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New member needing help

custom logo
Started on 4 May 2021 by Mossy82
Latest Reply on 10 May 2021 by Daniel Väega
First I'd like to say Hi. Pretty new to FM (6 months or so) and i just love it.

I've created my own team and want to add our team crest. I've edited it using GIMP (200x200 pixels due to the pack i have installed). I tried the manual way of soft coding the config and followed the instruction but it didn't work. So I installed the fmXML to see if that worked but still nothing. I'm so confused (and pissed off). I'm using a custom skin (priisek pro plus green) would that stop it from working? Also using TCM21 megapack. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chaps.
In my experience, pre-game editing and the custom DB's can sometimes be a bit... "finicky" so to speak. What worked for me was BARRELS of patience through endless tests before finally getting the databases (the player database and the edited database) to synchronize nicely.

It's not a scientific approach, but in constantly tweaking and testing, I was able to find mistakes I didn't notice before in how I set up, as well as gain a better understanding, however loose, of what's actually happening with the DB's behind the scenes and to get the files to better work together.

In your case, it's a bit unique as it's a logo that doesn't want to load. It may be that the ID of the team in the DB and the logo file don't match, or perhaps the TCM21 megapack is causing a slight bug somehow, but I doubt it's unfixable.

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