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Well this forum is empty so lets start to dish out some FM advice!!
Started on 13 November 2010 by paul1576
Latest Reply on 21 November 2010 by paul1576
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Yes as this forum is empty I think its about time we gave some tips and advice.

1 - Do remember to have some sleep - you need sleep.
2 - Do remember to eat - you need food.
3 - Do remember to go to work - you need money.
4 - Do remember your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend - You need her/him - well i think you do?
5 - Do remember your children - they need you.
6 - Do remember to pay the bills - the electricity bill is very important.
7 - Do remember to save your game often in case of a power shut down or crash.
8 - Do not! drink and play Fm - can only lead to you getting the sack!
9 - Do not let the media get to you - they are not worth it!!
10 - Try not to get too stressed - many good managers have ended up in hospital - be warned.
Numbers 1 and 8 are so true, the amount of all-nighters FM has forced me into... especially on the first day I get it.
When Im hucked playing its like there aren't points 1 to 8
haha i so wish I could just forget everything and play but like now no time to play have me kids to pick up.
paul could you please try not to make thread titles in only capitals? thank you/Red
i know mate i appolagised to stam via private message i have a habit of doing it on other sites soz mate. SORRY oops capitals again haha
i agree with them all lol and can any1 help me i need to get some gd players that wood come 2 blue squir north or south if u no any msg me plz thanx
Good list!!!

Personally I find as long as I Abide by rule 4 she will:

Make sure I get to bed.
Feed Me
Make Sure I go to work - She needs money, I have FM
Pay the bills
Interrupt me often enough triggering my built in "Save upon interruption" mechanism
Bring me more beer - but make sure Im not toooo drunk to play.
9 and 10 - she will laugh her ass off at me if I get cranky at a computer game, but so long as I do a good job of number 4 she will play nurse and make sure the stress levels dont get too high..
Nice one mate I think it haha!!

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