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Urgent help with departure in FM08 due to low memory (season 2021)

Problem with FM08 Low Memory
Started on 6 June 2021 by Raimundo Orsi
Latest Reply on 6 June 2021 by Raimundo Orsi
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Hello everybody! I am relatively new to Football Manager. A friend told me that there was a soccer game but from the point of view of a coach, and he lent me the football manager 2008 that he had forgotten on a shelf at home. This was like 2-3 years ago and since then I have played it for seasons, sometimes I get addicted for 2 months and I leave it, then I return to it and so on.

Well the problem is that a few weeks ago I took it up again. I have a large database with 12 leagues, and I play with 4 users: one in South America, two in Europe, and one as a coach. Playing with several users at the same time is recent, and it was because I wanted to give variety to the game and not miss the other leagues.

Anyway, I play with a really poor laptop, with 2 GB ram and 1.6 Ghz dual core. From time to time, playing with a single user, I got the message FM is running dangerously low memory. Quit FM and free up memory. And the game closed by itself.

This happened to me in the transfer market when I sold or bought a certain player. I know because I always have 3-4 games recorded every few days in the game, and I loaded a previous game and canceled those transfers and the game went smoothly.

But now I don't know what would have happened. With two of the users in Europe I did an exhaustive search for players and started signing left and right, but when I went back in time and canceled, the game keeps crashing. This is what I have done:

1- As I said, I returned to a previous game, canceled several signings and sales (in itself, I did not even offer them), and nothing. The game crashes on January 21, 2021, but the maximum I can return to is January 14.

2- I thought, how I manage an English team, that it was for work permits. Well, I returned, I canceled almost all the contracts offered to players who required work permits (I was missing 2-3 players that I could not do anything) and it did not work either. It also occurred to me that it could be due to the games seen as a coach, and it didn't work either.

3- Start the game and remove the 3 additional users that I had created, but however it did not work. I was alternating those 3 retired users and nothing. Even sending everyone on vacation until January 23 did not work, because while the game is loading, it crashes again on the 21st.

4- I had put a pack of logos that weighed 220 mb. I deleted everything, left it clean, and the same problem followed. I installed that logo pack when I started the game again, but as I read in the forum, they recommended deleting everything and leaving the original skin.

5- delete all the files inside the temporary folder in my documents, leaving it empty. It didn't work either.

6- As the game told me that due to low memory, I tried to run it on Lubuntu which I also have installed on this computer and that hardly consumes me resources, and yet with 70% Ram in use and processor at 80%, the game It kept giving me the same low memory error.

I really can't get what to do anymore, and I don't have a powerful PC within my reach where I can install the game and test. For that reason, I ask and beg someone with a powerful PC who still plays FM08 to help me download my saved game and pass the game to me at least until January 23, 2021, and pass the save to download it.

I know it is an effort and it is a great favor that I am asking for, but I do not want to lose all the progress I have made and I had already taken a liking to the game, so I do not want to start it again. If someone wants to help me, I uploaded the file to Google Drive and here is the link:

Enter text for the link here...

I thank you very much in advance, and you will help me a lot at least just by reporting if the game works or not. Greetings and thanks again FM community!

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