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LOSC Lille Chasing the Sucess

Started on 6 February 2021 by deadzpool
Latest Reply on 28 March 2021 by deadzpool
LOSC Lille Chasing the Sucess

Lille had an unforgettable year when they won the French League for the first time in history in 2011 also had a squad for that with Eden Hazard being a key member of the team, the good old days of Eden Hazard.

After that Lille had a negative phase almost being relegated from the first league, but now it is important to look ahead and think about new goals with a new and talented team Lille have the necessary qualities to fight for the title and for Europe.

Claude Makelele new coach of Lille
Former Chelsea legend of French football prepares to take the big step in his career by taking over as coach of Lille.

In this transfer market we bought a CB, there was no need to make a big investment in the team because it is already quite strong but in the near future and I need to try to buy a good area.
We will also try to give opportunities to young players of the formation being one of the team's policies.

Garay (free)

Promoted Youth
Edson Ceita 19y
Abou Conde 20y

Our main tactic will be the 4-2-3-1 based on the style of Bayer Munich an offensive possession game will be our main style of play and as a secondary tactic we will use the 4-4-2 gegepresing style because the French teams do not pressure greatly favoring our style of play.

Well, until now, this season has been incredible, we managed to qualify in the Europa League. We are in second place in the league in direct competition with PSG so this is a very interesting season.

Can Lille be champion in France?
Lille is being a sensation in the league, the team that was fighting not to go down 2 years ago are now fighting for the French title is being a very interesting competition, will PSG lose points or Lille will withstand the pressure and fight to the end?

You are flying! Great start to the season, time to end the PSG dominance.
Losing Gas
It was going to be an interesting fight for the title, but unfortunately we lost the gas because of the injuries and we had a lot of casualties. On top of that, the players had problems with the tactics, I thought they liked the intensity, but after all they wanted the tiki-taka.

We had the defeat in the French Cup against a third league team in which we lost on penalties, we had a 1-1 draw with Reims that complicated the title run after we had 7 games in a month and a 1-1 draw with AS Monaco that left us out of the race, but despite everything interesting to see a team like ours in the race.

Season review

It was an excellent season, we had above expectations despite having a young team with a lot of potential and some experienced players managed to finish 2nd in front of Marseille.
We managed for several players to have important roles in the team and we managed for 6 players of the formation in the main team which is a great achievement.

We managed to break the record of points and victories in one season so the next one will be exciting!

SEASON 2021-22

New goals, it will not be easy, but it takes a lot of effort on the part of the team. There were many outings of players that are of no use to the team. We will try to have a consistent season and play good football and develop new players this season, we will have new players from the team will have the opportunity to play in the main team.


This market needed to strengthen the defense because of the aging of the players to have players over 30 years old and difficult to play with pressure so I bought Zlatan in defense format and the loan from Ronald Araújo except that it was not necessary to buy anyone else, we sold who did not it was necessary and I think the team is strong and prepared to fight for the title, being almost impossible.


Possession of the ball will be the priority at the time we had more than 9 injuries because of the high pace so this year we will play the slow pace tiki-taka style, but never using the same formation we will have formations, but vary during the season because of wear and good be printable.

Well, until now, the season has been going well, we could have qualified for the next phase in the Champions League, but we are in the Europa League taking second place and a lot of tactical consistency, and the defeats we had were almost that we could have won.

Always been a big fan of the organisation of LOSC, hope they can win the title this year, but the points are narrow
Season Review

Well it ends with us as last season we got a positive result in the europe league where we lost with AC Milan, but despite everything it was a positive season it is not easy to fight with a giant like PSG and I need time and reinforcements so next season we will try to be more consistent we were good we managed to score a lot of goals and defend well the contraction of the ring was excellent, but we need to try to be more solid and believe more.

So the fight continues next season.
A very good season to attain a 2nd placed finish, although a shame that you couldn't bring yourselves closer to PSG. The next few years are big ones for Lille!
SEASON 22-23

New era the same goal, we have to try. Says the Lille coach who has just renewed until 2026, Makelelism as it is known has put Lille in a very interesting position with the development of players like Jonathan David, Edson ceita, Ikone etc. it was one of the reasons for Makelele's renewal, saying that the main thing was the focus and the conquest of the title.

It was an agitated market due to the fact that we have invested a lot in the defensive sector, and hiring important elements for the main eleven and in terms of exit, Weah only left for Lyon for 25M.

For the time being this season could run better if PSG lost, but for now it seems impossible we managed to pass the group stage of CL in the difficult group now we will face Dortmund. And we are in the fight for the French Cup.

We continue to have a positive season we managed to reach a record of 20 games without losing, we managed to solidify the second place in the league and we are having positive results.

We lost in the Champions League to Dortmund, but it was an interesting fight.

And we got a place in the final of the French Cup by winning PSG so far this season is going well for us, we need to guarantee a place in the Champions League next season.

Well we finally got a trophy after 3 years and we ended the season with last season and very complicated to fight for the title where you have a team like PSG, but we have not lost hope and the fight continues.

SEASON 23-24
After a rest Lille returned to the season after an incredible pre-season the desire to win the title continues to be a very busy transfer market with two-star departures from the team with Renato Sanches to Chelsea for 43M and Jonathan David to Arsenal for 51M, did not leave the team more vulnerable by which the team reinforced itself quite well.


We did not start the new season well because of the defeat in the French champions' trophy against PSG.

But we had a crazy start in the championship with several victories and until the end of December with only two defeats and several draws, I'm not sure why, but it is part of football if we manage to finish second in the season it will be great.

In the Champions League we achieved something incredible despite the difficult group that happened to us, even so we managed to guarantee qualification. With two wins over Bayern being impressive.

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