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Whats average for Tackles per game?

Started on 17 February 2008 by Kenzii
Latest Reply on 24 February 2008 by mojby
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well i think the subject total say it many tackles is a average per game? i think my defenders are averaging about 2.70

is that good or bad?
my defenders have about 2.5
so it is ok :)
my defenders have around 30 tackles per match, and they win everything.

nah just messing.

i really dont look into it that often tbh. next time i start FM i might have a look.

i remember seeing around 3.10 on 1-2 of my players.
well my DC's have about 3,but wing backs have less.
it is not very important.
also DM have more than 3 per game.
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I suppose it will also depend on how good the opposing team is.

If for example you are R Madrid against Scunthorpe, then your average tackles for the Madrid players are likely to be around 1 as the opposing forwards are unlikely to get much of the ball so will not get tackled. For the Scunthorpe defenders the tackling would be around 3 as the Madrid forwards are likely to have the ball most of the time. Although, you would expect the scunthorpe defenders not to get anywhere near the Madrid forwards. The law of averages though would say that the Scunthorpe defenders would have a higher tackles per game than the Madrid defenders.

Does this make sense?

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