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Starting at the Bottom

Basingstoke FC
Started on 28 November 2010 by CLOSEY73
Latest Reply on 4 December 2010 by paul1576
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Hi Guys 'n' Gals
Really need some help on this one, I usually get FM Games and put up with losing and then lose interest.
I refuse to do it this year.
I had a stint Managing my home and real life team 'Middlesbrough' and won promotion via the Play off final.
then i thought i'll start from the bottom, so i chose to be manager of Basingstoke
I give in with 10 games left, Bottom of the league - morale was worse than very poor.
When i buy games like this the 1st thing i think off which i think is my weak point - TRAINING.
I tried a training prog, got a fitness coach, gk coach and a general coach as thats all the clubs chairman would allow.
although its now Jan with the new Fitness coach i put the team on a fitness program.
feel like im babbiling now.
looking for help with training a low lge team and good free players with low wages.

Thanks in advance
Download my traning for youth players because I saw that players attributes are growing and for the players then I have no idea.
best thing I find you can do at Lower League teams is do your best to develop your youth - and acompany that with some experienced players to balance it out and also help the younger players progress
# macdab55 : Download my traning for youth players because I saw that players attributes are growing and for the players then I have no idea.


I use macdab55's youth training schedules as well.

When I start at the lower leagues, the only thing I try to focus on is promotion, especially if you take over a team that is only semiprofessional. These are the teams that are handicapped with a bunch of part time players and only a handful of staff members. I don't worry about my youth program too much because I simply don't have the coaches at my disposal to effectively execute a training regime.

Instead, focus on getting your key players signed to fulltime contracts and concentrate training on pace and stamina. For me and my tactics, speed kills at the lower levels as does having the stamina to outlast opponents.
Thanks for replys guys, ill look in to the advice
Just take your time and give every decision a logical thought - oh and dont listen to assistants as they can speak rubbish - that was my big mistake. A mix of experience and youth is a great idea and you can get both on free's. Do separate training for each position you have players in like MR/L , MC, FOR etc. Anyone on a part time contract needs smaller training with not so much work. Try to get your key players on full time contracts as well. Never purely concentrate on fitness training apart from pre-season - always have a mix at any level.

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