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How long a season usually takes for you in real time?

Started on 6 May 2021 by berbat88
Latest Reply on 27 June 2021 by FMDoomark
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I really wonder how people play FM21 in comparison with how i play. I am seeing people starting a new save like every week, or playin dozens of seasons in a few weeks. I have 210 hours of playtime on FM21, of course almost half of that time i was away from keyboard. But at the end, i only managed to finish 3 whole seasons on my Atalanta save. So, i really wonder how you guys play the game in general? How you manage to play so many seasons like in one day? Am i doing something wrong? :D.

I created a list of teams to manage on FM21, like 5-6 teams and could only manage one of them literally... And FM22 is almost coming up... Any experience or suggestion is very much appreciated.
I think its all about how many leagues u have load up. Usually it takes for me 1 to 1.5 weeks to finish a season (sometimes less if i have more time to play), cuz i always play with all the leagues the loading is slower so my game takes more time to simulate days even tho i don't mind since my pc is pretty fast. i have around 1.200h in FM and i have only managed 3 teams, first Frankfurt then Middleburg and then 1860 München being the last one my current save. Maybe i will manage a new team before FM22 but since I'm enjoying my 1860 save i expect it to be a very short save, maybe a top tier team weeks before fm22 beta goes out. Long story short some players get bored of their saves pretty quickly, it happened to me with Frankfurt, managing smaller teams makes u enjoy the save more cuz u have a lot to do before u reach "the top" compared with a top tier team, and and when u see ppl finish seasons very fast maybe they just load up the main leagues of the world and that makes the game run faster between simulations.

U are not doing anything wrong, just play the game at your own pace and enjoy it lol.

(BAD JOKE) maybe we are players with poor physical attributes since our pace is so slow, but maybe our technical/mental attributes are crazy good XD
2021-05-06 21:23#283467 VSpec20 : ...

It is personal preference after all indeed. But my preference is to finish a save quicker so that i can experience managing other teams too but look where i am... I feel like my natural fitness is 1 and i am 37 years old with this pace...

Maybe i am spending unnecesary time on looking up player development and training very closely and spending lots of time on tactics and analyze screens. But i really wanna play the game quicker so that i can finally finish my save and start others so i need suggestions. Or maybe even a few hours of videos on youtube somebody playing FM21 quicker than i do so i can take some tips.

I don't even know if my setup and database is set to be slow, i really have few leagues like 3-4 top european leagues and a quite small-medium database with a computer like intel i5-4570 3.6GhZ with 16gigs of RAM. Not the best, but still i am spending most of my time on answering unnecessary mails, spending time on scouting which is usually boring for me or even looking for agents and stuff.

So i wonder, how you set your responsibilities in a way that you are still in controll of most of the main things but not wasting your time on small things, especially for a short term save. Or, a long save but you wanna be quick and see like 10 years ahead asap. I am really ignorant to this. I am having fun playing FM21 but when i think that i am still on my 4th season with my first save after all these hours it makes me feel bad. And it makes mee feel bad to waste my time and deal with small things. For example, last summer i didn't even make any transfers except a few but it took me 2-3 hours to get to the next season. I don't even know where i lost that time but usually simulation i think. So i think i need some mental support. :(
It takes me about a week or two to be done with one season. Much longer if I am playing in English Lower Leagues.

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For me it takes about a few days to complete the season... Yes it can take about a week usually.. The first season can take a bit longer, because wasting time on staffs, players, contracts.. searching players is where I spend most of the time. I enjoy doing scouting and that's the best part of my save every time, specially when I get some money and finish the season. It can take day or two before I finish my transfer window... then just 1 day to complete the season if I do a bit of holidays matches (specially those unimportant matches like cup, low teams).. but the thing is that when I go on holiday, there are big chances to see injured players (even injured for months, half a season cards also). So because of that bad experience when on holiday while leaving the team to your assistant I avoid playing that way and could take always longer to finish the season.

Just enjoy your time and play with your own pace, people are lazy and do holidays a lot.. also they have maybe small database, mine is always 300.000 people which means half a star score.
Saw u talking about responsibilities, usually let my technical director deal with my staff contracts renews, and i let my staff deal with my B/sub-19 teams training/tactics and all that stuff, why? cuz i make sure my b/sub teams have always the best staff possible compared to other teams in their leagues, and if i get a good regen in my youth intakes i manage their training individually (but only when they have a good potential), i only do interviews when i have key matchs coming up (gota build that rep, i don't wanna be called José Mourinho 2.0 lol), with my main team training in every single FM i make a training schedule for basically every scenario (development, attack, defense, balanced focus.....) and use them with all my saves. Scouting: i set my scouts to search by regions and based in their skills i set the potential that they must search. Usually with this method i end up with ~45% world covered and "very good" reports.

Bro again don't worry about your play time or if u are slow, its a game and u paid for it to have fun not to rush things
Thanks for the motivational speeches and the suggestions guys :D. I mean, FM21 isn't designed in a way that you can easily give away responsibilities to the AI. I just tried letting my really good Sportive Director to take responsibility in signing player contracts, he gave away 7million euros a year with bonuses like reaching up to 4 millions for a play, then i loaded up the save a day ago and signed the same player for 4milllion a year with minimal bonuses. It is a crazy difference. And it is very obvious that it is not only happening over the contract negotiations. Giving any kinds of control to AI really makes things go bad.

So i am really still looking to find a sweet spot on sharing responsibilities balancedly in a way that, i won't really need to spend my time on useless things but also be in control.

For example, why do i have to click a button before every match to give opposition instructions even tho i have given the responsiblity to my assistant? Or, why can't i make a player available for both U-20 and U-18 matches until they pick up match fitness? The list really goes on... Also the auto-continue doesn't work correctly. Whenever i alt-tab out of the game after pressing space button, the game does not auto-continue, or trying to stop the simulation and change a small thing in the training is a torture cause the game somehow keeps auto-continueing like after 5 seconds even tho it is set to instant. The list really goes on.
If u do what i do with my responsibilities (previous comment) u should do fine. Giving your ass man responsibility over opposition instructions i think its during the match that he gives instructions so better click that button every time before a match (keep in mind that without a solid tactic opposition instructions can go wrong really quick). FM still has some bugs so i wouldn't be surprised if u encountered some along the way, even tho id don't use auto-continue so i don't really know how it works.
I can do half a season in a full day from 9 am unitl 6 no holidaying that's even with lots of leagues load. I find the time from the end of the season until the start of the new one takes me a few nights to get through. Plus bores the life outta me
depends on how much work you need to do.

it should be a long process if you want to maximize and nurture the youth and get the best deals and enjoy the game

if you want to just play games try fifa you will be better off.

this is trying to mimic real-life experience

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