko does for the team on the pitch, and recognizes that he is influential in the locker room. He will be using Sissoko this season, but that does not mean he is unaware of certain facts. Sissoko is 31, his contract expires in 2023. While Sissoko won't be shopped around, do not be surprised if Nicholson looks for Sissoko's future replacement during this transfer window.

That's it for Part III, stay tuned for Part IV of North London Clear-Out, featuring the attack. I'm Alasdair Gold, signing off.
Good to see that Nicholson is entrusting a number of young players alongside some of the bigger names like Ndombele and Lo Celso.

North London Clear-Out: Part IV

Continuing on from yesterday's briefing about the Midfield situation, our correspondent Alasdair Gold is here to bring news from Hotspur Way about the gaffer's views on the Attacking situation. You may have noticed that loan-in/loan-out players have not been included as of yet. They will have their time in Part V -- The Finale of North London Clear-Out.

Lucas Moura

He was the hero in Amsterdam. No matter what he does for the rest of his Spurs career, the fans will cherish him for that moment. Most fans agree that he should've started in Madrid, but alas, it was not to be. What is true though, is that while he was the main man in the famous Champions League run, he has not earned a starting spot in our Premier League squad. Can he turn those fortunes around.

Verdict: It seems that Nicholson still thinks of Lucas as nothing more than a squad player. He is not shopping him around, but he is not thinking he is the solution either. Expect Lucas to stay, but in a more limited role.

Jack Clarke

Clarke was a strange signing. He was not a starter under Bielsa at Leeds, and Pochettino did not want him at Spurs. Fans and pundits alike questioned the decision. With Bergwijn also coming in, what does Clarke's path to the first team look like?

Verdict: Nicholson appears to admire Clarke, but realizes that his path to playing time is blocked at the moment. It is likely that he will be sent on loan to a Championship club for the season, but that does not mean that Nicholson won't use him in the future.

Erik Lamela

Lamela was supposed to be Bale's replacement. It has not worked out that way. The feisty Argentinian has not had a consistent run of form in the Spurs side since his arrival, and with him being 28, it's make or break for "Coco" this season.

Verdict: Expect Lamela to be put up for sale this summer. Nicholson does not see him as the long term starter, and certainly rates Bergwijn and Moura above him. A disappointing end for an underwhelming player seems imminent.

Dele Alli

Shelf Side Tottenham:
We've got Alli. Dele Alli. I JUST DON'T THINK YOU UNDERSTAND! He only cost 5 mill, he's better than Ozil, we've got Dele Alli!

How good those times were. Dele came upon the scene from MK Dons like a wrecking ball, and was an English Muller of sorts when he first announced his arrival. Then, teams figured him out. He was not nearly as prolific, and his moments of quality faded. What to do with this 24 year old now?

Verdict: With Lo Celso in as a potential number 10, and with other options available in the position, Dele might be shopped this window with an eye towards raising funds. Spurs may hope to balance the squad better by selling the former PFA Youth Player of the Year and purchasing options in defense.

Steven Bergwijn

Bergwijn was a surprise January 2020 addition to the squad. With many players already in the wide positions, to add Bergwijn seemed excessive. However, he may become a key cog. Able to play on either wing, Bergwijn is a pacey player, who starts the season only 22 years of age. Given time, he may become an important player for Nicholson

Verdict: If Bergwijn can recapture the form he had at PSV, Spurs have a bargain on their hands. 25 mill for that sort of player is money well spent. Nicholson seems like he wants to give the Dutchman a punt, which doesn't help the future of a certain Erik Lamela.

Son Heung-Min

Park Lane Tottenham:
Nice one Sonny, nice one Son, nice one Sonny, let's have another one!

Son is a lovely player. His speed and his joy on the ball are wonderful to watch. The wonder solo goals against Burnley and Chelsea should be on replay at the Enfield training center 24/7. Nicholson loves him as well, and will be using him very frequently in a four competition season.

Verdict: Son is Nicholson's starter on the left wing, no doubt about it. He'll be hopeful to sign him to a new deal as well.

Harry Kane

This man is Spurs through and through, and may be the best player in the history of Spurs. Now it is time to help him win a trophy. How will Nicholson do that?

Verdict: Keeping him happy, healthy, and playing. Nicholson knows that Kane is the talisman, a special player. He is now the captain of the club, and the one Nicholson will lean on for years to come.

That's it for Part IV, stay tuned for the finale, Part V of North London Clear-Out, featuring the loan players. I'm Alasdair Gold, signing off.
Nice updates mate! Slightly surprised to see Alli on the chopping block but can see why!
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North London Clear-Out: The Finale

Welcome to the final installment of our feature: North London Clear-Out. Our correspondent Alasdair Gold is here to bring news from Hotspur Way about the gaffer's views on loaned-in/loaned-out players at the club (Senior team only).

Juan Foyth

Juan Foyth is currently on loan at Villarreal. There is a strong possibility he leaves next summer. With Alderweireld, Dier, Sanchez (who may be on his way out), Tanganga, and Rodon above him in the pecking order, as well as the possibility that another center-back will come in, Nicholson will probably not be looking too deeply into Foyth's performances this season.

Verdict: Foyth had been erratic during his Spurs career. Poch tried him at right-back and center-back, but he was always arrogant in possession and would get in trouble. Nicholson will not put up with that. Expect this to be an awkward swansong for the Argentinian.

Cameron Carter-Vickers

Carter-Vickers was given the kiss of death by our Magician Mauricio. Poch had said that Carter-Vickers was a future stud in the Premier League, but since then he has fell out of favour at Spurs. Now he is on loan at Bournemouth, with his contract expiring in June.

Verdict: Nicholson sees no point in toying around with Carter-Vickers. Expect him to leave for free at the end of the season.

Ryan Sessegnon

The signing from Fulham has been sent on loan to Hoffenheim. He was touted as a replacement for Danny Rose, but found his playing time limited under Pochettino and Mourinho. How will Nicholson handle the youngster?

Verdict: Unlike Carter-Vickers and Foyth, Nicholson is very interested in Sessegnon. After this season, Nicholson expects to use Sessegnon as competition for Sergio Reguilon. A pacey wing-back, Sessegnon was often considered too attacking for Mourinho's style. Nicholson wants exactly that, attacking.

Oliver Skipp

Oliver Skipp is out on loan at Norwich City currently. He has had sporadic starts at Spurs over the past few seasons, but how will his development continue when he returns to his parent club?

Verdict: Nicholson views Skipp as someone who can learn a lot from Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg. In fact, that is what he sees as Skipp's natural position, a defensive minded midfielder. Expect Skipp to come back and get plenty of chances in the first team.

Gedson Fernandes

Gedson was brought in on loan in January 2020 from Benfica. He has rarely made starts for Spurs, and some question the purpose of this loan move.

Verdict: Among the aforementioned "some" is Spurs' main man Bill Nicholson. Gedson has no place in his squad. Expect him to leave by the end of the season back to Benfica.

Jack Roles

Jack Roles is a central midfielder whose contract expires in June. He is currently on loan at Burton. Will he sign a new contract? Does Nicholson see a need for him?

Verdict: In short, no. Roles does not have a role to play in this team, and the Cypriot will most likely leave for free at the end of the season.

Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale was born to play for Spurs. Remember THAT 2012-13 season? What an unbelievable year and what a remarkable return. However, after being frozen out for the past two seasons at Real Madrid, does Bale still have it in him to ignite Spurs? Will it be enough to convince Nicholson to retain him?

Verdict: This is a tough one. The club loves Bale, but he is aging and his wages are monstrous. Nicholson will definitely be using him in his lineup this year, but will he push for a permanent transfer? At this stage, that is not likely. On the left wing, Spurs will start Son, and have Bergwijn as a suitable backup with Sessegnon as a prospect for next year. On the right, Spurs will probably start Bale this season, and have Moura, Lamela (who is transfer listed), and Bergwijn as suitable backups with Jack Clarke as a prospect. With Bale being 31, Spurs might see an opportunity to try and sign a younger right-winger next summer, and leave the current squad depth (sans Lamela) as is. Unless Bale can reproduce the magic he possessed, expect this to be a one season farewell tour.

Carlos Vinicius

Carlos Vinicius was brought in this summer on loan from Benfica to be a backup striker to Harry Kane. Will he have a long term future at the club.

Verdict: This deal is depending on Dele Alli's status at the club. While currently, Alli is transfer listed, Nicholson has admitted that there may not be many buyers in the current market. If that is the case, Alli's status may be reevaluated. Nicholson has always thought of Alli as a shadow striker, and may be inclined to use Alli as Kane's understudy. If Alli stays put, expect Vinicius to return to Benfica at the end of the season. If Alli leaves, Vinicius will most likely be brought in permanently.

Troy Parrott

The 18 year old Irish striker is currently on loan at Millwall. He has been tipped for a bright future, but has yet to make significant steps in the Spurs first team. What will his future hold?

Verdict: Nicholson rates Parrott very highly. Upon his return from Millwall, he will be featuring more for Spurs, without a doubt. Expect Parrott to gain some Championship experience and come back learning directly under academy man Harry Kane.

Thanks for tuning into North London Clear-Out. The start of the season is almost upon us, and Mr. Nicholson is ready to let the boys fly. Tune back next time, I'm Alasdair Gold finally signing off.
I enjoyed those features. A simplistic summary of what to perhaps expect over the coming months. Looking forward to seeing the wheels in action now.

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