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Individual training focus options missing!

I can't put players to focus training on certain attributes.
Started on 5 December 2010 by tomy
Latest Reply on 5 December 2010 by ruipedro89
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tomy's avatar Group tomy
12 yearsEdited
As I said in the description I don't have all the options that I should have to focus the players on such as Positioning and other KEY stats, in my opinion, here is a screen shot of the options that I currently have.

Anyone knows why is this happening? I tried signing more coaches, but that didn't seem to help :( .

P.S.: I am sorry but i am not that good at codes, i don't remember how to put the thumbnail only
EDIT: Managed to sort out the thumbnail
everyone has the same thing, you cant choose all the stats it seems. i couldn't find all of them as well. but he has good positioning. could focus on something else.

but i think SI fucked up and didn't think through fully.
tomy's avatar Group tomy
12 yearsEdited
No, it's not that, I know that you cannot focus training on every attribute, but look, in other games I had more options:

see? at spurs I can put bale to focus on positioning, and many more, what's the deal, can it be because of the training facilities?
Wow didn't think you could individually improve positioning. Definitely must have something to do with the quality of training facilities
I also didn't know that you can improve positioning.
I guess it it because of the training facilities then :D as we are all playing in bad leagues at the moment ;) or at least having bad training facilities
I am managing Leicester, we have good facilities, and I can improve positioning, so it is to do with facilities I guess.
Yeah my traning facility has 1 star so thats bad facility.
Hmm, I guess I will have to sell a kidney to be able to improve them then :|
Why? I am using my training schedule and my every players abilities grow.
Well I can compare player development at my current club(ex Romanian lower league) with how it went in my save game at Tottenham, and even though the players at Tottenham had higher PA, I currently have some decent regens and players as well, and they developed much, much faster there, quality coaches helped as well, I am not even sure that players can reach their best with bad training facilities/coaches.
Yeah I know its faster when you have better facilities nad coaches and that's why I always tring to imoprove training facilities.
I have great training facilities and I can also improve positioning. On the other side I can't train tackling!

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