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Cant win with Sunderland

Started on 28 February 2021 by ubermax
Latest Reply on 27 June 2021 by FMDoomark
Guys im struggled with my Sunderland career in League One. I tried it for 3-4 times and all the time i got sacked coz i cant go up in the league. I tried my own tactics - failed, i tried cheat-tactics - failed. Are there any tips how can i go this league fast? coz i dont like this low-league play
It might help on your most recent attempt (maybe it is a new one) to post your team, tactics, etc. Then people can see what you are working with and offer suggestions.
good afternoon mates from greece , you can try 4-2-3-1 tiki taka this is my system for the team.

i have a question , winter update has not the new owner ,,..maybe the game fix it?
2021-02-28 15:51#282090 jahendricksi : It might help on your most recent attempt (maybe it is a new one) to post your team, tactics, etc. Then people can see what you are working with and offer suggestions.

Ok sorry, im new here so there we go

This is my 3d try and all the time my team starts well but after some matches my team starts to struggle.

This is the results

This is my tactic for now

Some tactic set-ups

Basicly the idea is to play very offensive gegenpress-shortpass play but something doesnt work. I think may be the problem is in a bad executors? but i cant get some good players while playing in 3d division!
A 4-3-3 (DM Wide) is usually a strong formation for most teams and fits with the personnel at hand: heavy on mids and wingers, light on DC and S, which doesn't easily allow a double striker or three-at-the-back.

Striker--Play Ross Stewart. He could be a good Target Man, particularly at this level, is quicker than the others, and is fairly determined. While his finishing isn't the best, his composure is decent and heading is good, plus his height, so is a good option for League One. Your other striking options are slow, old, and are not consistent; Charlie Wyke is maybe your next best option.

Wingers--Play Jordan Jones as AMR Winger and Chris McGuire as AML IF. Jones is FAST which makes all the difference at this level. McGuire is well rounded and a good finisher so with Jones blazing down one wing he can cross into the TM Stewart or his opposite McGuire, who has cut in to finish off the cross. Gooch and McGeady are decent backups--McGeady is good for set pieces and could start but isn't consistent enough for me when I've played him.

MC--Play Josh Scowen as either BBM or BWM (your call depending on how you play the DMC position) alongside Max Power as another BBM. Having 2 BBM to harass the opponents and make late runs with your TM to play them on (or catch rebounds from shots) should help you out. Both are consistent and good in important matches so this is a strength for your squad.

MC--While older, play Grant Leadbitter as DMC BWM or DLP. His dribbling is poor, but determination and tackling good, so he should screen the defense and be able to spring your wingers or BBM on attacks. Dobson could play there, and has high potential star ratings, but is on loan and doesn't have a consistency/important matches marker, so let him stay on loan. O'Nien would be my suggestion as backup but he is not proficient in this position (yet).

Wingbacks--DL should belong to Voskins with McFadzean backing him up. DR should be McLaughlin with O'Nien backing him up (and anywhere, really, as he is a good sub at many places, maybe even at DMC, although he is not fully comfortable there).

DC--Play Jordan Willis and Bailey Wright/Tom Flanagan as your center pairing. They all can play Central Defender Defend, are taller, decent pace (for this level) but should provide a sound partnership.

Keeper--Burge might be a better option than Matthews at Keeper because he doesn't punch as much and stays closer to the goal--I think Matthews might be too aggressive sometimes and come out to punch a ball away and then be caught out on the volley. While Burge's handling is worse, the fact he isn't punching as often mitigates that in the comparison--if you are great at handling, but always are punching it away, then what good is your handling? Plus not punching lowers the level of corners you are facing.

For players consider terminating the loans of Dion Sanderson (not good, 3rd option, save the wages) and maybe Elliot Embleton (once healthy) or George Dobson (if you need the coverage). I am not too impressed with Dobson but Elliot does have potential as an attacker in your midfield and offers something going forward that you could use.

Also, I noticed that you are having trouble scoring (you have only scored more than 1 goal in a match once in the league since October started) so this means that the way you play should be tweaked. I like the vertical tiki-taka as that seems to perform the best with typical squads (Golden FM did a good analysis of all the playing styles). This should also help keep the scoreline low since you are limiting the opponents possession and chances, which is good since you are not going to win a high scoring match.

I also recommend attacking mentality, standard width (to stretch the defense and allow your opposite winger or BBM to exploit space), underlap instead of overlap (to protect the space you BBM just vacated), stay on feet (while tackling since none of your players are great tacklers and you face more cards and man advantages if they tackle poorly or rashly), and force opposition outside (so they are stuck crossing onto your tall DC's with good heading).

Lastly, I would definitely check out some of the set piece videos on this site and follow those instructions. If you are playing in the lower leagues and need goals (like you do) the easiest way to get them is to be faster than the opposition (which you are not) or score off corners/free kicks. McGeady is good for the set pieces and with your jumping/height/heading from your DC/Striker you could pick up 10+ goals over the league campaign, which would change the 1-1 draws to 2-1 wins.

Hopefully this helps. Let us know how you do.
Also, looking at the youth team Dan Neil could be a good option as an MC. He looks injury prone but with playing could be a good option for the future. Benjamin Kimpioka is also promising but plays AMR where you have a lot of options.
need good loans from arsenal liverpool man u and c

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