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Czech 7tier challenge

Started on 28 December 2021 by 19kousk
Latest Reply on 28 December 2021 by 19kousk
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Hi all,

I decided to upload this challenge I took over, mostly in order to inspire some of you to find some fun in the game and show us respective attempts you made.

I feel that football has worsen during the last decades. We can't see any huge surprises anymore (yeah I know, with a few exceptions like Leicester or Lille being the champions).

Still, there are no fairy tales of the past with clubs started literally from the bottom and just with their correct management and without a sugar daddy in the background, to be able to go in the top league just in a few years.

Moreover, I feel that FM youtubers are repeating the stories again and again, which becomes boring...Non league to Professional only IN UK, journeyman stories etc. I have also tried to get promoted from Conference to Premier League in the past, it's much way easier to do it there, than doing it in e.g. Bulgaria or Slovakia. UK leagues give a shitload of money to the clubs plus there are so many loan options, so many free agents coming from the big clubs.

This is about the club of my neighborhood in Prague, capital of Czech Republic, where I live during the last 4 years. I know that Europe is full of expats, people now move around for jobs all the time. Many of us struggled to find connection with a local club in the new country we started living at. For me, Football manager assisted to support the local club of my area, TJ Sokol Stodulky, which is currently playing in the 7tier of the country or more specifically, in the 1st Prague amateur division. IRL, the club is in the last position until the current winter break, struggling to avoid relegation. This influences the reputation of the club during the 1st season, since we are tipped as relegation favorite.

I tried to take over the challenge and move the club from the 7tier to 2nd tier in FM21, but I failed, since I couldn't get promoted from the 3rd tier no matter how many seasons I tried.
However, in the new version of the game, I am going to use my B club in order to develop youth prospects and I am also more experienced than the previous attempts regarding how to handle an amateur or semi amateur club.

This is not a mandatory success story! It's not about views etc. Mostly in order to inspire many of you, so you can also share respective challenges from Norway, Lithuania, Poland or whenever you moved at! There is a huge possibility I will fail at my goal, however let's enjoy the idea of it.

You can check out the first video I uploaded here, I hope you like it.

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