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Possible to save my save?

My season is going very bad to say the least, is it possible to save me from relegation?
Started on 3 December 2021 by Nuggit82
Latest Reply on 30 December 2021 by Nuggit82
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Last season I managed to be promoted (through playoff) and my team was playing very very well.
After promotion, I think I managed to keep most of the key player, while adding some decent players to the squad.

(running the same tactic this season)
However, this season is a complete nightmare. Is there any chance of saving it?

(location of save game file:
Enter text for the link here...
I have had a look at your save and reviewed the team using my Genie Scout ratings file. Some observations:

The media prediction for your team is last. You should be just hoping to avoid relegation really.

Your side lacks pace and key positional attributes. If you can get some quicker players in it will help.

I will run a holiday test with the original file and then again with an improved tactic. Then I will have a go at getting rid of some of the players I don't think should be there and buying in some better players. If that works I will share an updated save with you. Give me a little time to work through this.

In the meantime have a look at my story on The Last Save - Hungerford. There are some good tips in there on playing.

Keep morale high. Praise anyone getting 8+ at training and Criticize anyone getting below 6. In game do the same, Praise 8+ and Criticize 6.2 or under.
Hi, Im extremely thankful for your help!
I know about the predictions of being last, my thoughts was that since the odds for relegation was very even I thought Id steal enough points to make it.

Regarding the players, I know most of wasnt at the level I hoped for...
However, the bad thing is that the transfer window wont open in a while...


Once again thanks for your help
MDW300C's avatar Group MDW300C
1 yearEdited
I ran the holiday tests today.

Here is with your original tactics, relegated.

Base Table

And here is the table using the suggested tactics, 5th after falling away at the end of season.

DB3 Table

I am now working through culling players and trying to bring in others. I will then test both again and post the results. You can then let me know which save you want.

I will also give you some tips on managing the squad through the season
Woah, that means nothing is impossible! =) do you know what changes where made for the succesful tactic?
I haven't forgotten you. Events have worked against me. Hopefully will have something for you in the next hour, otherwise I will be off to bed and send it through in the morning.
The save is running on holiday mode and is looking promising. For now, her are my tips for running your game:

Train all players in the position and role you want them to play.

Individual training focus – GK Tactical, DRL Stamina, DC Def Positioning, WBRL Stamina, DM Agility/Decisions, MRL Agility, MC Decisions, AMRL Stamina, AMC, Stamina, Fast Striker Finishing, Target Striker Jumping Reach. This is for all players.

The best way to stop injuries and fatigue in FM is to rotate the squad. Ideally you should have at least 2 reasonable players for each position in the tactics you are using, don’t play anyone who is listed as Fatigued or Heavy in terms of workload.

The second and critical thing is after each day in the game, go to the Training tab, and then the Rest tab. Select all your players and right click and select Training Intensity - Automatic. Then press the button at the bottom right, Set Training Intensity to Physio Recommendation. This will lessen the load on players who are fatigued.

You need to be praising your players when they do well in training or in matches and berating when they are failing and you need to be using the right touchline and team talk instructions to inspire your team. Training ratings or match day performance 8+ - individual praise. Training or match day lower than 6.2 warn player.

Pre match
Generally use the Assistant Manager advice for the team talk or what you feel will work. If you don’t have the response you were after from any group of players try telling the defenders/mids/attackers that you have faith in their ability. You can tell all or just the ones that need it.

Touchline Shouts
Encourage when side is doing well but not winning
Demand more if down a goal
Praise when you score

At half time
Demand more if drawing or down by a goal
If down by more than one goal Berate

Full time
Praise for a win
Berate for a loss

Pick players on form but allow them an off game. Start the season based on ratings and try and rotate the squad to allow your back up players to perform. Using the training above should work to keep players fit and not overwork them. If players are lacking fitness give them a run in lower squads to keep their match fitness up.

If the tactics aren’t working try one of your other tactics. Don’t swap them too often through a game especially in lower leagues as the players wont cope and will get confused. I try to keep my three tactics so there isn’t much change eg one position moves 4-1-3-0-2 to 4-1-2-0-3 or 4-1-3-1-1. Swapping to a different tactic for cup games often works because they haven’t seen you play before and will be prepared for your standard tactic.
Monitor tactics throughout the season and within games. If you usually lead the stats and win games, and are behind on stats change tactics. If you are performing as per normal but just cant get the goal to put you in front don’t panic.

When you cop a yellow card tell that player to ease off on tackle. If you swap tactics you will need to do this again as it doesn’t carry across tactics. If you don’t get players to ease off you run the risk of getting a further yellow and going down a player.

To protect a lead you can ease off tackles for all players set the goal keeper to slow the pace down, reduce tempo and pressing intensity by one slot. This will also reduce the impact on the players if you are running high intensity tactics.

Get the best coaches you can afford and try and get your coaching stars up to at least 2 stars for every coaching area and 3 if you can.

Anyhow there are some helpful tips in my game save especially if you compare it to the original.
Good luck, and best of all enjoy.
Thank you so much! And absolutely no rush! Would you mind sharing what tactic made it to the 5th position in the league? I think you said the current tactic ended up in relegation so I probably need to renew the tactic.

Thanks a lot for those tips! =)
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1 yearEdited
I signed the trial players I thought were worth it and bought in a handful of others. I also released a lot of players that I didn't think would make the grade. A few of the players on trial didn't end up coming despite me offering them contracts. The save went well winning the League. I played about a week to make sure I got the transfer players in.

Here is the game file that also has my three main tactics.

Game save with tactics

Dragons Breath 3.1 is the main tactic and most attacking. Dragons Breath 1.0 is balanced, and Dragons Den is the best defensively. I only used Dragons Breath 3.1 in the holiday test that won the league.

Here is the final table

Fixtures and Results

Individual Training

Player Form - note that DMs don't rate well in FM this season. It doesn't mean they played badly.


The match engine has changed. I will need to redo the tactics. If you are using this at present probably start with Dragons Den or Dragons Breath 1.0 with a positive mentality until I can work through the changes
The original tactics are still playing well with the new save. I am using Dragons Breath 1.0 (best balance and best goal difference) as the main tactic, Dragons Breath 3.1 (most goals per game) when I need to attack more to score a goal and Dragons Den when I need to save a lead (best defence).
Hi, many thanks for your tips! thought I'd give you and anybody who's interested an update.
changed to a modified 4-4-2 formation and managed to get just above the relegation zone year1, now 2 years later we are fighting for a promotion spot!

Many thanks for your tips, they helped a lot! lets hope for a promotion this year, team is looking great!

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