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Mark De Grijze - KFC Diest

Started on 24 February 2021 by Mauve
Latest Reply on 1 April 2021 by TheLFCFan
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Mauve's avatar Group Mauve
10 monthsEdited
Hello everyone! This is my new story and I pick KFC Diest. A club in the 3rd Amateurdivision (5nd division in rank). This club with a lot of history was found in 1919 and mostly played in the 2nd and 3rd division, some years in the 60's and 70's in the 1st division but always without a lot of success. The last 40 years the club is going down hill playing years in local leagues (sunday league).

In 2018 there was a plan made that the club should go to 3rd division at least at 2025, A year before covid the club rised from local league (provincial) to the 5th division. Let's try this!

This club is playing in Black and White, playing at the side of a park, called Warande. It's an picturesque stadium, since the football didn't play any role and the stadium came into hands of the city there was more invested in a running track for the whole community,...

Remember this story starts a year before the actual FM start: 2019/20

Logo + Stadium

You can find more pictures at:

I will still continue my other save of Union. But felt the need to really start from the bottom.
I start with only 13 players, 4 grey players, curious what this will bring as they expect me to be 13th of 18th, board asks me to get into the middle at the end.

Hope you guys enjoy my new story! This one is for the long run.
A club with some ambition then. Best of luck!
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10 monthsEdited

Horrible start for Diest

Horrible start for Mark at Diest, his debut was an disaster without a lot of chances and losing 2 after that.

Diest win 1 - 14 after losing the first 3 games

First win for KFC Diest after losing 3 times in a row, Mark who just started as a manager but it wasn't a good start, losing 3 times in a row. But now they won at Leopoldsburg, who are also the favourite to relegate, hopefully for Diest they found some confidence out of this win, where Muala scored 6 goals.

ScotT: So far I haven't a lot of luck mate, hope it's because of the system, maybe I should change for a new tactic.
Not the best of starts but hopefully after getting a taste of victory, it can spur the team on.
After a tough start, the results are coming on now. Good stuff.
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10 monthsEdited

Diest wins 11 times in a row

DIEST: In the last run for the promotion KFC Diest made a great run for it, after 31 games with only 7 to come, Diest is placed 4th, with 13pts behind the first, Verbroedering Geel. The champion will promote directly as the 2nd will play a promotion Play-Off. Diest should make up 8pts to get ranked 2nd. Some exciting last weeks as KFC Diest found the form after going up 10 places in 2,5 months.

François Kompany joins KFC Diest

DIEST: François Kompany, brother from, joined KFC Diest after his contract was disbanded one year ago at Patro Eisden without playing a game. François who's 31 years old never found a club where he could have a stable form, injuries played a role in it. Hopefully François can find his luck at Diest.
The results are coming it would appear, though there's no doubting that Ogunjimi SHOULD be providing you with more goals in this division. Considering the career that he's had, one could argue he should be the golden boot winner in this league! A smart move to bring in François Kompany, and here's hoping that his injury woes are a thing of the past. Good luck :D
nice start
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10 monthsEdited

Diest ends 3pts from promotion

DIEST: After a streak of 15 wins a row Diest still finished 3rd, after Esperanza Pelt won 13 of their 15 games, the margin was to big. Last weeks the players were believing more an more in the promotion, it wasn't a goal for the board but fans believed it was possible, they battled till the last minute for the 2nd place. Eyes are now turned to next year, can Diest hold on their topscorer, Nestor Muala, who also got interest from the 2nd division. Also Mark De Grijze got some interest from 2 clubs from an higher division.

Ogunjimi leaves the club after contract wasn't renewed

DIEST: No suprises this morning at Diest, when Ogunjimi cleared his lockerroom. The club didn't decide to offer a new contract. Marvin Ogunjimi who is an ex-international of Belgium, scoring 5 goals in 7 games. But after his golden year(s) in Racing Genk (2009 - 2011) where he became champions with path was much darker after going to 14 different teams since 2011, never succeeding at any of them. The bar was dropped till the 5th division but his motivation was to low to shine with only scoring 6 goals in 35 games.

Mark De Gryze admits talking to UR Namur

After some rumours Mark De Gryze admits he was talking to UR Namur, "The club knew about it, I was just listening to their plans, they're in an similar position of Diest was this year, they're looking for an ambitious and young coach" said De Gryze, without saying more.

Namur is laying in the French speaking side of Belgium, being the 7th biggest city of Belgium. The club never went to the first division. Curious what Mark his decision will be. Meanwhile their rumours that also AS Tubize is talking with Mark.

James: So long François is kept free from injuries, showing decent strength in the defence. As you can see Ogunjimi his story is over at Diest, earned 2.2k a month with those numbers and or low wage to spent (14k), sadly there no option from aboard avaiable, as no one wants to come playing in such a low division.

deadzpool: Thanks mate, sadly no promotion.
A great run to end the season the season but ultimately there was just too much ground to be made up with results having to go in Diest's favour too. I wonder if De Grijze will remain at the club or if he will indeed end up elsewhere with him admitting to speaking to other clubs.
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10 monthsEdited

Mark De Grijze stays at Diest

DIEST: "Quit the rumours" said Mark De Grijze, "I'm staying at Diest and had no intention to leave, there is not hing wrong with listening, imagine they offered a million a year", De Grijze smiled. It was a bitter feeling that we didn't got to the 2nd place after a win-streak of 15 games, but my only goal is to get is this club to promotion, the finances don't look good, but if we can keep this squad together and we'll keep an eye on the market."

Muala extends at KFC Diest

DIEST: Good news for KFC Diest as their topscorer Nestor Muala signed a new contract, Nestor who scored 22 goals in 30 games his contract ending was this season but a new deal was easy to find. "I'm happy at this club and the most important thing in the stage of my career is to settle for some years, I'm 24 years old and saw already 5 clubs without proving my worth, most important now is to get to promotion next year, and the title of topscorer for me personal is coming next to that."

Guy Geudens replaces Ogunjimi

Not an Belgian international but what a stats, 27 yeard old, scoring 80 goals in 127 games. The Blonde guy from Brussels who won the topscorer title for Sint-Lenaarts, who are in the same league of Diest, remarkable after Diest mostly with one striker, Muala, who his contract was extended one day ago, the most used tactic of De Grijze was an 4-2-3-1, where Steven Van Braeckel showed his worth with 11 goals and 6 assists in 35 games.

Senne Verbiest and Kristof Bloemen join KFC Diest

DIEST: 2 new faces at Warande today. Two players who were the best at their club are joining KFC Diest transfer free after their contract ended this year. Senne Verbiest, an 25 year old controlling midfielder who scored 12 goals and gave 18 assists in 38 games at Helson, who were in same league, same as Kristof Bloemen, an 32 yeard old RW who hasn't lost his speed determination to get a team to win, his 19 goals and 12 assists in 38 games were very deciding to deliver Bilzen-Waltwilder the 4rd place.

Scott: I'm, or should I say De Grijze, is fully motivated to get this club to the next level, as the club his average wage a month to spend is 15k, next division their average club is around 25k. The best players in my current level (4 different divisions on this level) are earning much more that I can offer, my scout system isn't really settled so I think I should see what's possible as foreign players are impossible to get.
A solid start to the off-season, and the early moves made should have the KFC Diest fans feeling quite positive about their chances of promotion next season. There's so many goals and assists arriving at the club, and the best part is that you've weakened your divisional rivals at the same time.
Pleasing news for Diest that De Grijze will be sticking around. Equally as pleasing is that Muala is going nowhere either. Positive moves in the market on paper and hopefully that will transition onto the pitch. The run the team enjoyed last season will certainly fill the supporters with confidence that they can push for promotion once again.
All positive news at Diest on the contract front then! Some key deals tied down recently.
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10 monthsEdited

KFC Diest lead by 3 points after 17 games

DIEST: The new season is looking good for KFC Diest but like a year ago the margin is small and everything can still happen, with 44 points after 17 games Diest is doing good things but the last 2 games it lost and had a draw before that game, as Diest only have 3 points on the 2nd and 4 points on the 3rd everything can change very quick.

The big challenger this year for Diest is coming from their neighbours, KVK Beringen, another club with a rich history, playing for a long time in the 1st division, mainly in the times of the mines in Belgium, guest workers from Italy and Turkey played together for Beringen, who rapidly were bought by more succesful clubs.

KVK Beringen their squad is filled with players who ever played in the first division of Belgium, like Kennedy Nwaganga and Anthony Vanden Borre, Geofrey Mujangi-Bia and Derrick Tshimanga. Also the topscorer, 23yr-old Til Vandenabeele, with 23 goals in 17 games plays for KVK, the young kid who was without a club for over 2 years defenitily showed his worth.

Nestor Muala leaves Diest for Sint-Niklaas

DIEST: 6 months after signing a new contract for Diest, Nestor Muala is out, after a huge dispute with the manager and some team mates, KFC Diest decided to sell Muala, the 25yr-old who was the club topscorer a year ago to SK Sint-Niklaas who play one level above Diest but are struggling at the last place. The Congolese thanked the board and also Mark De Grijze after he finally found a steady club where he could play more than a handful games. "I'm sad about the way that I leave, but I have only one career, the club offered me a new contract and only one week after they bought the league topscorer of a year ago, if they told me this before I wouldn't have signed but I think they expected me to be happy on a bench at 25 year."

Clubs interested in François Kompany

Clubs are in line for Fançois Kompany, who only joined 8 months ago, his leadership and positioning are key for the defence of Diest. Clubs like FC Dender (2nd-division-club) and Dessel Sport are interested. But François told he wanted to play, "I'm 32 years old and most of my career I wasn't playing constant, I believe in the ambitious vision in the club, promotion is everything now" But François didn't calm all the fans with closing the interview with "We'll see who's interested at the end of the season, a career is not long and it would be wishful to think that I'm able to play at the higher divisions when I'm 35."

Koen Persoons & Daan Van Gijseghem join KFC Diest

DIEST: 2 very experienced players of the First division, 38yr-old CM, CDM Koen Persoons (312 games in first division) and 33yr-old CB Daan Van Gijseghem (198 games in first division) join KFC Diest on a 1yr (+1 at promotion). Koen Persoons who played for Ninove a year ago was captain and scored 6 goals and gave 7 assists in 30 games. Now he's an division lower but with his work rate is so high that his age isn't a problem.

Comments and Interviews
James: Yes the new signings definitely made this team a lot better, they even carry the other with them, sadly my system didn't adapt on 2 strikers and Muala lost his form, so it's all Guy Geudens in front, 16 goals in 17 games. Best player in general this season is Aristote Ndongala scoring 14 goals and 12 assists in 17 games, curious what will come next!

ScottT: Indeed, the best option was to stay at Diest in this young career, the painful miss of the promotion is already away. Sadly Muala lost his form completely and Geudens is now the only striker, a part of my strategy is to buy to players in the league so Til Vandenabeele is defenitly on my watch.

Jack: Yes but I think I missed some new key players if I see KVK Beringen with all those top players and finding the current topscorer in the league who was 2 years without contract.

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