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id search

id search?
Started on 19 November 2010 by kbams
Latest Reply on 19 November 2010 by everton23
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Hiya all

Got a quick question, is there any app FMRTE FMassistant or other app that is capable of searching for the uniqe id, so far I have only found other way around? search for name and get id.

This is a feature for graphics authors though, so I can see why those 2 apps don't have it :P

Maybe you could have a play with the latest Ingame Framework by DrBernard and see if you can come up with a simple app doing just that?
I'd want to play with that myself if I had enough time :(
I guess that makes me a graphic author :-) Well come to think of it I am still one day one, have not even read one single item in inbox, just going through the graphics and making it :-)

Well is there not community of graphics authors that might already have something like this? I had a look at that other tool to make more tools but I just dont have the time to learn something like this :-( also would if I had the time :-)

I know that feeling... I'm still at day one, updating the site and composing the wonderkids list is quite time consuming (and exhausting) at this point. Hopefully quiet days will come and I shall be calm enough to enjoy my FM11.

Some graphics authors are using FM Graphics Guru which is yet to come for FM11, but I contacted the author and he told me he's working on the new version. However, this isn't a player search tool :P
kbams i MIGHT have a look and see if i can find a way around finding players by unique id's through that link above, I'll just have to figure out how to use it. :)

If i have the time later tonight (i will have time) ill have a little mess around with it and see if i can come up with anything.

In the mean time if you find anything to help you out just throw a post on here so i know.


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