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what's hands on approach means?

Started on 21 November 2010 by zenghong
Latest Reply on 24 November 2010 by macdab55
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There is a media handling bar so dont think its to do with media etc,

Hands on is more to do with players i think, for example, how you would deal with new contract requests etc, and also your overall peformance in the game, meaning not using you asst manager for squad selection, doing your own team-talk and not going on holiday (as mentioned above).

Thats just what i think i may be wrong but i am sure its nothing to do with the press for the above reason.

Paul you beat me to the post, haha.
To boost your hands on approach score you need to set up your own training schedules, attend all the press conferences, take control of friendlies, basically "be more hands on" in obvious terms. Cheers
I didn't take control of a friendly in 3 season in my save and I have got 80% so I don't believe that this what that is.

@Everton23 I think you are right.
what! how can you get 80% what's wrong with me...
Am I need to be more generous to my players?
I think you should be for your players.
I am cool at beating people to the post mate but bet ye will get me back next time!
My hands on is still at 50% despite me interacting a bit more than i would do normally with my players - still think there is a lot to do with this - can anyone find out the facts?
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Ok i had a look around and found this:-

I never attend press conferences (all ass manager) i spend alot of time praising and tutoring and motivating the squad as well as never going on holiday really.

So basically its all about how u interact with your squad, staff and obviously boardroom might have something to do with it.

They were quotes from people asking about hand on approach on fm10. So it's just guna have the same meaning..... :)
Thanks mate.
i think that is wend i go to media to thalk about a player that you whant to buy
# Benfica suporter : i think that is wend i go to media to thalk about a player that you whant to buy
I think going to media and talk about player that you want to buy is better for media handling than hands on approach but I could be wrong.

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