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Good Non-League Players

List of Talent For Blue Square Teams
Started on 14 November 2010 by naff123
Latest Reply on 8 July 2012 by nash1981
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Hey Lads my first attempt here i been using Dover Athletic as my team 6 point clear at top after 10 games sums up my squad of Free Transfers and Cheap Coups i will post my players so far i have come across please feel free to add to the list!

Phil Young Husbands : Striker : Absolute Goal Machine if with a good play maker scored 7 goals in 10 games
Joint Nationality of Philippines and England Former Chelsea Player Sums it up for him

Stephen Baird : Goal Keeper : Got him for 8 K From Tobago united great goal keeper joint nationality with British Virgin Islands and Scotland is a great non league keeper.

Tom Kaak : Midfielder : Free transfer good solid player who can score from edge of box works hard a great solid buy

Francis Zenaba : Midfielder : Free Trans , Great Player got lots of praise for signing him takes a while to settle though

Peter Loveday
: Goalkeeper : Free Again Absolutely Epic player got him from england trialists he is 18 and has amazing potential for being League 2 keeper

Thomas Lyskov : Full Back/ Left Winger : Great Consistent Player Scores Goals and sets up assists England Trialists again

Emexca Orwubiko : Defensive Midfield / Central Mid : Free Again Great For getting forward but very prone to bookings had him sent off twice in 8 games

Nikki Ahamed : Full back : Good Defender Tackles Very Hard! but is really consistent defender

Andy Lindegaard : Full back : Good Player a little inconsistent for my liking but good rotation player for my squad

Tim Hopkinson : Striker : Great Super Sub! cracked in 7 goals in 10 appearances can be very tempermental on play

Jared Wilson : Full Back : Great Full back, very good at getting the ball forward and scoring had 3 goals in 4 appearances

Theo Angus : Full Back : Star for Future already slotted into my squad is a great young full back who could turn into a good Blue Square Prem / League 2 player

Jacob Arnold-Smith
: Striker : Young Striker slots into my Sub bench for now but is very helpful on cup games with a great finish stat but slow paced

David Tarpey
: Winger/ Striker : Very Versatile Player who can play on both left and right, was very impressive in pre-season signed from Hampton & Richborough

Nicky Nicolau :Full back / Winger : Awesome Winger for Blue Square very consistent and scores a lot of goals for a winger!

Matt Barnes : Winger : Amazing Potential to Exceed 100 + PA great excitement in seeing him develop great c stats of 14 on my game and a great corner stats highly recommended

Ibra Sekajja
: Striker : Yet again great potential former Crystal palace player at 18 already has great stats for his age got PA of 110 +

Feel Free to Add to the List! I hope i have helped people in Non league clubs! 99% of these people should be free sorry if some of the players vary in skill!
Most recommended For Me Is Younghusbands! he is a absolute Must Get!
i have just started with farnborough n i got some gd players 4 3 i got a young gk botond antal player 4 his nitoal under 19s team n 2 diffanders jordam amderson and moses bernett somefink like that anyway should have a look at them
Nice list mate hope to see you and others add to it, might come in useful for me sometime soon as I am looking to make a lower league side save some time soon :)
if u wnt a gd stricker get dele adebole scoors alot n ass alot 2 u got him from fortesed bt depands wat yr ur in he mite b 3 wages he will ask 4 atlest 10k n al so have a look at ade akinbiyi he 3 n wage is only 500
Dejan Stefanovic is an amazing Central Defender in FM2010 im not sure if he's on FM2011 he's not bad at scoring goals either :)
damn found it... i started with Dover(they only had logo on kits) and no one wanted to join me... thanx for list!!!
Depending on how low a league you are... i have a whole bunch of decent non league players for ya guys.

heres a couple to keep you going....

Darren Lok - SC - Ringmer fc (sussex county div 1)

Shaun Grice - DMC - Shoreham fc (sussex county)

much more on the way...

BTW these guys can get you prmoted through to blue square north/south you may need to transfer them by then though and get more quality
Ray Lally
Ben Whehelan(?)
and a bunch of other irish guys. Cheap and quality
the list

Lucas Stiklakis - DC

Simon Cox - DC

Alex Stockinger - MC

Tasos Kapsolopodas - DMC

Lee Carney - MC

Chris Flood - AML

Ryan Storrie - ML/R

Callum Saunders - MR/AMR/SC

Jo Jo Tubon - SC
cant keep out josh swann a cracking keeper for non leuge and only asks for around £40 p/w found him on trialists scout said he was a leading npower leauge 2 so i was buzzing when he only asked for 40 a week. with that phil younghusband and he has scored 4 goals in his first 2 games and went on to get the golden boot but he askes for 600 pw (average) but is worth every penny!!
i agree barnes is quality tsolovis is a good young dc cm and also kandol is a free agent had him for altrincham scored 32 goals in 24 starts

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