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Started on 20 November 2010 by everton23
Latest Reply on 23 November 2010 by SeedyKiwi
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So been playing FM constantly since i got me game in the post, and was doing pretty well with tranmere rovers, got them promoted in 2nd season and was 12th in championship at christmas time, and i had to restart my C drive to factory settings, therefore i moved everything over to D. But me being a idiot had clicked to restore factory on both drives.

Now i have lost my game any everything else on my laptop.

Thats sucks mate.
It's gutting, i know this thread was pointless like but just made me feel better, and knowing i lost all fm data has peed me right off, on top of that my internet has gone off (until monday) coz i went over my credit limit on virgin, so been having to use a crappy dongle to download everything for the game again, I've managed to get the patch so im happy abit now.
Happened to me like once every two football managers with a like 5 seasoner game, like Juve, Yverdon examples :( learned to backup my games every month or so on my memory stick
I normally back them up onto my phone after each season, but never today as my laptop was doing my head in freezing everytime i went online.

Guess its a mistake well learnt.
so why you restore to factor settings - have never in my long pc days had to do that?

Not good mate infact av been there when I have windows troubles and wiped hard drive and lost me writing n that not good mate
Everytime i have a problem i restore to factory, just a habit i picked up with my old laptop.
Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Pro

Resoring to factory settings basically just formats your drive right?
So the info is still there. I had a drive die recently (my c drive), so I decided to start from scratch and reformat both the drives, I got a new one to replace the dead one etc etc. I got everything sorted before realising I hadnt backed up a heap of holiday photos whose disappearence would have led to potentially fatal injuries being handed out by my girlfriend. So I got hold of the above program and went to work. Now it takes a bit of time (hours depending on the size of the drive) to find all the recoverable data, but I managed to get EVERYTHING back off my drive. So I figured I would let it loose at my "dead" drive being trying to reformat that, and lo and behold I got EVERYTHING back off that. (well it found the whole contents of the drive to recover, it allows you to select the files/folders you want to recover so you dont have to recover everything)

I highly recommend it to anyone looking to do a bit of data recovery, and for me it would be the quicker option than downloading 5 GB+ of Graphics again..

This might sound like a bit of a plug for the program but I was seriously impressed by it, I even managed to recover data from 2 old IDE drives that "died" on me about 10 years ago..
Surely i wont be able to use this program once windows has done a new clean install???

Just downloaded it then, (why pay when get it for free) and did a quick scan but never got anything, but then again i never expected to, although doing a full scan i might get my eye wiped and recover files (i do wish i could).

Me being a silly person obviously never backed anything up before, but just found a nice little bit of software that was pre-installed on my laptop that allows me to back upto 1024gb of data. Im a happy person now knowing i'll never loose all my info again aslong as i back it up.
The short answer is yes.

I got all my stuff back after doing a reformat/clean install of windows..
Actually thinking about it, I was crazy annoyed because I forgot to salvage all my music haha, and then was way tooo lazy to bother running the full scan to get it all back again..

And yeah quick scan netted me nothing too.. Had to leave it overnight and then some running the full scan but it was worth it.

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