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The Passing Game

Started on 5 December 2010 by Pep
Latest Reply on 10 January 2011 by l3nnart
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Im surprised this thread hasnt been started yet...
Everyone is wild for the style of Barca, Arsenal et al, and I was wondering what results people had in FM11 attempting to play a passing game, and what tactics they employ?

To me, it seems to be even harder to employ this style in '11 than in '10. I have been unable to get my midfielders regularly make more than 40-50 passes per game.

My best results have come from instructing default passing rather than short, with a control philosophy. Than shouting 'pass to feet' or 'work ball into box'.

I also find that trying to adopt a passing approach results in a surprising number of shots coming from outside the box, despite restricting midfielders long shots and shouting 'work ball into box'.

Anybody else have problems? Anyone have success?
With my NUFC game I tell all my players not to cross the ball apart from my full backs, nobody is instructed to shoot long range, tell my wingers to make forward runs and runs with balls regularly and only move through balls to sometimes and everything else rarely with passing as short as possible, centre of midfield I tell them to play through balls often and about 1/4 from the shortest you can make their passing, forward runs and run with ball sometimes, centre halfs are set to preset and full backs the same, my strikers are set up the same as my wingers, on my team instructions I play a slower tempo but not too much less than half way with a standard defensive line and rarely wasting time

Hope that helped
Yeah, i tried playing this style with Arsenal.Four at the back, one ball winning midfielder,one support midfielder,three attacking midfielders and one deep luying forward.After two seasons finishing 4th and 6th,the tactic started working for me,toping the table with 6 points lead with 10 games left and playing semifinals in CL.As Pep said,there are loads of long shots.Every game i have 20+ shots on goal(usually 2/3 of them are off target).I couldnt find a way to prevent this.I think it's important to have a top class defensive midfielder for this tactic to work.Still, i havent won anything yet, my game crashed twice so i gave up playing untill next patch is released
this works i play a 4 2 3 1 and it works i have around 65 percent postion evry game exept the hard away games i play with 2 central mids both set as deep lyin playmakers hamsik and bastian s a wide left midfielder set as advanced playmaker eden hazard a cnetral attacking mid set as trquista javier pastore and a out and out winger wide right set as support alexis sanchez and forwards one of lukaku torres son henun min and kadlev set as poacher
Well i have not played FM 11 still but from FM 10 i did not make so much with possesion football.

Counter attacks were the best in period when i was the weaker side in my league,all you need is fast players with a little brain :)
well, first of all, make no misstake, you need top-class wizards to pull this off... secondly i agree with the people above that 4-2-3-1 is the best for this, though i like switching between using 1 offensive OMC with wingers and setting all three as AMC "attacking mid - on attack"... but really it's all about tweeking around and finding what suits you the best... personally i think 4-1-2-2-1 (back four, DCM, 2MC, 2Wings and a centre tank is the best and most flexibe approach, but that's just me ...

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