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Please consider a pinned post explaining the In Game Scout Issue/potential resolutions

Started on 3 June 2021 by fastdiver82
Latest Reply on 3 June 2021 by fastdiver82
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I appreciate the work that goes into providing this wonderful tool. I hope my feedback below can be considered.

As someone who donated to receive the G edition, the information regarding the issues with the In Game Scout needs to be mentioned somewhere.

I understand if you don't want to acknowledge it on the main download page (personally I think you should, that is just my view) but I think there should absolutely be a pined post in this support forum explaining the ongoing/potential issues. Not just as a warning or a "for you information," but so that we all have one unified spot where we can share our troubleshooting attempts, see if there are things we haven't tried yet, maybe people who do have it working can post their settings, computer specs, setups etc...

To find any relevant information regarding this issue one has to dig through several pages of forum posts. There are many posts regarding this with 0 replies.

The most relevant info I can find is from a post by user "KingFisherToday" from four months ago. In it Stam explains:

"The IGS feature works for Eugene, it works for me and for others. It doesn't seem to trigger for everyone though and its functionality is inconsistent. This issue is being reported for a couple of years now, but there's nothing new I can add to the answer above"


"What I normally say is that Eugene can't replicate the issue, therefore he's unable to make it work consistently for everyone."

Great information to know even if it's disappointing, why is it buried in a post from 4 months ago that most may not find?

I think with one central, collective spot where we can collect and share information, we may figure it out or find a consistent work around. At worst, we will have a collection of information for anyone facing the problem in the future.

Thank you to everyone again for all the work that goes into both the program and the site.
Much Love
Honestly, Genie Scout has a lot of advertised features that don't really work as intended. For me, the small fee is very much still worth it, no doubt about it, but they should really go through their marketing material and figure out what actually still works and what doesn't. If a feature works for the developer, but many people report errors, that's a major fault in the software, and the feature in question should be removed from the marketing material, even if he "can't replicate the issue, therefore he's unable to make it work consistently for everyone". Cool, no problem, stop advertising it then if you're 100% aware that many people have issues with it.
Personally I 100% agree with you. I've also seen several posts making the same point, which are ignored, so to me it clearly means they aren't going to stop advertising said features.

With that in mind I shifted my focus a bit to the above. Since they don't seem willing to remove it, perhaps we can band together and at least attempt to share information/solve it. Particularly as it appears they have given up to the point of not even replying to new threads regarding the topic.

To be clear, I'm sure they tried everything they could to get it working properly and have just reached a point of not knowing what else they can try/do, but they way it is barely addressed "officially" makes it look like they do not care.

You are reading "Please consider a pinned post explaining the In Game Scout Issue/potential resolutions".

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