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Poll: G.O.T.W - Part 1

Vote for the best goal
Started on 28 November 2010 by Stam
Latest Reply on 30 November 2010 by _Man_u_barmy_army_
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Goal Of The Week - Vote for the best (53 votes)
1) Long ranger from midfield 73.6% (39 votes)
2) Pile driver outside the area 5.7% (3 votes)
3) Lob the keeper 5.7% (3 votes)
4) Free kick 3.8% (2 votes)
5) Run half the pitch and fire 11.3% (6 votes)
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Stam's avatar Administrators Stam
12 yearsEdited
The best 5 goals nominated for our first contest in the Goal Of The Week series.
They will automatically play at 720p (if available), please watch them at full screen.
Once, you've seen them all please vote using the form above.

One by thetime

Two by macdab55

Three by SeedyKiwi

Four by Seph

Five by paul1576

The vote poll has closed. Winner is thetime - congratulations mate!
* You can see his newly won icon on all of his forum posts. Profile changes to reflect this will be coming in the next days.

Meanwhile, don't stop sending Seph your goals and fight for next week's "Goal Of The Week" award!! (Read the rules first)
Goal 1 will win by far.
this is fantastic :) great job Stam!
It was a tough call between #s 1 and 3.
# Tom_BcFC : this is fantastic :) great job Stam!

Cheers mate. It's an idea I had for some time now, but only became possible with Seph's valuable assistance and determination. This could and should turn out to be another landmark for FM Scout.

Seph told me he received roughly 20 video links, which is not bad for the first time and for an 'unproven' event. It's only part one of the series and it's kind of trial and error at this point. I'm hoping that once the hall of fame is introduced, it could attract more members to join the weekly contest.

However, if you have any suggestions how we could promote this better and get more participants and votes, please feel free to comment.
hehe :P i am gonna win. thanks for who voted me
Wow my goal has 2 votes :)
was a great goal was number 1 also liked the lob.
To be honest with ya I liked them all.
I am bit confused with the voting system though cos i was allowed to vote for my own which is a bit daft aint it? Its a great idea though and long may it carry on.
Have a rubbish goal of the week too now that would be fun as well - the keeper mistakes, the own goals, the tap ins etc. It would be better if we say had ten to choose from as well and it would make it more fun.
But a question why vote for your own goal? Well other goals are better than mine so why I should vote for a goal which in my opininon donesnt deserve vote.
Cos i wanted to see if you could vote for your own thats all lol bit like eaurovision song contest where you can't vote for your own. I better get playing fm so i hopefuly get more goals to add for site.
Yeah I think you can for your own goal.
The voting system is not going to block certain users from voting specific goals. It's a public vote, and it's definitely not Eurovision, hehe. Normally even guests can vote, not only members. Having said that, we probably need a better way of promoting this event in the future in order to receive more votes.

Most rubbish goal sounds good by the way. Up to Seph whether we implement it or not, as he's the one nominating the goals and making sure the contest runs fine. It's a weekly thing, so it should get better as everyone gets more familiar with it.

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