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Staff: stars vs atttibutes

A question about how to appoint good staff.
Started on 12 September 2021 by @omi
Latest Reply on 13 September 2021 by fc.cadoni
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Hi Folks, I am struggling to get 5* folks to come to my club (even when unemployed etc.) and so am trying to think outside the box. I have found Alex Gibson, who is down as an assistant manager, but would actually make a better DoF than who I have, or who I would get (my assistant is already v good).

He has 18 for JPA, JPP, and Negotiating, but his "staff role" rating has him at a half-star DOF. That seems crazy. (Apart from GK, fitness, data, physio, he has at least 12, many 15, and five at 18 - he is an all-rounder.)

So, what is going on there? Is the star for staff like the star for players in that it is a verdict by existing staff? I can't find any explainer and just really want to get better folks in!


Oh, and I am playing Touch in case that matters.

So this is a bit more complicated then just attributes. If you take a look at the Current and Potential Ability guide, the basic principals still apply even to staff. -->

The star ratings are technically a bit flawed in terms that your a human judging another human. Reputation is a big factor in star ratings, the greater, sometimes they overjudge a staff person... and the judger is usually the global view of a coaching member.

The issue that you have with Alex Gibson is that he may only be trained as an Assistant Manager rather than a DoF. Like players, they are judged on their roles and positions by hidden attributes, not just the attributes you see - which you need an editor to manipulate. So he may not be five stars because believe it or not, he may not be a 20/20 as being an Assistant Manager or DoF which therefore affects his star ratings. Just because they have 18's or 20's doesn't mean they are five-stars - plus they fluctuate overtime regardless.

Hopefully that clears things up for you. So the main thing to focus on is how efficient they are in their role and their attributes - specifically the highlighted ones for their role.
I took another look, so basically the stars are heavily based on reputation. You could have a very good member of your staff - but you maybe in a lesser known league or club and that will affect their star rating because they are technically not at the biggest clubs or a highly reputable league.
Hey Seabass, thanks so much for that! A big help.

I wonder if I should take the comparison bars below the attributes more seriously than stars, though. Here is a grab of Gibson versus my current DoF


Do you think that is telling me something important about the hidden attributes? Or is it just reputation? His attributes as DoF are clearly better than my current DoF!

For some reason I can’t see the image but in short - yes you should pay attention more to comparison then stars. Just one thing to keep in mind though, compare apples to apples.

So even though a staff person may have better stats more suited to a certain role, if they’re not fully green or almost fully green, dont bother assigning them a different role then what they’re comfortable with.

With Pre-Game Editor you can see attributes weights like player attribute weights for background staff role. For example Negotiation is an important one for Head of Youth Development - yes you read it well; Negotiation.

Also, staff has hidden attributes as well as players. DoF has one hidden attribute which affects his CA.

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