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Started on 21 November 2010 by rywilson
Latest Reply on 22 November 2010 by paul1576
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Is it just me or over the past few days has the site been loading really slow?
I'm having to wait about 2 minutes for every page I load, yeah it doesn't seem a lot but it gets quite annoying after a while
Hoping it gets sorted in the near future.

Everything else seems to be quick e.g. I can watch a 10min Youtube video without it buffering.
It's loading fast for me. Anyone else?
Has been ok for me too, i know i had issues last week which i posted on the fbook page, but since then the site has gone as smooth as ever. Keep the good work up and thanks for a good site. :)
I thik it is working fine, my laptop is fairly slow currently but thats due to about 6 tabs open
It works fine for me.
seems fine at mo. Over the last month i have had a few slow moments on here but nothing to worry about.
speed is normal for me! sometimes there are errors but a refresh is what only needed..
Oh ye i had errors a few times and the screen messed up big time tried refresh but didn't work so closed window n reloaded and that was fine. Had the same kind of error on steam though but not too much of a problem or issue really with it only taking a few mins so sort out.
Hmmm, can't figure out why it's being like this for me.
It was fine last week and before that. Oh well, I'll just put up with it, it'll probably be just a temporary thing :)
I've changed the security level 2 days ago, from medium to high. There's a chance that has something to do with your issue. I'll be reverting to medium security if your problem persists by tomorrow and see if that helps.
Site is sssslllooowww at moment - no idea why?

You are reading "Slow?".

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